Mobile Sales Tracking App - Track sales anytime, anywhere at your fingertips - (1.0)

Mobile Sales Tracking App
  • Mobile Sales Tracking App (1.0)

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking app for iOS helps you check sales reports in any place, anytime to have a quick reaction if any problem/trend arises. Whether you are on plane, travel or even in a middle of a meeting, you can always know your "business health" is good or not.

  • Show a sales overview on the dashboard page.
  • Show sales report daily, monthly.
  • Show detailed report on orders and customers.
  • Directly contact customers via email or phone.

Magento Community 1.4.x - 1.9.x
Magento Enterprise 1.9.x - 1.14.x
iOS 8.0 & above

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In a hectic world, the ability to access information with ease is crucial, especially if you are running a business online and always on the move. Are you urging to find a good way to keep eyes on your online store without having to literally be next to the laptop/computer all the time?

Then Magento Mobile Sales Tracking is your perfect match for you to make quick decision for your business anywhere, anytime.

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Magento Mobile Sales Tracking - how to set up app



Key Features


Every time you log in to the Dashboard of Mobile Sales Tracking, where you will instantly know what has been happening on your site since the last logout.

In case there's a huge fluctuation in sales or other problems arise, you will be able to tell from the dashboard and react quickly.

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking- Sales data overview



Filtering orders is what every store owner often do. It helps you define what's happening with your sales system, is there any problem in your checking out process. With Mobile Sales Tracking, you could instantly retrieve a list of orders needed by the Filter and Advanced Search function.

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking - Detailed report on orders

What if you see a valued order in ‘pending’ status? Simply click on the ‘phone’ or ‘email’ icon on the order details page to get in touch with the customer shortly and find out what caused the problem.

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking - Pending order



If there's any special case or important customer, you totally can support from a distance with contact info and orders history. Customers can be easily searched by name or email, and you can even segment them based on location for better insights.

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking- Detailed report on customers


Features Full List


For Admin
  • Show the number of new orders, new customers and new sales since the last login on the navigation bar of the Dashboard page.
  • Show a sales data overview right on the Dashboard page, including general information about sales, orders, customers.
  • Switch store views and tabs easily to access sales reports of each store.
  • Report on sales details by month, including total sales value, daily sales value.
  • Able to filter orders by order ID, customer’s name or email.
  • Able to search a specific order by using the Advanced Search function.
  • Show a list of registered customers and able to access customer’s details.
  • Able to filter customers by name or email.
  • Able to contact customer instantly by clicking on the “phone” or “email” icon.
  • Able to create Desktop shortcut icon on iOS devices
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Release Notes

Version 1.0 (released on Feb 23rd 2016)

  • Easy installation using Magento's API.
  • Release stable version for iOS.
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  • 5/5 stars for this extension


    I really like it. Convenient to use and easy to install. You are right. I could track my sales in my toilet.

  • This extension is nice


    The sales tracking dashboard fits well into my iPhone, the page load is very fast and I can keep update with the most current orders. I will introduce this extension to my partners.

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