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Build your own custom POS system
to fit your business needs

Customize to turn your POS system into an unbeatable suite of retail solutions.

  • Weekly deliveries in a clear roadmap
  • 20+ Magento specialists with a strong Agile mindset
  • Convert your desire into a working solution

Get a customized POS

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No. 1 flexbile POS system to let you work on your own terms

We welcome customization, as it empowers you & our product to do more, altogether. You can do it yourself with 100% open source code. Or, to save time, count on our professional service.

Self help

Get a personal POS system within your own resources.

  • 100% Open-source code
  • Free Installation Guide, User Guide & Dev Docs

Professional service

Get a personal POS system with the least effort & guaranteed best results

  • 100% Open-source code
  • Free Installation Guide, User Guide & Dev Docs
  • Free 3-month customization warranty
  • Weekly result deliveries in a clear roadmap
  • A 1-on-1 Account Manager
  • Ownership of all working documents
  • No technical knowledge or in-house developers required
“When we made the choice, we wondered why you’d pay a monthly fee when it’s all here & in a way you can bespoke build piece by piece to fit your needs.”
Andy Noon – Store Owner of Poppets Toys & Gifts | England

Get everything you need to do what you love, better

When you can’t find a POS system to match all your needs, we build it from scratch for you. High quality guaranteed with our top-class Magento customization service.

customizable Magento POS

Add extra features to do more

Customize POS with new functions that you need. Our solution is to empower you, not limit you.

Enhance with accessories

Make your work easier by adding new hardware & portable devices e.g. payment terminals.

Integrate to increase competence

ERP system or any 3rd party software – We don’t mind helping you expand your capabilities.

Get not just a solution, but the lifelong rapport to grow your business

Your own asset, from A to Z

Own every piece of the customization. Even when you don’t proceed with us, all working documents are completely yours to use afterwards.

Rock-solid guarantee for project success

An Account Manager will work with you throughout the project. You also get a 3-month warranty to resolve any arisen issues.

A shortcut to grow your business

Lock the technical mess out of your busy head. Our professional service will get your POS set up right. So you can solely focus on business.

An agile and transparent customization process that focuses on your needs

Our Agile methodology ensures you’re involved from the beginning & adjust flexibly to your wish along the way. Let us help you save time, costs, and effort in running your business.


  • Tell us your needs, either it’s a vague idea or a long-term plan.
  • You’ll be served within 48 hours. (We’re online 8am – 5pm, GMT+7, Mon – Fri)

In-depth Consultation

  • You get a technical/ business proposal and roadmap to match your goals, timeline and budget.
  • In any cases, this document is forever yours to use onwards.


  • Only by now, you confirm your payment terms & start receiving the customization results on a weekly basis.
  • You can adjust the roadmap anytime to match your desires. We’re after you!
Get started now

Guaranteed no obligations until you want to.

Get-to-know your project partners

With rich experience in Magento and project management, our specialists apply the best-in-class processes and strict quality standards. So you’ll get high quality outcomes for your project.

“Agile project development allows us to deliver the project results constantly and flexibly. This means our customers can get what they want exactly when they want it.”

Mike Mai, Project Director 12 years in Software Development

“At Magestore, we share the passion for high-quality products & keep a habit of consistent improvement. So our clients get a POS system that drives their business forward.”

Alex Nguyen, Product Owner 10 years in Magento development
PLUS 20+ Magento developers and business analysts to guarantee your project quality

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to top asked questions about our Customization service.

As the developer and owner of our products, Magestore knows it by heart to make changes without any mess. With over 10 years in Magento, we’ll accept nothing but a 100% smooth & compatible outcome.

Based on our real projects worldwide, our customization service is best for:

  • Store Owners who don’t have in-house developer(s) or technical knowledge;
  • Developers who need to deliver projects in the shortest time

Customization service fee covers the cost of our developers time which is not recoverable. Hence, we do not issue refunds once we start the work.

Also, if you want to update a customized feature, it’s counted as a renewed customization request. You’ll have to pay a fee.

Nevertheless, we ensure the customization outcome meets your expectations and provide you with the highest service quality.

The customization duration varies based on your purchased package & how complex your business is.

We have a clear customization procedure to follow. Upon receiving your customization request, our Account Manager will examine your business and provide a timeline estimation plus a detailed technical proposal. You’ll be able to see what results you get weekly to the project completion.

For more details about customization process and timeline, please contact our consultant.

Our products are 100% open-source. Hence, its code is open for you to access and edit the way you want it to. If you have any questions during the process, we’ll answer you as soon as possible via the Ticket System.

However, we honestly recommend you count on our professional service. Since we have deep knowledge about our own product, our customization results will be of the best quality & in the shortest time.

Please note that Magestore owns the copyright of our products. This means you cannot use our code for commercial purposes without Magestore’s permission.

Why wait when you can make your ideas alive?

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