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Magento Inventory Management System

Magento Inventory Management is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers.

If you are looking for a simple solution to manage a warehouse and all stocks within, this Magento inventory management module is exactly what you need: Reduce time wasted on actually visiting your warehouses, now you can view and adjust all information of stock on-hand on your computer; Minimize mistakes in manual counting with step-by-step Stock Taking; Save more cost with accurate Supply Need Forecast and automatic Low Stock Alert. It's time to spend less time on stock management & more time on selling them.

Instock management features

1. Stock On-hand Management

Control stock in warehouse

At the position of an inventory manager, it is a really hard work to update hundreds of products in your warehouse. Now this hassle is swept away with our inventory management feature. Your Magento stock control work is much faster when you can check and set product quantity in line for each one if there are any differences with front store.

Control non-warehouse products

Our Magento stock control module is also designed to control newly-arrived products. Every time a product is added without entering warehouse information, it will automatically transferred to Non-warehouse Products section. After adding products, you can go back to this section to assign each one to warehouse or edit its attributes.

This module allows efficient control over a single warehouse, if you have more than one warehouse/ product storage, check out our Multi-warehouse management module.

magento inventory management - manage stock in warehouse

2. Inventory Adjustment

In stock control, you cannot keep the data accuracy in practice and in the record all the time. Our Stock Adjustment feature is the key to this problem. It takes you only some minutes fix all differences by sellecting products and entering adequate Qty.

magento inventory management - adjust stock in warehouse

3. Stock Taking

Physical stock-taking is a must-have feature to inventory control in general and Magento stock management in general. Our inventory management software allows you to double-check and set correct inventory quantity according to real amount in your physical warehouses. After stock-taking, a difference list will be offered and admin can adjust stock to fix all inaccuracies in each product.

magento inventory management - warehouse stock taking

4. Low Stock Alert

No longer do you need manually calculate safe stock to set the threshold in your magento inventory. Our Magento inventory management module can automatically figure out the product Qty, suggest which products will soon run out of stock and display notifications in dashboard or emails. Admin is able to manually set rules based on Availability Qty threshold and choose apply rules on all products or some selected products. More cutting-edge features of this function are available in our Advanced Inventory Management module.

magento inventory management - set low stock rules

5. Supply Needs Forecast

How amazing it is if you can know how many products Qty you need to re-stock for the last quarter of this year! Based on sales history, we can predict the availability days of each product as well as the re-ordering Qty. for a future period time. This helps you reduce a lot of wasted time in Magento stock control.

magento inventory management - set supply need forecast period