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Magento Inventory Management System

Magento Inventory Management is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (available for Magento 2.2 and below). We give you a powerful tool to easily take control of your inventory from one complete business system.

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43% of retailers consider inventory management their biggest challenge. Instead, our Magento Inventory Management module will show you how to manage inventory in Magento easier.

Being native with Magento, this software updates inventory quantity instantly and minimizes data loss. You can quickly adjust the stock amount on one page. This will save you much time in case of, for example, new arrivals.

Magento Inventory Management module covers the most important features to control stock effectively. This includes a step-by-step Stock Taking process. Less manual work means more accuracy. Supply Need Forecast predicts future stock demand based on your sales amount. Automatic Low Stock Alert lets you know potential shortage in advance. You will always have enough stock for sales. Farewell costly stock-outs!

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Magento Inventory Management module is a simple solution for small and medium businesses (SMEs) to keep the messy stock under control without any hassles. Online Magento retailers find this Stock Control module budget-saving & easy-to-use.

  • Edit, adjust stock in line
  • Automatic stock prediction and alert
  • Accurate stock-taking

1. Real time stock control (even before warehousing)

Control stock in warehouse

In Magento stock management, it's tiring to go back & forth among hundreds of products & update their amount whenever there are changes. Now this hassle is gone with our inventory management feature. Check/ set product quantity in line - your Magento stock control becomes much faster.

Control non-warehouse/ non-location products

Our Magento stock control module also helps you with new arrival products. When a product is added without entering warehouse/ location information, it will be transferred to Non-location Products section. You can assign them to a warehouse/location or edit its quantity anytime later. So you won't accidentally add unqualified products to inventory.

This module allows efficient control over a single warehouse, if you have more than one warehouse/ product storage, check out our Multi-warehouse management module.

magento inventory management - manage stock in warehouse

2. Instant inventory adjustment on page

In retail, inventory is only accurate 63% of the time, on average (statistics from PR Newswire). For the rest, it's your time wasted on adjusting stock.

Our Stock Adjustment feature is the key to this problem. It only takes you seconds to select the product and update its quantity when everything can be done on one page. You can adjust in mass on the stock-listing grid; or via importing a CSV file. All adjustments are saved in history, so you won't miss any changes. Less shrinkage. More time saved.

To reduce even more time in stock control, consider our Barcode management module.

magento inventory management - adjust stock in warehouse

3. Minimize humam mistakes in stocktaking

Physical stock-taking is a must-do in inventory control, no matter how much time it takes. With a step-by-step guide, this hard work is now easier and faster. Magento stock management becomes more accurate.

Our Magento Inventory management software allows you to manually update the counted quantity or bulk import via a CSV file. You can also add the discrepancy reason for each product. After stock-taking, a difference list will be offered and admin can adjust stock to fix all inaccuracies.

magento inventory management - warehouse stock-taking

4. Get auto alert before out-of-stock

No longer will you calculate safe stock to set the threshold in Magento inventory. Now you have an assistant check your stock and remind you to import more items when they are running low.

Our Magento inventory management module suggests low stock either based on its available amount or selling rate over a period. These rules can be applied to all products or some selected only. Automatic alerts are displayed in your Magento dashboard or sent via email at a specific time. You will never lack products for sales!

magento inventory management - set low stock rules

5. Predict supply need in advance

How amazing it is if you can know the products Qty to re-stock for the last quarter of this year! Based on sales history, we can predict how many days each product is available for sales. You will also know the re-ordering Qty. for a future period. This saves you a lot of time in Magento stock management, especially in the busy sales season.

Extra tip: How about creating a purchase order of Supply Need products in seconds? Most clients love using our Magento Inventory management and Purchase Order Management together. You can quickly convert the products in Supply Needs Forecast and/or Low Stock Alert to PO for reorder in a few clicks. Easy peasy!

magento inventory management - set supply need forecast period

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magento stock management

Adjust Stock & View Stock History

  • Update Qty. of products in mass & keep track of them via stock adjustment records
  • Can view & filter stock adjustments on 1 single grid
  • Can quickly update Qty. of products in warehouse right on the stock listing grid
  • Check admin permission when adjusting stock
  • Require reason(s) when adjusting stock
  • Can import products list via CSV file or choose products manually to adjust stock
  • Can save stock adjustments in Pending status before changing Qty. of products
  • Can save & confirm stock adjustments instantly
  • Record history of all stock adjustments with Qty. before and after being adjusted

Stock Prediction & Low Stock Notification

  • Allow to create unlimited rules to generate the low stock notifications
  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses or/and the whole system on the Inventory Management panel
  • Automatically send emails to notify warehouse managers about low stock products
  • Filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the notifications
  • Allow setting the threshold Qty. of specific products to get low stock notifications
  • Use Cron Jobs to automatically update low stock notifications on schedule
  • Allow settings specific time(s) to get low stock notifications
  • Able to get frequent updates on daily/monthly basis
  • Record all low stock notification logs to review details later
  • Predict supply needs of products for a specific future period
  • Filter supply needs by warehouse and supplier

Sales Order Process

  • Allow setting a default warehouse to temporarily subtract stock allocating in sales orders
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to ship products when creating shipments for sales orders
  • Suggest to create new stock request of lack items in need-to-ship order
  • Allow to view shipped warehouse in shipment
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to return items when creating credit memo for sales orders
  • Auto create a stock adjustment if refund item without return to stock
  • Can view returned warehouse in credit memo

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magento stock management

Magento Inventory Management is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (available for Magento 2.2 and below). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan.

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