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Magento Multi-warehouse Management

Magento Multi Warehouse is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (available for Magento 2.2 and below). We give you a powerful tool to manage multiple source inventory just from your Magento backend.

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Magento Multi Warehouse Management is a Magento extension to help you control multiple inventory locations easily. No matter how many Magento warehouses/ locations you have in different multi locations, information of each warehouse is neatly displayed on one grid for easy tracking.

With our Magento Multi warehouse management module, you can send/request stock between internal warehouses or from/to an external one. Security is completely ensured when you can grant different access levels in each warehouse.

mangento multi warehouse management by magestore

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Running multiple warehouses in different locations can be a pain when it comes to tracking. Multi-store inventory can easily get lost, which leads to high cost and lack of items for sales. Our Magento Multi-warehouse management module provides advanced features to the core Magento system in controlling multiple inventory locations.

It tracks your inventory efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses, all in one single Magento warehouse management system. Besides contact & location information, you easily know sales/purchase balance & available stock in each warehouse. Each stock movement from one warehouse/location to another, or from/to outside location is recorded in the system. There is no way you can lose track of your stock again.

  • Multiple warehouses management: name, address, stock, etc.
  • Track warehouse/ location performance
  • Allow to manage, transfer composite products in warehouses
  • Transfer inventory inward & outward
  • Choose warehouse to fulfill orders
  • Assign different access permissions in each warehouse/ location.

1. Set Multi-level Warehouse Permission & Access

Our solution provides a fast and correct Magento warehouse management system. You can easily view and adjust information of each warehouse/ location just like single Magento warehouse management. These details include the warehouse/ location's stock, orders, linked store view, etc. Feel free to set different access level in each warehouse for different roles in your company. For example, an inventory staff can only create stocktaking in his assigned warehouse. But only the warehouse manager of that warehouse can verify and confirm the stocktaking results. Higher security. Less fraud. Easier management.

manage stock in Magento multi warehouse

Here is a tutorial video about setting up different levels of permissions for Magento multi-warehouse

2. Manage unlimited warehouses painlessly

The core Magento system allows one account with the permission to check stock only. As an advanced Magento warehouse management extension, our Magento multi-warehouse module efficiently controls several inventory locations at once. You can create unlimited warehouses/ locations to match your business model. Each warehouse has their own name, stock, orders, etc. It's easy to add, view, edit or delete a warehouse in a few clicks.

With our Magento multi-warehouse module, you can choose which warehouse to ship products from when creating shipments for customer's orders. Or, which location to return items to when creating a credit memo. All of these useful features ensure an efficient Warehouse Manager solution.

*New Update for Magento 2 users: In the newest version Omnichannel Solution 1.2.0 for Magento 2, you can duplicate a warehouse with its full stock data. This saves time & reduces manual mistakes when you expand your inventory locations.

manage multiple warehouses on magento warehouse management extension

3. Never lose track of stock movements (no matter where they go)

Complicated stock movement in Magento multi-warehouse inventory is now simplified with only 2 actions: Send Stock and Request Stock. Stock Qty auto increases or decreases instantly after a transfer. You can easily & conveniently move stock from one warehouse to another. So none will lack stocks to fulfill orders. Even better, assign different staff to different steps of stock transfer. That will make sure the whole stock transfer process is clear and correct.

Apart from transferring stock among multi-warehouse, users can send or request stock between a specific warehouse and external. So that you always know where your inventory goes. Tracking is easier than ever, without messy paperwork.

transfer stock internally and externally in magento multi warehouse

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magento warehouse management extension

Transfer Stock Management

  • Able to send stock from a warehouse and automatically subtract its Qty
  • Able to receive stock for a warehouse and automatically increase its Qty
  • Conveniently import a list of products & Qty. by CSV files when sending/requesting stock
  • Allow to transfer composite products (configurable, bundle & grouped) to other warehouses
  • Require reason(s) to send & request stock
  • Separate the delivery stock and receiving stock activities
  • Allow to direct transfer stocks
  • Validate admin permission when creating stock receipt & stock sending
  • Automatically send notification email to admin users after stock receipt/sending is created
  • Allow to transfer stock from/to external location
  • Providing stock sending history, stock request history

Stock Listing Management

  • Create unlimited warehouses according to your physical warehouses or physical stores
  • New! Duplicate warehouse with its full stock data
  • Allow to choose a warehouse view to filter inventory product data by warehouse
  • Manage & check permissions of different admin accounts per warehouse
  • Allow to link Magento store view to a warehouse, then filter products & stocks on Magento front store by linked warehouse
  • Assign non-warehouse products to a specific warehouse

Stock Taking With Ease (same as in Inventory Management)

  • View & filter stocktaking history on 1 single grid with created date, warehouse/location, status
  • Separate the stock taking activity into 5 clear steps: general information, prepare products, stock counting, complete data entry & complete stock taking
  • Check admin permission to create/edit stocktake
  • Require reason(s) for stocktaking
  • Import counted Qty. by using CSV file
  • Able to re-entry data after completing data entry
  • Able to download the difference list after completing stock-taking
  • Create a new stock adjustment to correct qty in warehouse of products

Adjust Stock & View Stock History (same as in Inventory Management)

  • Update Qty. of products in mass & keep track of them via stock adjustment records
  • Can view & filter stock adjustments on 1 single grid
  • Can quickly update Qty. of products in warehouse/ location right on the stock listing grid
  • Check admin permission when adjusting stock
  • Require reason(s) when adjusting stock
  • Can import products list via CSV file or choose products manually to adjust stock
  • Can save stock adjustments in Pending status before changing Qty. of products
  • Can save & confirm stock adjustments instantly
  • Record history of all stock adjustments with Qty. before and after being adjusted

Stock Prediction & Low Stock Notification (same as in Inventory Management)

  • Allow to create unlimited rules to generate the low stock notifications
  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses/ locations or/and the whole system on the Inventory Management panel
  • Automatically send emails to notify warehouse managers about low stock products
  • Filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the notifications
  • Allow setting the threshold Qty. of specific products to get low stock notifications
  • Use Cron Jobs to automatically update low stock notifications on schedule
  • Allow settings specific time(s) to get low stock notifications
  • Able to get frequent updates on daily/monthly basis
  • Record all low stock notification logs to review details later
  • Predict supply needs of products for a specific future period
  • Filter supply needs by warehouse/location and supplier

Sales Order Process (same as in Inventory Management)

  • Allow setting a default warehouse to temporarily subtract stock allocating in sales orders
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to ship products when creating shipments for sales orders
  • Suggest to create new stock request of lack items in need-to-ship order
  • Allow to view shipped warehouse in shipment
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to return items when creating credit memo for sales orders
  • Auto create a stock adjustment if refund item without return to stock
  • Can view returned warehouse in credit memo

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magento warehouse management extension

Magento Multi Warehouse Management is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (available for Magento 2.2 and below). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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