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Retail use cases

Explore the latest business know-hows to improve your retail operations.

Top retail use cases

Let’s see how other retailers like you leverage Magestore solutions to streamline their daily activities. Depending on your demands, Magestore enriches core products with following features!

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Tracking serial number is essential for warranty products. Explore 3 benefits of serial number tracking and the process to track serial number in a retail business.

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Product exchanges can be easy and convenient for both your customers and your staff. Explores the 4 benefits and 5 steps in an in-store product exchange.

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Backorder can be an idea for optimizing your retail business. Check out this article to get everything you need to know about backorder management.

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Retailers may face many requests to edit orders created. Let’s explore the information, the process, and best practices for editing orders on POS.

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What to do if the customer wants to refund without receipts? What business flow and technical solution should you apply? Discover the answer now.

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Optimize your sales process with customer facing display. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of customer facing display and how to implement it in your business.

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It can be a smart move to make curbside pick up a part of your business during COVID. Let’s discover the secret to build a pickup workflow for your business.

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Self checkout systems let customers checkout without an assistant. Explore the benefits, process, and implementation of self checkout systems.

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Trade-in programs can be a perfect solution to make the customer more satisfied and engaged with your new products. Here’s how to set up the solution.

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Any customers request to pay by foreign cash? In this post, we’ll explore why multiple currency payment happens and solutions for merchants to manage it.

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Commission per order structure can motivate sales reps. Let’s discover how to successfully use POS to assign staff to orders.

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POS gift receipt can be a missing piece for your retail business. Check out this article to see why it is important and 2 ways to issue a gift receipt.

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Building brand awareness, boosting sales are some notable benefits of physical gift cards. What else and how to maximize those benefits? Keep on exploring with us.

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Let’s talk about hybrid dropshipping where it combines with other fulfillment methods in retail to deliver the best experience for customers and also benefit retailers.

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In back to back order, a purchase order is created based on a specific sales order. Let’s explore the benefits, use cases, and workflow of this process.

Ensure seamless data synchronization throughout your business

Magestore solutions integrate with various retail software and hardware, ensuring cohesion throughout your entire technological system.

Other retail processes

Bin locations ensure accurate inventory data and speed up order fulfillment. Let’s look at the benefits, setup, and use of bin location.

Accepting multiple payment methods increases your sales. Explore the most popular payment methods and payment combination options as well.

Inventory transfer is one of warehouse activities that merchants perform frequently. Let’s explore what it is and step-by-step guide to perform it.

Retailers use gift with purchase to bring more value and boost competitive advantage. Explore 5 benefits of gift with purchase and 7 steps to set up a campaign.

Inventory forecasting is crucial to the financial success of any retail business. Let’s find out what it is and how to apply inventory forecasting into your retail.

Stockout has negative impacts on retailers. Explore the costs of stockout and 5 ways to handle out-of-stock situations in your retail stores.

Running a retail business always has ups and downs. Preparing for future refund scenarios is crucial. Let’s make the Buy online, refund in store process become hassle-free by knowing the steps to complete an online purchase refund.

Purchase order helps retailers purchase more efficiently. Let’s walk through the definition, process, and best practices of purchase orders.

Stock discrepancies can be a real headache if you don’t know why and solution. Let’s explore how an inventory movement report relieves your pains.

Good product catalog management brings a delighted shopping experience to customers. Explore how it’s important and how to manage it in retail.

Effective in-store cash flow management helps ensure financial stability in the retail business. Discover what it is, its benefits, and how to get it right.

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