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For most businesses, 80% of their profitable revenue comes from just 20% of their loyal customers. Don't waste time doubting this famous 80/20 rule but take action now! The simplest way is to reward customers points for their purchase at your store since customers love points - actually the discount they can get for next purchasing. You can create your own Magento loyalty program in minutes with Reward points+ which is the easiest to use and most customizable Magento Reward Points extension.

Magento Reward Points extension | standard benefit

Earning Points

With the Standard Edition of our Magento Reward Points system, you can allow your Customers to earn points from placing orders on your site.

Magento Reward Points extension | earning points

You can set up your desired rate for Customers to exchange money spent into points such as “1 point for every $10 spent”.

Magento Reward Points extension | config earning rate

You can set up many earning rates at the same time and then assign them with different levels of priority. The one with the highest priority will be applied first.

Also, you can set the validation period for the points earned by Customers as well as choose to hold back points from them for some days.

Spending Points

You can set up the rates at which Customers can exchange their earned points into money. For example, if you want to give $1 for every 10 points used by Customers, you can configure as below:

Magento Reward Points extension | config spending rate

On the Shopping cart and Checkout pages, Customers can choose the number of points to spend in many ways: moving the slide forwards or backwards, clicking on the Minus or Plus icons, typing the number of points or even ticking the checkbox “Maximize my discount with points”.

Magento Reward Points extension | spending rate

Moreover, you can configure the minimum number of points to be redeemed or the maximum points that can be allowed for an order and so on.

Managing Reward Points

Customers can follow and manage their current points in 2 places.

Firstly, they can view their current points on the top link:

Magento Reward Points extension | My account link

Secondly, they can go to My Account > My rewards to view more information such as balances, their point transactions, etc.

Magento Reward Points extension | My reward page

Managing Point Transactions

Admin can view all point transactions of the System (Customer, Point Amount, Points Used, etc.)

Magento Reward Points extension | Manage point transactions

Changing Customers' Points

Admin can add points to or deduct points from Customers’ balances manually.

Magento Reward Points extension | changing points

Using Points While Creating Order In Backend

Admin can use points when creating orders in backend

Magento Reward Points extension | use points in creating orders

Refunding Points

When making a refund for Customers, admin can give points back to Customers for them to use for the next purchases.

Magento Reward Points extension | refund points

Boost your sales with Platinum Features



Besides Standard features listed above, Platinum edition of our Magento points and rewards system can give you more useful features brought by 4 of our plugins. These plugins can also be purchased separately, thus you can select the preferred ones to make your own Custom Edition.

Magento Reward Points extension | Platinum benefit

Customer Behavior

Customer Behavior Plugin enables your Customers to earn reward points on their birthdays or from a lot of activities on your site. These activities includes signing up, subscribing to newsletters, taking polls, tagging products, rating and/or reviewing products and liking/sharing via social networks.

Customers can see the number of points they can get for all those activities on frontend as well as on My Reward page. For example, on Product Detail pages, Customers can see the point giving information of “like/share via social networks” and “review/rate product” as below:

Magento Reward Points extension | earn points for writing a review

What’s special about Behavior Plugin is that you can allow your Customers to message links to their friends’ Facebook inboxes thanks to the “Send” button.

Magento Reward Points extension | send via Facebook

Obviously, on backend, you can configure different information of point earning for different activities. For example, with reviewing products, you can set up “Points earned”, “Max points earned” per Customer per day and choose to show the info on frontend or not.

Magento Reward Points extension | config review


Manipulated on backend, Report Plugin can be a very useful tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your reward program. Not every reward program is effective, and not every store-owner is aware of that. Your profit might decrease if your discount amount exceeds the new sales value generated.

Therefore, we provide many useful reports for you to analyze, such as Spend/Earn ratio, Number of loyal customers over time, Points earned and spent, Signups, Newsletter Subscription, Reviews, etc.

Magento Reward Points extension | report

Besides, there are more concrete reports on other parameters such as Orders, Customers, Products, Earned Points and Spent Points. These reports will give you deeper analysis into your reward program.

For example, with Customer Report, you can know how many Customers involved in your reward program, their point balances, held-back balances, their earned and spent points, Discount for Using Points, total of orders using points. Based on those data, you can know the most loyal Customers of your store and so on.

Magento Reward Points extension | 13 - customer report

Refer Friends

This plugin of our Magento loyalty points extension can prove to be a very useful marketing tool as it allows your Customers to tell others about your e-store. Participants will be all well-off as your Customer can get points for his referral and the referred friend can get some discounts when making purchases.

On Refer Friends page, Customers can share links or coupons via many channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter, G+.

Magento Reward Points extension | refer friends

Customers can import all contacts from multiple mail boxes (Gmail, Yahoo) and write their own messages to their friends.

Magento Reward Points extension | email

Besides the Refer Friends page, Customers can share on the Product Detail pages in the same ways.

One special thing about this plugin is that it allows setting up special offers for your Customers, for example, you can hold some sales program for some products in low demand or on some special events like New Year or Halloween festival, etc.

Besides general information for those special offers, you can configure the conditions to apply them, details of commissions given to referral (commission type) and discounts to Customers (discount type, discount value).

Magento Reward Points extension | special offer


This plugin allows you to set more rules for Customers to earn and spend points. They are Shopping Cart Rule and Catalog Rule. In this way, it helps you to diversify your Magento Reward programs and promote your marketing campaigns like “Earn up to 50 points for buying Iphone 5S” or “Earn up to 10,000 points for orders of $1,000 or more” and so on.

Catalog Earning Rule

Catalog Earning Rule enables your Customers to earn points based on specific products. That means you can give your Customers chances of earning more points from some items than from others. This point Information will be shown on Product Listing and Product Detail pages and also Checkout pages after products have been added to cart.

Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog earning

On backend, you can configure the conditions (the products) to apply the Catalog Rule.

Besides, you can choose to give your Customers a fixed number of points regardless of what product they bought. Or else, if you want to encourage them to buy more expensive items, you can give more points for items with higher prices and vice versa.

Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog earning config

Shopping Cart Earning Rule

Shopping Cart Rule in Reward Points Magento module enables your Customers to earn points based on specific values of orders. That will help you to organize programs such as “Earn 200 points for orders equal to or higher than $500”. Greater orders you place, more points you can gain! Your Customers are definitely motivated to buy more!

This point Information will be shown on Shopping Cart pages as below:

Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping cart earning

After choosing order values for your rule, you can give them all a fixed number of points. Or else, you can set to give points based on the order values or Qty.

Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping Cart earning config

Catalog Spending Rule

Similar to Catalog Earning Rule, you can set up for products to have different types of using points. The Catalog Spending rule information will be shown on Product Detail pages and Checkout pages after products are added to cart.

Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog spending

After configuring the products to which the rule is applicable, you can set up rule like “$1 for every 5 points”. However, you can suffer from a loss if your Customers spend too many points on buying a product. For that reason, the plugin also enables you to limit the useable number of points according to the price of the product. That means you can set up rule like “Spend 5 points on every $200 of product price”. Useful, right?

Furthermore, you can set up many kinds of discounts such as “By $10”, “by 10%”, “to $10” or “to 10%” and limit the number of times Customers can use points for a product.

Magento Reward Points extension | Catalog spending config

Shopping Cart Spending Rule

Similar to the Shopping Cart Earning Rule, you can set up different types of spending points for different types of shopping carts. The Shopping Cart Spending rule information will be shown on Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping Cart spending

The plugin allows you to limit the number of points your Customers can spend on the shopping carts meeting your conditions. However, if you want to satisfy your Customers by allowing them to freely spend as many points as they want, you can enable them to convert points into money at some desired rate such as “$1 discount for every 5 points spent”.

Besides, you can set up the discount type to be a fixed amount or a percentage of the whole order.

Magento Reward Points extension | Shopping cart spending config

Boost your sales with Advanced Features

Points Transfer

Transfer Plugin allows your Customers to transfer points with each other. Also, it enables you to create point transfers right on backend.

Customers can send points to their friends.

Magento Reward Points extension | send points

In particular, your Customers can even transfer points to those who have not registered on your site. That means you can expand your Customer base thanks to your Customers’ referral.

Also on this Point Transfer page, they can manage all point receiving and point giving transactions. For instance, with point sending transactions, they can view all their times of sending points to their friends with the number of points sent, the recipient, time of sending, status. Moreover, senders can choose to cancel those transactions in pending status.

Magento Reward Points extension | point transactions

As an admin, you can also create new point transfers for your Customers right on backend.

Magento Reward Points extension | add new transfer


The rewardpoints API provides you with the ability to manage your e-stores by providing calls for working with resources such as customers, transactions, referfriend, behaviors and transfer. You do not need to log in to Admin panel of your site but still can view, create and edit information.

- Reward Points Customer API

Allows you to get info by email, get id by email, get points balance by email, get points balance by customer id, get points of customers.

- Reward Points Transaction API

Supports transaction management

- Reward Points Referfriends API

Allows getting coupon/link by customer_id/customer_email or getting customer_id by coupon/link

- Reward Points Transfer API

Supports point transfers management


Event Plugin enables you to create special occasions to give points to Customers. These occasions can be product releases, Noel, New Year or any time you wish.

You can set up the target Customer groups eligible to the points in many ways. Firstly, you can select any group available in the System. Secondly, you can configure your own desired one with many conditions. Another option is to import the Customer list from a CSV file. Obviously, you can choose to give points to all the Customers.

This feature is helpful in freely creating many campaigns for different target Customer groups at different points of time. For example, you can apply the event for male Customers in New York as follows:

Magento Reward Points extension | application scope

You can create one event and then apply it many times repeatedly in the future.

Take an example, if you want to repeat your Christmas campaign annually from 20 Dec to 31 Dec, you can select “yearly” in the drop-down list box and then set up the effective time as below:

Magento Reward Points extension | event repeated

Also, you can set up the number of points given to Customers as well as their expiry date.

To provide your Customers with a welcoming atmosphere, you can add snow-falling effect to your website. For example, to celebrate the Valentine Day, you can show lively heart images falling down on the screen as in the image below:

Magento Reward Points extension | snow effect


Importer Plugin allows you to easily import and export Customers’ point balances in CSV file format directly to and from Reward Point Plus system.

Admin can fast and effectively update Reward Points Plus system with hundreds even thousands of Customers’ point balances in one go, using CSV files. This is suitable for importing new customers’ point balances and migrating data from other points system to your existing Magento Reward Points Plus extension.

Magento Reward Points  extension | manage point balances

The CSV Import plugin comes with a sample CSV file. You can refer to it for help in formatting your own file.

Magento Reward Points  extension | import point balances

In backend, you also can view point balances information of existing Customers and export data to XML or CSV format.

Magento Reward Points  extension | export point balances

Loyalty Level

"Customers earn 50 points and become VIP to enjoy 5% discount for 1 year" - if you want to run that kind of promotion program, Loyalty Level Plugin will help you achieve it with ease. You can create and manage unlimited member levels or Customer groups with different preferential treatments. Customers will be motivated to earn and accumulate points in their balances, and then exchange a certain number of points to participate in these groups.

As loyalty group’s members, Customers are eligible to enjoy special benefits such as discounts on future purchases, higher earning rate, lower spending rate, etc. In this way, they will become more and more engaging with purchasing at your store.

Magento Reward Points  extension | different loyalty customer groups

Reward Point Coupon

Email or print out some coupon codes and Customers have to sign up to redeem them - that's a really good marketing way to collect more emails. With Reward Point Coupon feature, you can manually issue Reward coupon codes or generate them in mass. Customers can receive Reward coupons as gifts or special offers, and then redeem for points to use as discount on future purchases.

Magento Reward Points  extension | manage reward point coupons

Reward coupons are printable and easy to modify design, thus you can flexibly implement them in offline uses.

Magento Reward Points  extension | reward coupon code printouts