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Magento Store Credit extension

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Magento Store Credit extension helps you interact with your Customers through many activities:

  • Add credit/ refund Customers by credit
  • Allow Customers to purchase/ share credit
  • Access credit reports

LATEST UPDATES - Mar 20: Optimized & bug-free Store Credit extension with more functions for admin

Community Edition 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9

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How to engage your Customers more in one’s business is a regular question in store-owners’ minds! With Magento Store Credit extension, you can enhance the interaction with your Customers by many activities such as adding credit or refunding Customers by credit. After that, Customers can use the credit to make purchases on your store or even share with their friends. Also with Magento Store Credit extension, credit can be used as a convenient and time-saving payment method when it just requires your Customers to recharge their credit accounts one time and then use for many future purchases. Magento Store Credit - benefits

How it works

Magento Store Credit - How it works

Features Detailed

To encourage your Customers to buy more, you can add some credit to their accounts. Magento Store Credit - add credit for Customers
Instead of refunding to Customers’ bank accounts or getting them to come directly to your store, you can return their order values to their credit accounts. In that way, Customers are more likely to come back and buy some other items at your store. Magento Store Credit - refund by credit

Besides being added credit by you, Customers can buy your store credit. This can be a convenient and time-saving payment method when it just requires them to recharge their credit accounts one time and then use for many future purchases.

There are many types of credit products for you to choose to show your Customers, including fixed, option or range prices.

After getting some credit in their accounts, Customers can use it to make purchases on your store. Moreover, they can share credit with their friends regardless of whether those friends have accounts on your store or not. The more people who have credit on your store, the more sales you can get.
To measure the effectiveness of your credit program, you can get access to many detailed credit reports. Magento Store Credit extension - report



Features Full List


For Customers
  • Purchase credit
  • Send credit to friends
  • Use credit to pay for their purchases on the website
  • Spend credit on tax and shipping fees
  • Allow cancelling to use credit on Shopping Cart page and Checkout page (New)
  • Check balances and transaction history
  • Customers can see whether a credit code has been used
  • Restore redeemed credit/ Subtract earned credit when order is refunded
  • Get notification emails when updating balance or sending credit, etc.
For Admin
  • Add credit for Customers
  • Refund Customers by credit
  • View transaction history of Customers using credit
  • Configure whether Customers can spend credit on tax or shipping fee
  • Configure and manage many types of credit products
  • Send notification emails to Customers
  • Auto send email when admin add/subtract Customers' credit value (New)
  • Allow configuring Title color & background on My Credit page (New)
  • Support API and other modules
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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  • Reply to James


    Hello James. Thank you for your deep concern about Magestore's extension. However, currently, our Store Credit module has not been provided with this API function yet. That's why you had a try but it didn't work :) Btw, if you have any further question, please freely send an email to our support center at: or contact livechat within 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (GMT+7) from Monday to Friday to get better consultancy. Thank you :)

  • Developer


    The extension is very nice and easy to use, HOWEVER, I'm trying to use the API feature of the extension and it doesn't seem to exist because when ever I try to initiate an API call i get the following response Function ("customercreditGetcreditbalance") is not a valid method for this service in STORE_PATH/api.php

  • Very Good Extension


    This is a great extension for anyone that needs to add an online credit module to Magento. After doing research on other modules like this, MageStore extension was the best solution for my site. When asked if there extension would run on Magento version 1.9, I was told within a couple of weeks they would have compatibility with it. True to their word they did. If I need any other modules for Magento, MageStore is the first place I go to look.

  • Reply to Ayyadurai


    Hello Ayyadurai, When you login your account , go click to My credit tab, you can see "Buy store credit" button. You can select the credit you want to buy then checkout to add the credits to your credit balance. Please check the sanbox frontend for the details: If you have any concern, feel free to contact us via livechat support on (from 7:30-4:30- GMT+7 from Monday to Friday) or submit a ticket to, we are glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • How the Buy Store credit functionality working


    Sir, How the Buy Store credit functionality working Thanks, Durai.

  • This is a high quality extension


    First off, I have been working with Magento for about 2 years and I have found that any Magestore extension, is a quality extension. We run several Magestore extensions on the site and all work flawlessly. Great stuff there. This extension is awesome! Simple to install, very simple just read the docs. I had some issues, mostly related to my template, I contacted Magestore and Frankly their support is TOP Notch. Marko over there has been very responsive, and has updated me every time he has had to make changes to my site. This support is excellent. Very professional. For us, this extension allows us to refund customers using store credits. Really Cool. But also we will be using the "digital credit products" as digital gift cards. This is going to be big for us this coming xmass. I highly recomend this extension!

  • Efficient extension


    One of efficient ways for our store to have close interaction with our customers to buy more. I can also offer a wide range of credit for them. I wanna give thanks to your supporter to instantly answer all my questions when I used the demo.

  • Awesome extension


    Store Credit offers me admin report so that I can totally review my credit program which runs smoothly and effectively or not. Your support team is always available whenever I need. I really admire this. Vote for Magestore

  • Close interaction with customers


    Now, our customers can have choices in using their credit we add/refund them to purchase or share with their friends. I think this extension actually helps us to interact more with our customers so that they will return to our store. I like it.

  • It's so cool


    It's so cool because now I can keep engaged with our customers through many activities in credit uses. Especially, with reports, I can review our performance to change or improve our e-store business.

  • Sales are greatly boosted


    Since using this extension, I find that our sales are greatly boosted because customers want to come back to our store and use their credit for purchasing products or sharing with their friends. It's so interesting when I can encourage customers to buy more. I'm waiting for the updated version of Store Credit extension.

  • Reply to George


    Hi George, Thank you so much for your interest in our product. Regarding your question, it's yes. You can edit refund in backend and notify customers about that. You can visit our demo site for more information: If you have any additional concern, you can submit ticket to, we are pleased to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • What about refund?


    Using this extension, can I edit refund in backend and notify my customers? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • I like this extension


    Using this extension, I can totally manage transactions by viewing the history of Customers using credit. Another thing is the report. It actually help me a lot to understand our store's performance. I like this extension

  • Vote for this extension!


    Now, I can get the report of my performance by using Store Credit. It's really helpful for me to understand the effectiveness of my store. Vote for this extension!

  • This extension does help

    Frank J.

    The information of customers is collected fully by using this extension, even their picture. This helps me a lot in research to develop my product market as well as strategies for each type of customers in different places.

  • A time-saving product


    This extension save time of payment and make it easy for our customers in purchasing process. I like it.

  • It works as description


    I've used it and found that it works as description. I also have some troubles but when contacting your support team, I receive considerate help. Thanks a lot.

  • A time-saving extension


    Our connection with customers become simple with this extension. The payment is now easier and time-saving. Still hope for new version.

  • Helpful extension


    Thank Magestore for this helpful extension. Now I am not worried about how to control payment of our products anymore.

  • Highly recommend this extension - the great solution for B2B


    This store credit extenion is one of the extensions I like best,very useful and easy to use. Also, support is very profestional. One vote for Magestore

  • Highly recommend this extension - the great solution for B2B


    This store credit extenion is one of the extensions I like best,very useful and easy to use. Also, support is very profestional. One vote for Magestore.

  • A good extension to boost customer loyalty

    Elizabeth P.

    With this extension, I could build a network for my registered customers. They can sent credits to friends, and the friends are suggested to sign up to get credits, by that way I can widen my user database.

  • Good Extension


    Store credit is good solution for B2B portal. General approval(Administrator can buy credit and put in customer as a limit. This is good solution to optimize customer sales using credit linit. this is good extension for B2C portal because customer can send credit for other customer .

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why Magento Store Credit extension of Magestore

Release Notes

Version 1.1 (updated on March 20 2015)

  • Allow cancelling to use credit on Shopping Cart page and Checkout page.
  • Auto send email when admin add/subtract customers' credit value.
  • Allow configuring Title color & background on My Credit page.
  • Optimize functions by removing minor bugs.

Version 1.1 (updated on August 1st 2014)

  • Allow calculating customer credit for each item in an order.
  • Allow using customer credit before or after tax.
  • Separate value and price of credit products: allow product discount by store credit.
  • Compatible with Magento CE 1.9.

Version 1.0 (Sept 24th 2013)

  • Release stable version.
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