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Peak hour is no longer a mess! Magestore's leading PWA POS system combines with innovative Progressive Web App technology of Google to offer a smooth and fast checkout experience. Speedy performance, reliable functions and easy-to-use UI like a native app. You don't have to be a tech savvy to stay on top.
Leading POS system
Innovative PWA technology

Outstanding Magestore PWA Point-of-Sale

  • Exceptionally high speed
  • App-like experience with easy access
  • Central view of available stocks
  • Unstoppable offline mode
  • Mix of diverse payments
As 2017 draws to a close, we encourage commerce leaders to make sure that Progressive Web Apps are on your 2018 Magento roadmap and start planning for a migration from your current Responsive site to Progressive Web Apps next year.
Peter Sheldon - Vice President of Strategy, Magento Commerce

Save your (customers') precious time

Our PWA POS delivers lightning-fast checkout experience while serving up to 100k Customers & 100k SKUs:
- search customer under 1s
- scan barcode under 1s
- process 12,000 orders per hour

View all available stocks from one POS

Running out-of-stock at one store? Don't let customers leave to your competitor! Check available stocks from other stores right at your POS and deliver the products straight to their home instead. No muss, no fuss.

Checkout with your favorite mix of payments

Split order payment into several transactions, whether in multiple online payments, multiple offline or a mix of both. Let them pay however they like and you'll get the recipe for their love (& their spending!).

Enjoy a native-app UI with no app store

Combining the best of the web and the best of apps, PWA POS can work easily on all devices (PC & Tablet/iPad). No software download from an app store. Enjoy an easy homescreen access and immersive experience like a native app.

Offline mode is more stable than ever

If you have used our Web-based POS, you must love its offline mode. Now with the stability of PWA, Magestore PWA POS works much faster and more reliable without internet. No more checkout interruptions!
australian mangeto pwa pos

G'Day, Aussies!

We've made a PWA POS exclusively for Australian. Same Great Performance, More Localized Features. Go ahead & check it out!
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