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POS comparison to find the best fit solution for Magento retailers

Complete Magento POS systems comparison to save research time and choose a provider with confidence.


Free Magento POS systems comparison chart

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4 criteria we use to compare POS companies for Magento business

It isn’t easy finding a POS provider that understands your business requirements and supports the system you want. To help you evaluate your options, we’ll compare Magento POS companies with 4 criteria.

1. POS features

The best point of sale systems help you run your business efficiently. To make the right decision, we reveal the most relevant features of a Magento POS for retailers, from its UX/UI to the business processes the system addresses.

2. POS price

We provide POS pricing comparison to help you choose the most suitable pricing model for your business.

3. Provider policies

The best POS provider for your business will support and grow with you in the long run. This POS comparison highlights the support, refund, and upgrade policies of each POS provider to help you find the most suitable partner.

4. Company services

Running retail with Magento isn’t easy. You’ll need help setting up, using, and expanding your POS system. We compare the services that POS providers offer to address your business requirements and vision.

1-on-1 POS comparison to choose a better retail system

Have a shortlist of providers but unsure about how to choose? Check out our detailed 1-on-1 Magento POS comparison and decide on a system that gives you complete control of your business.

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Essential POS features for Magento merchants

Choosing the right POS system for your business will save you a lot of time and cost. This is especially true for retailers with complex processes who are looking to connect their online Magento site to brick-and-mortar stores. Here are the most important factors to consider for your Magento POS solution.

POS comparison criteria: Magento native

Native with Magento

Magento merchants need a retail solution that integrates seamlessly into Magento. This way they can run all operations from one central system. Customer, promotion, product, and inventory data should be synced in real time.

Ease of use

An intuitive POS interface will help your employees serve the customers better. If the POS shares similar business processes with your Magento site, it will save you time training your staff on 2 separate workflows.


Omnichannel retailers need a fast system that can handle a high number of stores, registers, and orders at the same time. The POS system should also have offline capability so you can run your business on the go.

In-store sales

Your POS should help you sell from a variety of devices. It should also support holding multiple orders and easy refund.

Product and inventory management

Your staff should be able to scan and search for products quickly. To optimize customer experience, the POS needs to provide accurate product availability across outlets.

Customers relationship management

You need a complete view of your customer across all sales channels. Your employees should be able to access customer profile and history right on the POS screen. A good POS solution includes customer loyalty programs that run both online and offline.

POS comparison: How the POS helps you manage sales, inventory, and customer
POS comparison: Payment terminal and POS hardware

Peripheral device

Your Magento POS should work with a wide range of hardware from payment terminals to receipt printers and barcode scanners.


To adapt to customer demand, the POS should support many payment options including EMV and mobile payment. Partial and split payments will also boost sales and customer experience.


Your POS setup must comply with PCI data security standards and protect payment information. You should be able to assign different access levels to different roles in your business.


Subscription-based solutions cost you less at the beginning and you can cancel anytime. On the other hand, one-time-payment models have higher entry costs but will be more beneficial in the long run.


Running a complex Magento system means you’ll need support during installation or daily operations. Merchants should check if the POS provider offers 24/7 support via different methods such as phone, live chat, email. On-site support is also a good option.


Can the new POS system work with other apps or software you’re already using? Magento retailers should consider POS solutions that integrate with third-party vendors on accounting, human resources, CRM, and so on.

POS comparison: Pricing, policy, and integration

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Magento POS systems comparison chart

POS comparison to find the best fit solution for Magento retailers

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