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Magento Store Credit - Magento 2 Store Credit

Magento 2 Store Credit is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). We give you a powerful tool set to retain your current customers and attract more new visitors to your store.

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Magestore Store Credit extension provides a reliable and efficient way to build a credit system on your Magento site. It gives you the ability to boost customer engagement and draw new clients to physical store. As for your customers, this module allows them easily to manage and redeem their store credit balance either online or in-store. Also, customers will be able to share their credits with friends, thus attract new clients and increase your sales.

Along with Store Credit, you can also easily keep your customers coming back via other Magento loyalty programs like Reward Point, or Gift Card.

magento store credit

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Magento Store Credit extension (Magento 2 Store Credit extension) assists you in improving the way you interact with customers. As mentioned above, the module provides the ability to add credits to your interaction with buyers. It means that you can refund customers by credit as well. Furthermore, buyers can earn, purchase, and share credits choosing their values. It is also necessary to mention that there is a specific saving rate you can set from the backend. It allows customers to buy special credits, keep them in store, and purchase products in future saving money. Note that all credit reports are easily accessible via the backend!

  • Add credit/ refund Customers by credit
  • Allow Customers to purchase/ send them to friends
  • Use them to purchase products
  • Access credit reports


1. Add or subtract store credit balance

With Magento Store Credit module, it is possible for you to add or substract the store credit balance directly from customers' account. This feature will help you quickly get started with rewarding your customers' loyalty any time. A small gift can lead to huge encouragement in purchasing behavior.

magento store credit

2. Refund by Store Credit

Keep your customers coming back by issuing store credit instead of refunds. This module allows you to refund orders for customers directly to their credit balance just in a few clicks. In that way, your customers are more likely to return and use the Store Credit in the next time they’re in your store. With this option, you have a chance to convert refunds into a new sales and take your services to the quality level

magento store credit


3. Buy store credit

It is possible for customers to buy Store Credit by clicking the Buy Store Credits section on front-end page. Customers only need to recharge their credit accounts one time and then use for many future purchases.

When purchasing the store credit, customers will be able to top up the store credit according to their own needs. There are 03 types of Credit Values for customers to choose including Fixed Value, Range of Values and Drop-down Values

Note: Magento Store Credits is one of our 3 loyalty programme modules which also cover Gift Card and Reward Points.

magento store credit

4. Use Store Credit on product purchase or Share it with Friends

Customers are able to pay for any purchase using their Store Credit balance on both online site and point of sale. The list of all credit transactions will be displayed on the customer account, so customers will always keep track of all balance updates.

Apart from that, Magento Store Credit module offers you the possibilty to share credit balance with friends. Just need to specify the Recipient's Email and the credit amount, everything will be done.

Once their friends received credits, they can start spending their balances on any products in your store. It's also possible to send credit balance with unregistered customers on the website. When they log in to the account with the corresponding email address, his/her balance will be automatically updated.

magento store credit

5. Manage Statistics Reports of Store Credit

To look at how effective your credit program is, go to backend, find Customer Credit Report for more information and prepare next steps of your ecommerce management work.

With the Magento Store Credit module you can view total credit in system, total credit used, and number of credit customers.

magento store credit

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For customers

  • Purchase store credit
  • Send credit to friends both in Customer dashboard and on Store Credit Detail page
  • Use credit to pay for their purchases on the website
  • Spend credit on tax and shipping fees
  • Allow canceling to use credit on Shopping Cart page and Checkout page
  • Check balances and transaction history
  • Customers can see whether a credit code has been used
  • Restore redeemed credit/ Subtract earned credit when order is refunded
  • Get notification emails when updating balance or sending credit, etc.

For Admin

  • Add credit for Customers
  • Refund Customers by credit
  • View transaction history of Customers using credit
  • Configure whether Customers can spend credit on tax or shipping fee
  • Configure and manage many types of credit products
  • Send notification emails to Customers
  • Send email when admin add/subtract Customers' credit value
  • Allow configuring Title color & background on My Credit page


  • Support other modules
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Magento Store Credit is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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