Magestore POS Case Study – Eva – Lolitabutiken Shop| Omnichannel Retail

01 Store Owner VS. 1700 SKUs
How to run solo with less working time

business industry Fashion
business scale 1 webstore
& 1 physical store
business region Sweden
magento solution Magestore POS
for Magento 2

Meet the Sole Entrepreneur – Eva Dejmo

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

Eva Dejmo is the sole business owner of Lolitabutiken in Sweden. Most part of the business, she has worked on her own. Up till now, she has been working in the Lolita fashion industry for more than 10 years. Lolitabutiken has become the oldest and largest Lolita Fashion in Scandinavia, carrying Lolita brands from all over the world.

To run her business, she’s got:

  • 1 webstore gained approximately 200 orders per year
  • The combination of 1 warehouse and 1 showroom is to directly walk customers through amazing designs.
  • Events and conventions are where gained most of the sales

Thus, Eva needs a flexible point-of-sale system, which helps her sell products in different places.

What a sticky issue!

Previously Eva used a totally separate point of sale system for the physical store sales. This leads to tiny yet painful issues:

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

No barcode support

Whenever her customers wanted to purchase something, Eva needs to enter each number and alphabet to find the product. It was time-cosuming & super-frustrating for her customers.

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

Manually update the webstore stocks

“With over 1700 SKUs, it has been a daunting and time-consuming task”, said Eva. She could hardly ignore silly mistakes like entering wrong numbers or incorrect information.

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

The unsupportive operations were holding back the business.

Thus, Eva went in search of a better POS solution which would help her improve the business.

“I considered a few other providers but Magestore offered exactly what I needed at the best price. My main criteria were the possibility for the POS to work offline because internet access at events often goes down as well as instant stock status updates”
– Eva Dejmo –

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How Eva fought against troubles with a single hand

Eva had researched the eCommerce solution market and tried various competing products. With the key function ability to work offline, she decided to choose Magestore POS as the ultimate solution for her “sticky issue”.

Together with Magestore POS, Eva has resolved the problem step-by-step:

magento omnichannel solution success story

Quick Installation

“I decided to install the system myself and it went very well, took less than an hour. I encountered a small issue with running the POS on one of my computers but Magestore staff fixed that in no time”, said Eva.

magento omnichannel solution success story

Checkout without Internet

Even without the internet, Eva can sell and checkout orders. The system saves new orders and gets old data from her IndexedDB browser. When the internet is back, orders will be automatically synced to the system.

magento omnichannel solution success story

Instant Stock Update

The system provides instant stock updates from backend to frontend. It also forecasts supply needs and sends auto alerts. Hence, Eva doesn’t need to manually count and enter stocks after a busy working day.

magento omnichannel solution success story

Customized Receipts

Eva can show her own brand logo in every receipt she gave to customers. This promotes her store image to all customers.

magento omnichannel solution success story

Customers’ Order History

As the system synced data from all point-of-sales (physical store, website and events), Eva’s returning customers “can see their physical store orders in their web store order history”.

Read full Point-of-Sale solution HERE

Save Working Day in a blink!

The “Sticky issue” was solved earlier than expected – Only 1 month. All the worry about inventory, offline work, and order fulfillment has been swept away neatly. Moreover, Eva has saved a full working day after each event. So that she has more time to make business plans and move her Lolitabutiken forward.

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

“We’ve done our first event with Magestore POS now and it was a huge improvement. Web store stock status updated live, sales were a lot quicker thanks to the barcode support and easy search via SKU. But more than that, the Magestore package has been a huge time saver! I’ve saved approximately a full working day after each event”

– Eva Dejmo –

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