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Ajax Cart Checklist Rescue cart abandonment -Bring the power of AJAX to your Magento checkout

Ajax Cart Checklist
  • Ajax Cart Checklist

Installing an AJAX Cart extension to your Magento site can make a world of difference in customers shopping journey. The kind of extensions allow customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to reload each time adding items to cart or removing items from cart.

  • Add products to cart from the cart page or product list pages via pop-up forms
  • No redirect to the product page
  • Edit minicart by Ajax

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This post only suggests main features that you should have in a similar extension. Plus, you can download this checklist for FREE!


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why you should have ajax cart extension installed on your site

1 minute you save for Customers while shopping, a lot more sales you will gain! But default Magento always reloads page every time customers edit their shopping cart.
That's why you need Magento Ajax cart extensions to help you resolve this tedious process! Customers now can add product to cart and select its option right from listing page without going to product page. Besides, after adding product to cart in product page/listing page they can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away. Store-owner may show related products while Customers add a product to cart for up selling or cross selling purpose.
Many stores have implemented successfully this kind of extension and seen an incredible increase in conversion rate. Why don’t you start now before other competitors surpass?

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Benefits


How it works

Magento Ajax Cart extension - How it works


How to identify a good AJAX Cart extension for Magento

Customers can add many products to Magento shopping cart and choose custom options via AJAX popup right on Listing page. No need to go through pages by pages to add each product anymore!

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Listing page

After adding product to cart from Listing page or Product page, Customers can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Choose to continue shopping or checkout right away

It’s very convenient for Customers to edit products which have been added to cart. Your Customers would love to update product’s options without going back to product page and update cart without page refreshing.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - edit products which have been added to cart

For those sites with mini carts, Customers can easily edit, remove products from cart with Ajax popup.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - edit, remove products from mini cart

Customers can also add a product to wishlist and comparison list using Ajax. The product then can be added to cart directly.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Add a product to wish list and comparison list Magento Ajax Cart extension - add a product to wish list and comparison list using Ajax

To make the shopping on your store more interesting, you can use animation effect for Magento Ajax cart. Let’s imagine how excited Customers feel when products fly to Minicart or My cart link.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Animation effect

A perfect AJAX Cart extension should provide several templates of the Ajax popup so that you can choose which fit best with your store.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Templates of the Ajax popup

It'd be a plus if you can upload an image to indicate loading process.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Upload an image to indicate loading process

How about displaying related products while Customers add a product to cart? They might be up-sell products or cross-sell products depending on your configuration. Customers can conveniently add these products to cart as well.

Magento Ajax Cart extension- up-sell products or cross-sell products

If Customers don’t intend to buy other products in your store, a countdown timer will help remind them to checkout right away. When this time ends, Ajax cart disappears and Customers can continue shopping.

Magento Ajax Cart extension - Countdown timer

A must-have feature of Magento Ajax Cart extensions is to have a very fast speed of loading, thus bringing the best shopping experience to Customers.



Checklist to find the best AJAX cart extension for your Magento site


Add/ Update/ Remove products from cart instantly, no page reload
  • Allow Customers to add product to cart and choose its options (quantity, site, color…) right from Product Listed page, without going to Product page (Featured)
  • After adding products to Magento ajax shopping cart in product page/listing page, Customers can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away
  • Update product’s options without going back to product page and update cart without page refreshing
  • Easy to add, edit, delete, remove products which have been added to cart
  • Edit and remove products from Mini cart with Ajax pop up
  • Add a product to wish list and comparison list using Ajax. The product then can be added to cart directly
Change Ajax Popup templates and animation effects
  • Admin can use animation effect for Ajax cart, making products fly to Mini cart or My cart link
  • Provide several templates of the popup for Magento Ajax add to cart so you can choose which fits best with your store
  • Upload an image to indicate loading process of Magento add to cart ajax
Customize confirmation block
  • Display related products/ up-sell products/ cross-sell products in confirmation box so Customers can add them to cart instantly
  • Set countdown time to urge Customers to check out right away
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Open source 100%
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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  1. Ajax Cart is such an awesome extension that it has brought me many inestimable benefits since it was installed.
    João CEO esporteplay.com.br
  2. I found that the features offered by this extension were perfect and it actually does work PERFECTLY!!!
    Daniel Rafique Developer thanedirect.co.uk
  3. The extension works great and is now being used on our live site.Thanks again guys!
    Paul Riley CEO rhinogb.com

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  • Best in class support!


    We have bought many modules from Magestore and the extensions are great. We have a heavilly customized theme that always cause some issue, but the support they provide is best in class. /Daniel Sandström

  • Great support


    The extension is great and the support team is 5 stars.. Im running magento EE 1.14.. and they helped me out to solve a problem with the installation.. totally recommend

  • Magento 1.9 + Ultimo theme - Perfect extension + Support


    These guys are the best in the business. Immediate change in conversions when magestore installed this extension for me. Couldnt be happier with extension and their customer support. Fixed a couple of minor issues without any questions asked and made sure I was completely satisfied. Will be back for other extensions - thanks Magestore! Magento 1.9 + Ultimo theme

  • Excellent Product...customer for life


    Excellent product and well coded. Had an issue integrating with my custom theme (Ultimo), but through support from Jack Tran at MageStore - even beyond office hours! - the extension met my expectations and more. I'm can rest assured that my client will be more than pleased with the outcome. I'll be using this extension on all my sites going forward.

  • great extension!


    nice extension exactly what i needed. Had a problem during the installation, but Magestore swiftly tackled the problem for me (thnx Jack).

  • Great extension, greater support!


    I'm a Magento developer, I know its almost impossible to make extensions which can suit all Magento installations! Somewhere or the other, something will break ;-) AJAX Add-to-Cart is a very mature product. If it breaks anywhere in your site, or you find issues, just ping their support, they will solve it in a jiffy! For free! What more can you ask! I have recommended MageStore products to most of my clients, because of this reason. Keep it up !

  • Great Extension and Excellent Customer support


    We have purchased this extension for our Magento CE 1.8. Extenstion is great but we faced problems when using it with our custom theme (ultimo). All the fixes were corrected by Technical Support team and we are really happy with their customer service.

  • Reply to Max Hoang


    Hi, Our extension doesn't support that function, however you can request a customization service which costs about $50, we can help to add that feature for you. You can request the service via this link: http://www.magestore.com/magento-customization-service.html If you have any concern, feel free to contact us via livechat support on Magestore.com (from 7:30-4:30- GMT+7 from Monday to Friday) or submit a ticket to support.magestore.com, we are glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore

  • Can I change simple product qty?

    Max Hoang

    Your extension is really cool. But I still have a question that: Can I change simple product qty when adding to cart from category view?

  • A very useful extension


    The extension boosts my sales a lot when it brings convenience for customers in shopping process. I must say it's a very useful extension I'm looking for. I like your supports, too.

  • Great extension + Great support from Magestore


    The extension works as described. There was some working problems at first with our custom theme on Magento CE 1.8.1 version but the Jack from Magestore quickly help to fixed the issues. Great extension + Great support from Magestore. regards, Steve Wong

  • Reply to Leonard


    Hi Leonard, Regarding to your issue, you should submit ticket in this link: https://support.magestore.com/ and give our support the detail information about the website and problem, the support will help you fix it. Best regards, Magestore

  • Ajax pro


    Ajax is not working in my website please give a fix.

  • washingline

    Great cart extension

    I am very pleased with this extension. It works very well and I think has a couple of features that put it above other ajax cart extensions. The support are also tip top. Helped me through a couple of issues to get the extension working 100% with my theme Ultimo. Top job guys! Stu

  • Great extension with great features


    I had a conflict between ajaxcart and another extension and the support has did a great job to fix this problem. The team is very reactive and competent. Thank you to them and especially to Jack. I recommend this product.

  • Great extension, great company!


    After looking at all the ajax carts available I decided Magestore's was the one for me. It has got a couple of nice little extra features when compared to the competition. Installation went ok with no errors showing the backend. I did have some trouble with the cart on the frontend view but after raising a support call these were addressed straight away. The support seems very fast with the call only taking 3 hours to be looked at! Great extension, great service. Recommended!

  • Superb Support


    I purchased this module and was having problem getting it to work correct. I contacted suport and they helped me solve all problem without any questions. Can definately recommend :)

  • Superb Support


    After 13 years of online marketing and dozens of broken promises and exagerated claims, we have to say the Ajax Cart from Magento and the support from the Magento team was a breath of fresh air. We highly recomend this team and software to anyone, large or small.

  • CEO

    PHCH Soap Co.

    Awesome Ajax Cart Extension! Installed flawlessly. Works exactly as advertised! Support not needed on this extension.

  • Nice extension


    Nice extension, does the job completely. I've had great support for my custom theme! Recommended for future use

  • Great Add-on to webstore Cart!


    Ajax Cart by Magestore is one of those "must-have" extension for magento webstore. It is easy to use, edit or disable parts to it that you may wish not to use. It has several great features, including a mini pop-up displaying current items & quantity in cart. Customer Service is top-notch, they work with you on any little or major detail. A+

  • Creative Director


    Great extension, gereat team. We use the extensions of this company an we are realy happy. I can recomend AJAX Cart - it is better as alternatives from other companys.

  • Few Issues with custom theme but Support were excellent!


    The extension installs well but with our custom theme we had a few issues. I ended up contacting support who logged in and fixed the issue within a day. The extension works great and is now being used on our live site. Thanks again guys!

  • Sehr gutes Produkt guter Support

    Benny Wallmeyer

    Ein wirkliches gutes Produkt mit sehr gutem Support.

  • Better than Others


    This Ajax cart seems better than others available, because it handles bundle products and supports specifying qty to add to cart within the ajax functions.

  • Outstanding module


    Customers could add products to cart right on Homepage or Category with full options. This module works great and brings the most convenience to our clients. Thanks!

  • The module is as expected


    When searching Ajax cart module, I see there are a lot of modules. However, this Ajax Cart extension must be the tool I have found. I could install as well as let it work by myself. However, Magestore's support is very careful and quick. I will look for other modules on this store.

  • I love this module


    Love this module for many reasons: - Just take some minutes to install and configure - Make it run properly without any hitches - Above all, our customers are so convenient when adding products to card Thanks, Rain

  • 5 votes for your module


    No words except for Awesome for your extension. I installed this module and it works well on my site now. Customers have great comments on purchasing our products and all like this feature.

  • Great extension & good support

    Alex Payne

    After installing, I have an issue with my template. But support team has solved it very quickly. So, I'm very happy with this extension, great product & good service. Thanks Magestore!

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