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Magento Inventory and Sales Report

Magento Inventory and Sales Report is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). We give you a powerful tool which can provide a clear picture of your business performance & answer specific business questions.

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Inaccurate reporting is a huge challenge for many online retailers, especially when having a complicated inventory system. You will need insights and/or key sale metrics to drive your eCommerce business growth. Hence, choose an advanced Magento inventory report/ sales report that is specialized for eCommerce. With this Magento-native report module, you will always get the accurate and real-time data. Ready to make decisions that boost your business like never before?

*New Update for Magento 2 users: Inventory Report is now available on Magento 2. You can check out more details here.

Magento inventory report by Magestore


No more guessing & making wrong business decisions! Here is your extensive inventory reports & key sales metrics. You will get a clear picture of your current business performance. It becomes easy to drive your business forward when backed up with correct data. Let’s Magestore Inventory Report extension do the job for you!

  • Improve inventory management by getting accurate real time insights from custom inventory reports
  • Track your cost of goods sold (COGS), avoid overselling and underselling
  • Create custom reports with various metrics & dimensions
  • Keep data of stock levels and moving average cost (MAC) safe within 90 days with History Report.
  • Easy to export report data

1. Make data-based decisions in real-time

Our Magento inventory reports and Magento sales reports are 100% integrated with Magento. All your data including Orders & Inventory will be synced and updated in real time. You will never fall behind with the latest situation.

You can go to any report from the dashboard. All reports share the same layout, making it easier for you to find and filter the information you need.

magento inventory report - various reports with real-time update

2. Know your actual financial position

Our Magento inventory report uses Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) KPI to measure the actual profit margin on your products. This method analyzes all the costs involved in selling a product at different times. It simplifies the calculation of average cost when the goods are in bulk (such as liquids and cables); hence, gives a more correct financial position in inventory management.

magento inventory report - report by cost of goods sold

3. Get the right products via 5 Inventory reports

Always have the current inventory situation under control with 5 instant Magento inventory reports from Magestore. You will always know your product values and warehouse performance just in a few clicks.

magento inventory report - stock value report

Stock Value Report

This Magento product inventory report compares the average costs with the selling prices & predicts the potential money you'll make.

magento stock qty report

Stock Quantity Report

Shows different types of stock quantity: unsold in warehouse(s), ordered by customers, available stock to sell and incoming on purchase orders.

magento inventory report - compare stock by warehouse report

Stock by Warehouse Report

Compares your stock in different warehouses/ locations. Be aware of the most efficient warehouse or which is of customer's favorite.

magento sales report - incoming stock report

Incoming Stock Report

Shows quantity and values of stock that are on Purchase Order and not yet arrive. You'll see the overdue quantities and their costs to make quick actions.

magento sales report - historical stock report

Historical Stock Report

View daily inventory statistics of each warehouse & keep the reports in a specific period of time (last 7 days/ 30 days/ 3 months, etc.).

4. Boost your sales chance with 6 Sales reports

Our Magento sales reports provide your business insight with 6 built-in reports and various dimensions/ metrics for producing your own custom one. This powerful feature outstands our ecommerce management solution in specific and sales management solution in general against other Magento sales report extensions in the market.

magento inventory report - product report

Product Report

Get a Magento sales report by SKU to identify your most profitable product lines.

magento inventory report

Warehouse Report

See which warehouse or stock location are generating revenues or profits.

magento inventory report - shipping method report

Shipping Method Report

Check which shipping method is customer's favorite and offer the right promotion.

magento sales report - payment method report

Payment Method Report

Check which payment is most used & make it easy for customers to buy from you.

magento sales report - order status report

Order Status Report

Track Magento sales orders to know if your sales are going well & make quick actions.

magento sales report - customer report

Customer Report

See who your top customers are, treat them right and they'll stick with you forever.

5. Dig deeper with custom dimensions and metrics

With this advanced reporting feature, you can match reports to specific needs. Create custom Magento reports by adding filters, dimensions, and metrics to the default inventory reports and sales reports. You won't miss any smallest insights about your business or customers.

magento inventory report - report metrics and dimensions

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Inventory Report

  • Export reports to .CSV format
  • Get an overview of your inventory (Manage the total qty, the inventory value, retail value, & profit value of a/ all warehouses.)
  • Get details of each product SKU (quantity in warehouse, quantity to ship, quantity on purchase order, etc.)
  • Compare stock metrics in multiple locations by each product SKU
  • Get details of incoming stock of each product SKU
  • View inventory metrics of each warehouse by day in a specific period of time (last 7 days, last 30 days or last 3 months as you set up in Settings.

Sales Report

  • Able to access other info dimensions from each report by select colums
  • Display total sales statistics (Total Actual Sold Qty, Total Potential Sold Qty, Total Actual Profit, Total Potential Profit, Total Sales)
  • Option to filter data for different dates and days such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month, Last month or even Custom your date range
  • Export reports to .CSV format
  • Allow to Hide/Show columns
  • Product Report: Keep track of order's information such as ID, status, RSQ, PSQ, discount, tax, profit, COGS, total sales. Option to view detailed of order's information
  • View details of each shipping methods
  • View the structure of orders by status
  • View details of each status (Order ID, sold Qty, ...)
  • View details of each customers (Customer Email, customer group, orders' ID, status,).


  • Real time update: Use Cronjob to sync the data
  • Responsive to other Magestore extensions
  • 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to install and configure

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Magento Inventory Sales Report is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan.

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