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Stop Leaking Money on checkout page!

Never lose customers before they convert with this fastest Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension

* Community & Enterprise Edition: 2.0 - 2.1

Once Checkout - Once Success!

Magento 2 One Step Checkout makes your sales 2x increase without dropping any items off in carts.


40% faster than default
Magento checkout

Cutting edge techniques along with the best UI/UX layouts for material design saves more than 40% time on checking out and making payments.

Support all Magento integrated payment methods

Support more than 40 popular payment methods & no fear of conflicts with other third party extensions thanks to Magento 2 standard checkout logic.

Compatible with other Magento extensions

Never so easy to build your own excellent checkout page by integrating One Step Checkout with any other related Magento extensions. No conflicts anymore!

Get to know how One Step Checkout works for your online store

Was Magento 2 One Step Checkout born for your store?
Let's check these advantageous features!

The less time customers spend on checkout, the fewer carts they abandon!

  • Dynamic loading by knockout.js

    Shipping or payment methods changed, other related information automatically updated. Magento 2 One Step Checkout use knockout.js to load only dynamic data instead of loading all HTML blocks.
  • Auto-detect & Auto-fill

    GEO IP auto detects where customers are via their IP address. In case they want to edit or add more details, Google Suggest helps to fill their address more quickly.
  • All roads lead to Checkout page

    Auto redirect customers to checkout page when they add products to cart. If they want to change the quantity, there's no need to go back shopping cart step. Do it right in the checkout page.

Not only gorgeous, One Step Checkout interface offers the best user experiences.

Default Material design

Material design with 3-column layout is available to choose. Let's bring a fresh "outfit" for your online store just in some minutes

Various responsive layouts to choose

All modules can adapt to any screen resolutions no matter which device customers use: desktops, laptops, tablets or even smartphone

Branded checkout page

You can custom color for both layout style and "Buy now" button. Checkout title and description can also be changed by yourself.

40+ payment methods Magento 2 One Step Checkout can support and integrate

Magento 2 standard checkout logic helps to enhance the compatibility with any related third-party extensions.

Payment lists

Need another third-party software integration for OSC extension?


For any third-party module working well with Magento Default

We see a rising number of customers requested for the integration of 3rd-party softwares towards OSC extension.
Understanding those needs of each business, we decided to set up for FREE any 3rd party software integration for these fields in the one step checkout page:
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Tax

Improve conversion rate right in checkout page

Provide customers more benefits when they check out and get 5% off when purchasing 2+ extensions at once


Reward Points

Earn points and spend points in checkout page based on your rules

Gift Card

Enter coupon code or gift code to get discount for orders

Social Login

Create account & Checkout faster with favourite social accounts.

Store Credit

With this extension, customers can use their credits to pay for their orders

Store Pickup

Let customers select the nearest store to pick up items at checkout (freeship)

Your pains used to be ours. We always try our best to explore greatest benefits


Multiple storeviews & languages

One Step Checkout can work well with any store views in Magento backend. Languages can also be changed to match with each store view.

3 checkout modes

Register/Guest/Login. Billing/Shipping Address will be auto-filled for logged-in customers. An account is created automatically for new ones.

Delivery shipping settings

Customers can set shipping date and time for their orders. Some days or hours can be disable and customers can choose to ship order at these times.

Add Security Access Code

A enhanced delivery function for US customers. Customers can provide building/apartment access code and orders can be shipped door-to-door.

Extra checkout options

Many extra options for your business: Add gift messages/order comments, Terms & Conditions checkbox, Gift wrap to match your demand

No.1 One Step Checkout extension reviewed on Magento 2

5 stars
One Step Checkout interview

Reported positively on conversion rate
I am a web developer. One of my clients was looking for a one-step checkout extension and after an investigation; this had the necessary features and positive reviews. Which I like most on Magestore One Step Checkout is the convenience for customer checkout. I didn’t think it would make the process as straightforward as it does. My client reported positively on conversion rate after using this extension."

Neil Hambleton -

One Step Checkout 2 interview

The most comprehensive checkout
We have found that Magestore One Step Checkout was the most comprehensive checkout available and had a feature that fits our requirements the closest. I do love the ability to control the field (required, order), the form layout and decide on what steps are optional (create account for later use, ship to different address, etc).

James Boardman - , ,

 30-Day Money Back
  1-year Free Support
  Free Lifetime Update
  • One time payment - Once purchased. Forever yours
  • No hidden fee

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which Magento 2 editions is One Step Checkout extension compatible with?

    One Step Checkout for Magento 2 is compatible with Magento 2 for Merchant: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1 & 2.1.2. It also works well with the latest security patch SUPEE-6788.

  • Can I have trial version for Magento 2 One Page Checkout?

    Our Magento 2 One Step Checkout is not provided with a trial version. However, we offer 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure customers’ right and benefit. You can consider the commercial version as a 30-day trial not only without encryption but also even more stabilization. Besides, you could test all functions thoroughly on our demo site; we are willing to clarify any concerns. In addition, unlike the trial, the paid version is 100% open source and you freely customize it as your desire. We also offer free lifetime support and updates thus if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at to receive the proper response.


  • Is Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension one-time payment or monthly fee?

    You only need to purchase the license one time and then freely use Magento 2 One Step Checkout forever, no monthly fee or additional cost. This price has already included Free Support for One year & Free Update for Lifetime.

  • What benefits can I get if I use your installation service?

    With our installation service, our developers will help you install Magento 2 One Step Checkout & makes it work properly on your site. Any unexpected problems & conflicts may arise during the process will be eliminated.

    You can choose the Installation option when purchasing Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension or not.


  • If I am using One Step Checkout for Magento 1, how can I update it to Magento 2 version?

    If you purchase One Step Checkout for Magento 1 before March 1, 2016, you could get free update to Magento 2 version. Otherwise, you need to buy One Step Checkout for Magento 2 again.

    However, if you buy One Step Checkout for Magento 1 from March 1, 2016, you can get 50% discount on upgrading to the same Magento 2 edition. Please contact us at to get this discount and ask for more information.


  • Which payment methods does Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension support?

    For Magento 2, the extension currently supports popular payment methods of Magento 2: Braintree,, Paypal, Check/Money, COD, Bank Transfer, Purchase Order, etc.

    Other payment methods will be updated soon. Don't worry if you don't find payment method you want, just contact us to integrate easily.

  • Can I customize the position of fields on the Magento 2 One Step Checkout page?

    Yes. It depends on the requirement to charge some fee for the customization.

  • What is the difference between using Google API and GeoIP to auto-update the address?

    Google API use the address data of Google so the system doesn't need to update it in database like GeoIP. Therefore, using Google API won't make your site slow.

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Let's check these latest updates

Version 2.1.1 (released on Nov 03, 2017)

  • Fix bug do not update customer session after logged-in on checkout page
  • Fix error updating quote payment api
  • Enable google address suggestion on Amazon pay shipping-address form
  • Fix bug when do not require zip code in address form
  • Fix translation issue "Enter coupon code here"
  • Fix error missing welcome message in header after logged-in from checkout page
  • Fix error missing labels in coupon form Magento 2.1.8

  • Version 2.1.0 (released on Oct 9, 2017)

    • Compatible with Magento 2.2

    Version 2.0.4 (released on Aug 10, 2017)

    • Fix credit card payment method reloading issue in checkout page
    • Fix some js issues
    • Fix error missing index when access array variable
    • Fix error do not update items in mini-cart after removed items from checkout page
    • Fix error showing delivery time in checkout page
    • Fix wrong order total if using giftwrap & choose Paypal payment method
    • Fix error still require State file after filled address from Google address suggestion
    • Fix bug getting config data in multiple store mode

    Version 2.0.3 (released on Apr 17, 2017)

    • Fix error gift message store code in checkout page
    • Fix bug show warning message when checkout more than available qty of products
    • Fix bug do not show error message in checkout page

    Version 2.0.2 (released on Mar 27, 2017)

    • Fix issue when checkout using Braintree Paypal
    • Fix error Term & condition section in checkout page
    • Fix style issue when there is only one virtual item in Cart

    Version 2.0 (released on August 22, 2016)

    • Support almost all of payment methods on Magento 2
    • Load more faster by using Knockout JS.
    • Auto-detect country, state, postcode and city using GeoIP
    • Optimize settings
    • New delivery settings: You can disable weekend days, disable hours, add house security access code field
    • Use terms and conditions settings of Magento instead of One Step Checkout settings. So you can show more terms and conditions.
    • Disable survey featured.
    • Remove the feature: Enable/disable fields such as: city, region, telephone, company, fax in Billing Address section

    Version 1.0.1 (released on 25 March, 2016)

    • Fixing bugs

    Version 1.0 (released on January 18, 2016)

    • New version compatible with Magento 2 for Merchant

    Reviews (11)


    Great extension. this should be magento default! But Magestore has made a great extension for the checkout

    Great Extension working on Magento2

    I love it so much! Nice UI design and coding. I belive this is the best onestep checkout extension. And good tech support from Magestore team

    Make the sale!

    As a store owner, there is nothing worse than order abandonment at the last step of a sales process because of a cumbersome checkout. This Extension improves order fulfillment because of its intuitive and well designed lay out...making it quick and easy for customer to take that last step. It is also fully compatible with the Reward Points and Gift Card Extensions from the get go cutting out any IT hassles or costs. One Step Checkout is feature rich and the best choice that will help you make the sale! ...And that is good for the bottom line.

    Make checkout process better


    This UI is awesome. I used the demo of every Magento 2 One Step checkout, but I just only accepted this extension to be used in my store. And dont forget to mention the great support of Magestore.

    Magento 2 One Page checkout is really necessary for E-commerce site

    Donald Kent

    As a shop owner for almost 10 years, I know how important a checkout process could bring to a store, especially online store. With Magento 2 One step checkout, even the most complex things go nothing - just a simple and complete page to finish the process.

    Better support than other providers

    Dennis Kerg

    With a considerable extra money to upgrade to M2, I could say that I'm satisfied with everything. Loading faster, managing better. And the support of Magestore is truly considered a plus to their great products.

    Better UI than Magento 1


    Next generation of Magento One Step checkout is not just a simple upgrade from M1. I cant believe the interface of this checkout can be that level of beauty. Totally worth the extra money to upgrade to M2.

    fifa 17 coins

    Many thanks, this website is extremely valuable

    Excellent UI and easy to customize

    Bobby Lobson

    This extension has the nicest UI I have tried. Moreover, their banking system is so trustful . What I appreciate most is 24/24 support with solutions to fix an issue. Highly recommended for Magento 2 One Step Checkout from Magestore


    Adrienne Catone

    One Step Checkout is head and shoulders better than the stock Magento 2 checkout. It's simple and efficient and will definitely lower your checkout abandonment rate. We had a few hiccups getting it installed, but the support team was extremely helpful and fixed our issues in a timely manner. Great customer service!

    Great module and great support


    Magestore developed a great module for getting the right address and postal code. Also they gave great support on integrating our Dutch payment providers in this module! Great work!

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