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Mega Menu - Never make your site slower (2.4)

Magento Mega Menu extension

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You may not know that most Magento menu extensions cause site slower. Our module not only remains your site speed but also visualizes your Magento navigation menu by various provided templates.

  • Create Horizontal Menu with effects: Hover, animate, toggle
  • Customize the style of menu to fit with your store: width, color, icon, position
  • Say no to slow speed in your site

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14

Get free installation when you spend >=$150 in grand total (after using reward points & 5% discount)
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  1. Magento Mega Menu matched the theme and features exactly as we desire; so together with the simplicity of installation, it was a perfect choice.
  2. This Magento Mega Menu extension helps create very easy navigation in 10 minutes, have a template with more flexible options (category, product, Anchor, Content...) and easy interface. Works perfectly!
    Lubomir Todorov
  3. Software is only as good as the support you receive with it. I evaluated this plugin, and decided it did everything I needed.
    Ivan O'Donoghue

Happy Customers



Do you know how long customers stay on web pages? Only 10-20s on average (NNGroup, 2011), whereas you have a variety of products and categories to show. Based on the concept “The less clicks the better”, our Magento Mega Menu extension (also known as a Magento Navigation Menu) must be the perfect solution, helping your visitors find the information as quickly as possible. Instead of spending much time and effort on coding and designing the menu manually, now there is a huge number of menu templates available for you to select. With this Magento Menu extension, creating and editing menu items and menu bar with a lot of features seem never easier.
Magento Mega Menu extension- magento navigation menu - Benefits

How it works

Magento Mega Menu extension- top magento navigation menu - How it works

Features Detailed

You can create responsive horizontal Magento navigation menuMagento Mega Menu extension - Horizontal Menu of magento navigation menu
As mentioned above, you can conveniently create Magento navigation menu using available templates. To show a menu item as product listing or category listing, you can simply choose a template then select products/ categories to be displayed.Magento Mega Menu extension - Product Listing Type of magento navigation menu
You are also allowed to set featured products/ categories in Magento dropdown menu content.Magento Mega Menu extension / magento navigation menu - Featured Products
You can quickly create a Magento menu bar in which menu items are categories of your site.Magento Mega Menu extension (magento navigation menu) - Menu Bar
For each magento menu type like Content only, Contact form or Anchor text, we provide various templates for you to select as well.Magento Mega Menu extension magento navigation menu- Content Only
Magento navigation menu provides a variety of effects, including Hover, Anima. & Toggle. For example, when Customers hover over a Menu item, a list of your products will be displayed. This feature makes your Magento navigation menu more lively and professional. Magento Mega Menu extension - Animation effects for magento navigation menu (Hover, animate, toggle)
You can freely customize the style of menu such as width, menu color, icon, and arrange the position of Menu items. It is also possible to customize the style of menu's content (size, number and position of columns).Magento Mega Menu extension magento navigation menu - Style of menu's content
While many other Magento Menu extensions interact with database directly, thus slowing your site, Magestore's Mega Menu uses generated HTML code of your menu, so it wouldn't affect your site performance.Magento Mega Menu extension - Manage Cache of magento navigation menu



Features Full List


Quickly Create Magento Custom Menu
  • Create horizontal Magento navigation menu for your site
  • Create menu items using various templates. To show a menu item as product listing or category listing, admin can choose a template then select products/ categories to be shown. There are many templates available for other Menu types: Content only, Contact form or Anchor text, etc. (New)
  • Quickly create a menu bar in which menu items are categories of your site. (New)
  • Reindex cache (use generated HTML code of your menu) to update changes, not affecting your site performance (Featured)
  • Easily add, delete and edit menu items
  • Export the menu list to CSV/XML file
Easily Configure Menu Content and Style
  • Set featured products/ categories in menu content
  • Able to arrange the position of Menu items
  • Support multiple Menu effects: Hover, animate, toggle. When Customers hover over a Menu item, a list of your products will be displayed. (New)
  • Customize the style of menu: width, menu color, icon, etc.
  • Possible to configure the style of menu content: size, number and position of columns
  • Responsive Magento Mega Menu extension (Hot)
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).

Interview of whom purchased Magento Mega Menu extension: Enhance visual effects & searching speed with Mega Menu

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  • Great features and easy to use!


    This extension has saved me a lot of time and effort and really adds to the functionality of my site. Also, great support!

  • Director of Technology

    Daniel Smith

    The extension works well. I noticed an issue when trying to select a category. We use different root categories for each store in our multi-store instance. The extension explicitly uses the root category of the default store. I came up with a hack for anyone that is interested. Keep in mind that you have to save the menu item before being able to select the category.

  • Reply to Waqar


    Hello Waqar, We are going to update Mega Menu responsive soon and will try to update the example sites using the responsive version as soon as we can. Thank you. Best regards, Magestore

  • Mobile responsive

    Waqar Kazmi

    I am not really sure if this is a mobile responsive menu as the major issue of site speed arises due to heavy menus on mobile sites. So I would like to know if this really works for them. Also it would be helpful if you can add in your test case some mobile responsive site in order to check it in live mode.

  • A good extension


    I can easily create a professional menu of products for my site. Customers are also pleased with it because they take less time to find what they need. A good extension! I hope to catch your new version.

  • This is very cool extension

    Eric Jensen

    I bought this extension from magestore. I must say this is an awesome extension. We can edit the navigation menu as we want. It's fully customizable. Once again a great support from magestore. Thanks

  • Nice option for large categories

    Lena Adang Gert

    I have more than 300 categories on my store and I need to put around 60 as visible in Menu and this extension is a perfect solution to make it possible

  • Great Support


    Software is only as good as the support you receive with it. I evaluated this plugin, and decided it did everything I needed. When we installed it we had some issues - one was a software bug, the other was a need to slightly change the behaviour of the software. The vendor came up trumps on both occasions, and worked with us over the course of several weeks until everything worked as we wanted it to,

  • Very Powerful Extension


    After 'messing' with the extension for a few days I've found it to be very powerful and customizable. This is a great point on its favor. It does exactly what it says. The support is also fast and they have sorted all my problems & questions in an excellent way. -Iñaki

  • Support 2nd to none


    Having choosen to go with Magestore's Mega Menu for our menu requirements on our Magento site I had a few teething problem with the functionality of the plugin, after contacting the support service all I can say is I definately choose the right plugin! The support has been 2nd to none, and the problem has been resolved with constant updates regarding the progress throughout... it's been a great experience of how customer support should be for a change! I would definately recommend Mega Menu as a plugin but more over I would definately recommend Magestore as a whole due to the experience I have had when I need their help after the initial purchase of the plugin.

  • CEO

    PHCH Soap Co.

    This is a superb and very deep extension. It options and customizations are very diverse an helpful. This extension was a bit buggy when first installed caused by other extensions incompatibilities. support was terrific throughout the installation and setup. Support quickly resolved all issues.

  • Great customer support


    The techs at Magestore were so helpful fixing a problem I had with Ajax Cart that was my own fault. They didn't simply tell me it was my problem... they made sure I was a happy customer. Unheard of these days. Thanks Magestore.

  • Great Extension, Great Support


    The extension is a little tricky to install, but overall the extension does exactly what I wanted it to do. Also, the developer support is VERY helpful and always responds to my questions within 24hrs.

  • Reply to Malusi Pakade


    Hi Malusi, Thank you for your question. Regarding this technical one, could you contact directly with our developer to have better response? Please create a topic in our Community Help Desk about your question ( or submit a ticket here We will try our best to reply you as soon as possible. Best regards, Magestoe

  • Re-arrange Sub-categories

    Malusi Pakade

    Hi, we are having a problem rearranging the subcategories on this extension. Is there a way to go around this?

  • Reply to Malusi Pakade


    Hi Malusi, Thank you for contacting us. Regarding this technical matter, could you submit a ticket here or send an email to Our developers will contact with you shortly and help you resolve the problem.

  • Re-arrange categories

    Malusi Pakade

    Is there a way to re-arrange categories and sub-categories as you desire. I'm finding this hard to do as there are no classes in some of the < li > tags and < a > tags

  • Easy Navigation for your web shop


    This a Magento Mega Menu extension helps to create very easy navigation for 10 minites, Have a template with more flexible options ( category, product, Anchor, Content...) and easy interface. Works perfectly!

  • Reply to Fabul0us


    Hi, Thank you for your review. To to put cms block inside the menu, you can add the code below to Header Content of a menu item: {{block type="cms/block" block_id="your_block_id"}} Regards, Magestore

  • CMS Block


    Hi, is it possible to put cms block inside the menu?

  • Solution for too many product categories


    If you have quite a lot of product categories, which you want to show on almost every page so that customer can browse more across your store, then it would be an ideal solution.

  • Ideal solution for big stores


    I think this extension is purely designed for big stores just like mine as this is the only solution to show customers the complete categories range through Mega menu template and it would also be easy for users to choose which category they want to browse.

  • Reply to JIAN


    Hi JIAN, May be this problem appears at the first time after you install the module. It's a common error with website running on Magento platform after installing new extensions. To solve this, you just need to sign out from admin panel and sign in again, this issue will no longer appear. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Can not found page 404


    I can not found the page for magestore extensions. Help me Plz.

  • The best Mega Menu extensions for Magento.


    After doing research on menu extensions, Mega Menu is by far the best Mega Menu extensions for Magento. Next to that supplies the greatest and fast support. I can really recommend everyone buying this extension, because the Mega Menu is great to work with, it looks professional and the support is super as well! This is a MUST HAVE for your magento website.

  • One of the Best


    Have seen several mega menu extensions, this one seems to look the best!

  • Great module

    Marcel Vermeulen

    Great module.. needs some css styling to get is right for your template.. also it's al little frustratingh that the menu is floating to the mouse pointer.. that way is wil not stay on the same position in your template

  • Good extension


    My store seems far easier to navigate and select products with this module. Mega menu must be the most awesome module that I have ever found.

  • Easy to install and configure as you want


    After installing the module, I just took some minutes to finish configuring. Well, simple layout but very useful for our store.

  • Nice module and support

    Mohan Perri

    Along with the outstanding module, Magestore Supporters are so great. My mistakes were quickly made clear thanks for them. Running this module is very straightforward. also.

  • Idea for Mega Menu


    just a idea for you, you can add a vertical / horizontal options, for the clients who want to make a megamenu like amazon

  • review


    Mega menu is simple and have good admin panel with good interface.

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why Magento Mega Menu extension of Magestore

Release Notes

Version 2.4 (released on Nov 24th 2014)

  • Update with responsive design interface (Hot)

Version 2.3 (released on Jun 03th 2013)

  • Fix error of not showing links together with menus items
  • Fix conflict with javascript in Magento Enterprise edition

Version 2.2 (released on May 16th 2013)

  • Fix conflict with jQuery javascript when running Mega Menu

Version 2.1 (released on May 03th 2013)

  • Fix error that occurs when running Mega Menu in single store mode

Version 2.0 (released on February 07th 2013)

  • Provide many templates to quickly create menu items: Home, Categories, Contact...
  • Easily customize the menu: effect (hover, animate, toggle), width, background color, text color, icon for menu items...
  • Use generated HTML code of the menu to prevent site performance.

Version 1.2 (released on Nov 13th 2012)

  • Fix the error that occures when working with deleted categories.
  • Improve menu loading performance.
  • Fix css errors while using in different themes.
  • Enhance user interface.

Version 1.1 (released on Sept 7th 2012)

  • Allow administrator to change position of menu item by using a visual slider control.

Version 1.0 (released on Aug 22th 2012)

  • Release stable version 1.0.
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