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Magento Barcode Management

Magento Barcode Management is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). We give you a powerful tool to manage thousands of product SKUs in a smart way

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Magento Barcode Management is a Magento extension to manage all products and their attributes without errors thanks to the barcodes. It allows creating barcode labels as well as auto-manage barcodes in your Magento store.

With this module, a product can have one or multiple barcodes, which encode many product attributes such as SKU, warehouse, supplier, image, name, prices and stock availability. Magestore's Magento Barcode Management software will be a useful assistant to fasten your product transfer and shipping.

Barcode Management features


Thousands of products come up with a variety of sku, price, supplier or stock availability seem to be a real headache for any store owner as they are not managed properly. If you currently stuck in this situation or if you are looking for improving your business operation, you can find Magestore Magento Barcode Management module as a solution. The module helps encode & centralize all products' information in a barcode hierarchy so it becomes so simple for store owners to quickly & accurately track products.

  • Generate barcode manually or import CSV file to create barcode in mass
  • Generate one or multiple barcodes per SKU
  • Print barcode in mass
  • Config different barcode templates & barcode patterns
  • Manage barcode generating history

1. Barcode Listing

From this section, you can navigate to any corners of this Magento Barcode Management. Barcode Listing includes buttons to many barcode operations such as Import barcode, Generate barcode, Print barcode and View barcode details. Each barcode is shown with brief information on SKU, Supplier and Purchased Time. Inventory management becomes much easier and faster.

barcode listing grid

2. Configure Barcodes

In this section, you can allow a product SKU to either have only one or multiple barcodes.
Barcode template can be created and configured in Barcode Label Templates section.
Default barcode template for printing can be set on Barcode Settings section.

barcode settings

3. Generate Barcodes

Our Magento barcode management module provides a Magento flexible barcode generator function. After creating barcode template in Barcode Label Templates section, you can generate one or multiple barcodes for a product SKU. If you disable One barcode per product SKU feature in Settings, there are 2 options for generating barcodes: per item and per purchase. All generated barcodes are recorded in Barcode Created History for printing labels in the future.

Only want a simple barcode generator instead? Checkout our FREE custom barcode maker tool.

generate barcodes configuration

4. Import Barcodes

Our Magento barcode management system provides flexible ways to control products with barcode. Besides Magento barcode generator function, you can also create barcodes in mass by importing a CSV file. A sample file is provided, you should download this Magento barcode file and modify your information based on this. This helps reduce time when receiving purchased items in purchase management.

barcode management - manage stock in warehouse

5. Scan Barcodes

Scanning barcodes saves you a great amount of time in finding products. Using any barcode scanner, you can have full information on both barcode and product. In Product Information, you can choose More Detail to view and edit product attributes like Attribute set, SKU, Price, Material and Color. In addition, barcodes can be printed right in this section.

scan barcode tab

6. Print Barcodes

Magento Stock control in general, and Magento barcode inventory management in specific, is never easier. To print barcodes, all you need to do is to select your Magento barcode template, choose products and print. The Qty of Magento barcode print is based on the Qty you enter when generating a barcode and you can still edit this number in line.

print barcode configurations

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Barcode listing

  • View barcode generated in barcode listing
  • Export barcode list to a CSV file
  • Generate, import, update, print or delete barcodes right on barcode listing page
  • View barcode's information, print configuration & product information in each barcode generated
  • View barcode generating history with creating time, user, quantity, and type of generating

Generate barcode

  • Choose to generate new barcode & remove old barcode
  • Import CSV file to create barcodes
  • Add reason when generating barcodes

Scan & print barcode

  • Select barcode template & quantity before printing
  • View barcode information and product information after scanning barcode
  • Print barcode in mass

Set up templates

  • Support 3 default templates including Standard, Jewelry & A4
  • Create different barcode templates based on default templates
  • Configure to show product attributes in barcode label
  • Preview barcode template before printing


  • Set 2 modes to generate barcodes: One or multiple barcodes per product SKU
  • Select different barcode patterns
  • Set default barcode templates for printing

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Magento Barcode Management is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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