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When thinking about improving your business operation, you may think of implementing a Point of Sale (POS) system. If you’re wondering whether to choose between Magestore POS or Ebizmarts POS, then don’t skip this article. It will help you decide the better choice for your business.

10 key differences between Ebizmarts and Magestore

Both Ebizmarts and Magestore provide excellent POS software, that includes multi-warehouse support, real-time inventory update, customer information management, staff management, and more.

However, there are also key differences in terms of features, payment, and policy.

Let’s take a look at the 10 big differences between these two POS providers.

1. Pricing plans and policy

One of the most critical factors when selecting the appropriate POS system for your business is the price.

Ebizmarts POS plans

Ebizmarts POS has 2 types of plans based on your business scale. All plans offer a free test account. You can sign up with a credit card to determine if the POS works for your store.

Ebizmarts charges you a monthly fee and additional costs are calculated based on the number of devices. The lowest package starts at $318 and is non-refundable.


Magestore POS pricing

Magestore provides a more comprehensive solution for Magento merchants. They offer one pricing plan based on the number of stores at the time of purchase. Because Magestore follows a one-time payment model, the upfront cost will be high.

However, Magestore doesn’t charge you any extra fees for more users and devices. Combined with the fact that you’ll get a three-month warranty and free update for the product version you purchased, this will pay off in the long run.

If you’re not satisfied with the solution, Magestore will also refund you within 90 days of purchase for the POS license. So, you will have more time to see the effectiveness of the solution in your business.

Magestore POS pricing plan

2. Platform

Which device and platform you can run your POS on is also an important factor to select the best-fit provider.

Ebizmarts POS is built on the iOS platform and available for only iOS devices.

However, Magestore POS is web-based. Thus, you can use the Magestore POS on both an iPad or a computer with a popular web browser such as Chrome.

3. Order processing

Although each Magento POS solution has fast order processing, their features bring your customer a different experience. With Magestore, order processing is more effective, especially if you’re getting a huge crowd of customers coming to your stores.

During the checkout process, Ebizmarts POS allows your staff to put orders on hold. Customers can hold their order while adding or removing some products until they get the most satisfying choice.

Ebizmarts POS lets you put order on hold.

In addition to the hold feature, Magestore POS also allows multiple orders. It means your staff can create multiple active shopping carts and check out. Your cashiers can minimize waiting time by checking out for the next customers while waiting for the on-hold customer.

4. Barcode scanning

Magestore POS can use the traditional barcode, barcode scanners, and iPad camera. However, with Ebizmarts, you can also utilize QR codes.

If you choose to use QR codes for all products and an iPhone or iPad camera to scan them, you’ll save money on barcode scanners and time on system setup or integration.

Bonus: Download our FREE POS comparison chart featuring 5 POS systems from Magestore, Ebizmarts, ConnectPOS, Lightspeed, and Vend.

5. Payment integration

With Ebizmarts POS, you can take payment with Paypal Here, Sage Pay, Adyen, Authorize.Net, Cayan, and Payment Express.

Magestore POS works with Stripe and Tyro EFTPOS terminals. It also integrates with via a secure Dynamag card reader.

Here is an example of terminal payment on Magestore POS: Stripe

However, Magestore has one major advantage: the option to customize. Magestore team can help you integrate the POS with terminals that use Web Application technology such as Web API, Cloud API, or Javascript SDK.

6. Payment options

Both Ebizmarts and Magestore POS support paying in cash, credit card, and combining different methods for one order.

Ebizmarts has a layaway option. Your customers can pay in installments using different payment methods for the same transaction.

Magestore has a custom payment option. In addition to the out-of-the-box payment options, you can set up your own methods on POS.

With Magestore POS, you can set up custom payment options based on your business needs.

7. Promotion on POS

With Magestore and Ebizmarts POS, you can set up and run discounts and custom pricing.
However, if you want some loyalty functions such as reward points on Ebizmarts POS, you’ll need to purchase extensions from other providers such as Aheadworks.

On the other hand, Magestore POS comes with additional loyalty programs: Gift Card, Store Credit, and Reward Points. Choosing Magestore POS means you’ll save time buying third-party extensions and integrating them into your POS system.

Applying gift card discount on Magestore POS

8. Offline mode vs kiosk mode

Magestore POS is popular for its offline mode, while Ebizmarts is well known for its kiosk mode.

With Magestore POS, you can check out for your customers even when the internet is down. The POS will keep all the order data and sync them to Magento admin when you’re back online. You can also control how often data is synced between your Magento backend and the POS.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of customers coming to your store, Ebizmarts POS offers kiosk mode. Your staff can give the customer the POS and the customer can look at your product catalog. On kiosk mode, your customers can view products via a store-like interface but cannot use the menu settings or process any payment.

Ebizmarts POS kiosk mode

The tablet will follow your customer’s shopping journey until they are happy with their choices. Then your staff can switch to normal mode and handle the checkout process. With this Ebizmarts feature, you can reduce the number of customers leaving your physical stores without buying anything and reduce pressure for your staff.

9. Inventory management

Both Ebizmarts POS and Magestore POS can sync with Magento Inventory in real time and let your staff check inventory from other stores.

However, Magestore POS also offers more advanced inventory features than Ebizmarts. Retailers can transfer stock in mass, count their inventory, and adjust inventory quantity. You’ll also have the option to track inventory movement and identify potential issues in your operations.

Magestore POS lets you track inventory movement.

10. Return orders

When returning orders, both POS systems let you refund the payment by cash, credit card, or store credits.

Ebizmarts also lets you refund as coupons. It means the refunded amount will be converted to a coupon code that your customers can use or give to their friends.

Bonus 11. Custom features

For some Magento merchants, the ability to customize specific features is a must-have to adapt the system to their operations and future demands.

In the case of Ebizmarts, they only offer to design custom features for the Enterprise+ package.

On the other hand, Magestore offers POS customization services for all customers, ranging from building new features to integrating with devices and other retail systems. Magestore POS is open source and you can customize your system with your own development team.

Summary and recommendations

Here’s a quick summary of the 2 POS systems.

Want a detailed comparison? Download our FREE POS comparison chart featuring 5 POS systems from Magestore, Ebizmarts, ConnectPOS, Lightspeed, and Vend.

If you’re an SME with a strong focus on your brick-and-mortar and less emphasis on your online channel, you should consider Ebizmarts POS.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to connect your online and offline channels smoothly and boost sales on both, Magestore is the superior choice. You’ll get a more comprehensive and flexible system that can adapt well to your retail operations.

You can try both Ebizmarts and Magestore before making the final decision. With Magestore, you can request a personalized demo and talk to a business expert. The consultation is completely free.

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