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The definitive guide

Formulate a winning Magento omnichannel retail

A mind-blowing recipe to become the leading omnichannel retailer with Magento.

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For Magento retailers looking for new ways to optimize & expand their business

As your business grows, it can be easy to get out of control. This guide will shed light on how you can go omnichannel and take advantage of Magento ecosystem to handle your growing business.

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Written for growing merchants worldwide

This guide is for retailers who never stop asking the question, “What’s next?” or “How can I take my business to the next level?”. Constantly adopting new methods to keep the business stay ahead of the competition is the key to success.

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Packed with specific and actionable steps

Whether it’s managing staff, merchandising, or producing real sales, this guide prescribes a hands-on, real world, step-by-step approach to managing your business with a powerful platform – Magento.

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Experienced from real work with customers

We won’t brag about things we don’t know. Everything in this guide is the result of 10+ years working with Magento merchants worldwide, helping them merge online-offline & deliver omnichannel shopping experience.

What’s in the guide?

Chapter 1

Prepare omnichannel approach on Magento

Knowing omnichannel expectations and Magento capabilities gives you the right preparations for your omnichannel success.

Chapter 2

Sketch your winning model and roadmap

Identify the simple path to omnichannel on Magento, where you are on the journey, and how you can plan accordingly.

Chapter 3

Manage data centrally in Magento omnichannel retail

What data centralization in Magento is, also the types of data and how they centralize in Magento platform.

Chapter 4

6 key omnichannel customer experiences

Are you curious about how to adopt omnichannel experience on Magento platform? Let’s find out!

Chapter 5

Nail your omnichannel success with KPIs

What are the most crucial KPIs to measure payback of your investment and how business is going?

Chapter 6

Succeed in Magento omnichannel retail: 3 true examples

3 real success cases and how these Magento retailers nail their omnichannel strategy.

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