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Dropshipping has become a popular order fulfillment method, especially in e-commerce. With the right Magento 2 Dropship feature, retailers can gain the highest benefits.

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Dropshipping lowers product costs

Around 27% of online retailers have adopted drop shipping as their primary method of order fulfillment, according to a report by But without a good Magento dropship module, this method can be hard to control. Let’s make it simple with Magestore’s 3-step dropship process – specialized for Magento 2 drop shippers. You don’t need any extra integration to run dropshipping retail.

With Magestore’s Dropship module for Magento 2, you can easily keep track of its status via notification emails after each step. Not only convenient for you, but your partner vendors are also pleased to view order listing, create a shipment and cancel request right on Magento 2 frontend.

Magento Dropship is proven to enhance any Magento order management process by cutting a lot of waiting time and satisfying shoppers.

Magento Dropship Feature Overview

Dropshipping has become a popular order fulfillment method, especially in e-commerce. With the right Magento 2 Dropship feature, retailers can gain the highest benefits. Dropship extension for Magento 2 now makes this shipping method available for your Magento 2 website (and in the best possible way!).

If you want a simple solution to shorten lead time, save money on shipping and storage while always have things in control, this module is for you.

  • The simplest Magento 2 Dropship process ever (3 steps only)
  • Suppliers can create shipment/ cancel request right on Magento frontend
  • Keep track of the Dropship process via notification emails
  • Detailed order listing pages both in admin and supplier view

Magento Dropshipping Process in 3 easy steps

Forget all complicated shipping process, you will fulfill orders in 3 steps with this Magento dropship module offers. It takes less than a minute to send Dropship requests to suppliers. After that, vendors can create shipment or cancel request right on the frontend.

You do not need any 3rd party Magento dropship integration. This Magento-native solution never fails to give you correct and real-time data. The dropshipping status is instantly updated between supplier dashboard and admin whenever there is an update from one side. Dropshippers won’t miss any slightest updates.

Dropship three steps process

Always on track with automatic email tracking

You have bunches of email templates to choose from in this Magento 2 Dropship module. This saves you tons of time to do other work, instead of crafting a cliche email.

After a step is completed, there will be an email automatically sent to admin/suppliers. So both always know how much the drop-ship order has progressed.

Below are 6 default notification emails for the Magento 2 Dropship process.

dropship email tracking

Keep info safe in personal Dropshipping pages

It’s easy for admin and vendors to control all dropshipping orders. Everything is embedded in your Magento 2 site just like a built-in extension. You need no integrations or switching to another platform.

Each dropshipping supplier will have separate pages in both Magento 2 front-end (Supplier Page) and backend (Dropship Request), where admin and suppliers can log in and track all related information about their Magento drop-shipping.

Each vendor has their own page to manage their own requests. So there is no confusion or mistakes.

Dropship personal page

Magento Dropship Full Feature List

Dropship Request

  • 2 status of requests: Pending & Completed
  • 2 separate order listing to manage: Dropship Request page for admin & Supplier page for suppliers
  • Request Dropship in Prepare Fulfillment step in Magento 2 backend

Default notification emails

  • Enable/disable notifying emails when creating/canceling dropship request
  • Supplier Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Supplier Confirm Shipped Dropship Request email
  • Admin Request Dropship email
  • Admin Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Reset Password Email
  • Send Account To Supplier email

Other Features

  • 100% Magento-native, works with Magento 2 website like a built-in extension. No 3rd party integration required.
  • 100% open source
  • License Certificate valid for 01 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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