2024’s Retail Blueprint: Unveiling Omnichannel Tactics That Work

Free Webinar | Thursday, May 16th, 2024 | 9:30 AM ICT


In 2024, Omnichannel is all about creating a seamless “Phygital” customer journey. Customers crave consistency across online and physical touchpoints, prioritizing sustainability, community, and engaging experiences.

Take Nike’s omnichannel strategies. They offer “buy online, pick up in-store” and “reserve in-store,” along with real-time inventory tracking. Plus, they’ve built a global community of Nike lovers with a membership program! With these tactics, the brand has seen eCommerce sales soar to more than 30% of its overall business.

Join our webinar with omnichannel experts to unlock the secrets of crafting a superior “Phygital” experience. It’s time to elevate your omnichannel game!

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Meet our omnichannel experts

Webinar speaker - Matthew @Dotdigital

Matthew McClelland
Technology Partnership Manager

Dotdigital Logo - White

Matthew has over 15 years of experience across various sectors and regions, expertly merging brands with the right technology to exceed business goals. He believes that any brand can thrive globally by providing an exceptional customer experience.

Webinar speaker - Lily Bui @Magestore

Lily Bui
Senior Business Consultant

Magestore Logo White without Tagline

Lily is Magestore’s Senior Business Consultant, who thrives on helping businesses flourish. With over 6 years of experience, Lily’s worked with merchants across the globe to design tailor-made solutions, unlocking their full potential.

Webinar speaker - Thomas Pham @Avada

Thomas Pham
Product Manager

Magestore Partner - Joy Loyalty by Avada

As the Product Manager of Joy Loyalty, Thomas has 5 years of experience in developing and operating programs that focus on customer engagement and retention. He works closely with clients to enhance their loyalty strategies effectively.

Magestore webinar speaker - Jimmy Huynh @Ascentis

Jimmy Huynh
VP & Country Manager

Magestore Partner - Ascentis

A passionate sales leader with over 11 years of experience in CRM solutions, Jimmy has dedicated his career to supporting businesses to overcome challenges and achieve success with his in-depth industry knowledge and proven track record of building high-performing teams.

Magestore webinar speaker - Pawal Gorski @Tribee

Paweł Górski
CEO & Founder

Magestore Partner - Tribee Logo - White

Paweł builds solutions helping frontline teams in retail and F&B chains to improve their productivity and sell more. He’s worked with diverse teams in Asia for the last 12 years, creating solutions to enhance their employee performance and drive revenue for companies like Adidas, AIA, DHL, Sofitel.

Magestore webinar speaker - Mark Gray @CrescoData

Mark Gray
Managing Director

Magestore Partner - CrescoData - White

With over 17 years of experience, Mark has helped thousands of retailers and brands build and grow their eCommerce, online Marketplace, and Digital Marketing businesses, managing teams across Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific for ChannelAdivisor Corp, NeoPost, and Westfield.

Webinar agenda

Keynote #1: The omnichannel imperative in 2024

by Magestore

The pandemic has changed the world, and businesses need to acknowledge omnichannel strategies or risk losing out to the competition. Explore:

  • Why an omnichannel approach is a must-have to retain customers and expand market reach
  • Shopping behaviors and the omnichannel landscape in South East Asia
  • Foundational strategies for successful omnichannel retailing

Keynote #2: Data-driven marketing

by Dotdigital

The power of personalization and customer lifecycle marketing. Get insights on:

  • Using offline and online data to drive customer lifetime value
  • Creating amazing customer experiences that leave an impression
  • Generating ROI from quick campaigns across the channels that work in Asia

Keynote #3: Building loyalty programs

by Avada

Enhance customer experience and loyalty across channels. Learn more about:

  • The core factors of a loyalty program
  • Leverage loyalty programs to boost sales
  • Tactics to engage with customers across their journey

Panel discussion: Omnichannel best practices

featuring Ascentis, Tribee, CrescoData

Explore the common challenges and best practices when it comes to omnichannel implementation. Hear expert opinions on:

  • Fostering customer engagement
  • Empowering your staff
  • Running a smooth system

In 2024, SEA's omnichannel landscape is about going beyond just transactions. It's about weaving a narrative around your brand that transcends physical and digital touchpoints. SEA consumers are tech-savvy and experience-driven, and they expect brands to meet them wherever they are – online, offline, and on the go.

Lily BuiSenior Business Consultant @Magestore

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Avada (since 2014) is an eCommerce solution provider dedicated to assisting 1 million online businesses in boosting growth.

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Joy is a Shopify loyalty customer and retention solution, currently serving 8000+ merchants and 100+ Shopify Plus merchants.

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All-in-one customer experience and data platform that empowers marketing teams to exceed customer expectations with highly personalized cross-channel journeys.


CrescoData provides an integration platform to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of channels, real-time data visualization, and hassle-free API connections.

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Ascentis powers CRM & Loyalty for leading brands in Singapore & region, offering cutting-edge solutions in Retail, eCommerce, BI, Mobile, & Digital Marketing.


Tribee enhances frontline sales teams productivity with customized, data-driven selling techniques, coaching, and performance management.

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