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You capture more sales.

Save time and get paid fast with flexible payments, all in one POS system.

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Accept all the ways your customers want to pay:
In-store, online & on-the-go.


Credit Cards

Partial Payment

Split Payment

Store Credits

Contactless (Tyro)

Online Payments


Get paid fast with the POS at your store

Magestore POS accepts every in-store payment quickly, easily and securely to help you
create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Cash/ Credit card/Debit Card + Integrated Terminal
+ Magestore POS

Accept all orders paid by Cash or Credit card/Debit card via integrated terminals. Shoppers can purchase from stores, trade shows or even popup stores without the Internet.

Card Swiper + Online Payment Gateway
+ Magestore POS

Process online payments in store by Authorize.net or Stripe (Paypal is coming soon via Braintree Direct). Use Card Swiper which meets PCI DSS requirements to transfer cardholder data securely to POS system.

Flexible payments supported
to win every sale, every time

Get paid by Loyalty Credits

- Allow customers to redeem their virtual credits in store or online. It helps increase returning rate as they tend to buy more to collect credits.
- To all refund cases, you can offer store credits instead of refunding the order by actual money.

Support Split & Partial Payments

- Accept two or more payment types for a single order.
- Allow you to pay part of the order and pay the due amount later.

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Streamline sales at checkout with integrated terminals

Magestore can do integration with payment terminals supporting Web Application technology
such as: Web API, Cloud API, Javascript SDK. We're currently integrating with:

Currently Integrated

Tyro Terminal

Magestore POS is integrated with Tyro - Australia's leading EFTPOS provider.
So you’ll be able to link the Tyro terminals easily to our POS system.
Payment totals will be automatically sent to your integrated payment device with error-free processing.

See Tyro terminal device

Stripe Verifone400 (upcoming)

Magestore POS will continue to improve customer experience with more payment integration. Stripe Verifone p400 will be one of them. This terminal accepts in-person payment methods and we can't wait to show you all the info after the integration is done.

Tell us if you're interested in Verifone400
"One of the best POS's I have worked on. You were responsive and the POS interface was very friendly.”
Tyro's Partner Support Team

Delay Paying is a thing now, & our POS finally supports it.

Let your customer shopping experience become more enjoyable with:

Now integrated with Magestore POS

Zip Pay - Buy now Pay Later

Magestore POS is now integrated with Zip Pay - a popular online mobile payment which helps your customers enjoy shopping and pay later.


After Pay - Shop Now Pay Later

The integration with this payment method will be completed shortly.
Your interest will fasten our integration process.

Need a specific payment integration for your store?

Complete the checkout process with a wide range of hardware supported by Magestore POS

It's all integrated with essential hardware to fasten your sales process, without no hassles.

Magento POS is flexible and versatile. It might work with standard industry point of sale hardware, including Receipt Printers, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, and Credit Card Reader. Let the checkout process at your store become seamlessly from A - Z.

See the list of hardware

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Very useful features

I choose Magestore 'cause of its very useful features. It not only is fast to configure in backend but also supports so many payment methods that sweep way our customers' worries in payment process. Thank you


Most of the payment methods are accepted

Most of the payment methods are accepted in POS system, which make it much easier in paying for products. That's why I voted for it


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Yes, more specifically it depends on the payment terminal. We already integrate with EFTPOS Tyro which supports contactless payment.
We recommend Adyen. Adyen also supports other important features for retail, such as:
  • Credit, debit and gift cards
  • Digital wallets (Alipay, WeChat, Samsung, Apple, Android)
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Customer recognition and recurring payments
  • Pay in your own language
  • Add a tip option.
Yes (Already with EFTPOS Tyro).
Magestore can do integration with the payment device that the merchant is using.
Please note that payment terminal needs to support Web application technology such as:
  • Web API
  • Cloud API
  • Javascript SDK.
Normally it takes up to 2 weeks for the integration.

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