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To develop a new site from scratch, fix bugs in the frontend/ backend, cover the maintaining request for the Magento website... rather than seeking a Magento developer by yourself, you just need to give the task to Magento experts of Magestore.

Hiring a Magestore full-stack developer guarantees your website smooth operation in any occasion. As the result, our priority is to find you the best one.

Hire a qualified developer
Magento® Select Technology Partner Magento® Select Technology Partner
Certified Magento Developers 5x Certified Magento Developers
7 years in Magento e-commerce development 7 years in Magento e-commerce development

Hire Magento developers who are backed up by a team of certified experts

Years of experience of Magento developers
4 average years experience in Magento
Consulted by 7+ years Magento experts in Magestore
Consulted by 7+ years Magento tech gurus
5-stars rating Magento developers
5-stars rating for support & service over the years
60,000+ customers enjoy Magestore service
60,000+ customers enjoy Magestore services

Task Checklist to Hire Magento Developers

  • Magento website development
  • Customization / development of extensions
  • Integrating fast and secure payment gateways
  • Installing custom extensions
  • Integrating third party extensions
  • Launching and setting up websites
  • Maintaining websites
  • Optimizing websites

**The task will vary depending on the lenghth of hiring period.

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Flexible pricing models of your choice


  • $30/hour for M1 &
    $40/hour for M2
  • Any duration
  • Pay in advance

Monthly Subscription

  • $3000/month
  • Billing monthly

Always includes in any plan:

  • Flexible communication means: Skype - phone - chat - email

    Flexible communication means:
    Skype - Phone - Chat - Email

  • Free support

    Free support following
    subscription time

  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

    100% Money-back

  • Allow to adjust working hour within a day

    Allow to adjust
    working hour within a day


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