Product Labels Extension Checklist - Instant Conversion Booster with Attractive Product Badges

Product Labels Extension Checklist
  • Product Labels Extension Checklist

Adding attractive icons & call-to-action texts such as "Hot", "New", "Sale off" is a proven way to catch customers' eyes. And if you want to specify product conditions to apply these badges automatically on a series of products, a Magento Product Labels extension is the tool you're looking for!

Such extensions improve your conversion rate by 55% by creating and managing labels for a multiple products simultaneously. Here're a few steps that you'd be capable of:

  • Specify condition (new, on-sale or custom) to apply labels
  • Utilize special variables to include in label texts such as discount amount, regular price, special price and so on
  • Able to separate Catalog and Product Detail labels setup
  • Prioritize labels

OK, let's discover in details how this kind of extensions can boost your conversion rate!

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Why You Need Product Labels on your site

Do you know that websites labelling products with attractive badges can get 55% improvement in conversion rate? (Monetate, 2013). In fact, “product badging” is an ecommerce tactic to visually highlight product’s attributes that deserve extra attention.
With a Magento Product Labels extension, you can attract your Customers with exciting label images and call-to-action texts such as “50% Discount”, “Save $20 on this item today”, “Hurry”, etc. quickly & easily. It's like having an automation tool to implementing marketing campaigns for a series of products at the same time!

Magento Product Labels extension - Benefits


How such modules work on Magento

how it works


What Features you would need in a Product Label extension

The most basic function of a Product Labels extension is that it should allow you to apply a badge for a series of products at the same time by using conditions. Here are the most popular ones: On Sale, New and Custom.

+ "On Sale" condition is used to apply for all products having “special price” configured in the Prices tab of the Product Information page.
With more advanced features, you can configure the discount threshold to make labels appear only on products of equal or greater than that threshold.

Magento Product Labels extension - select condition

+ Similarly, the "New" condition can be chosen if you want to apply the label for all products which have configuration of New from date and New to date in the Product Information page.

+ How about the “Custom” condition?
You can flexibly select a series of items you like to show the label. This condition is especially useful when you want to carry out such sales campaign like "10% discount for all boots when the winter is over" and so on. Very time- saving, right?

You can also utilize special variables to include in label texts such as Special Price, Discount Amount, etc. For example, if you select the Discount Amount variable, the discount number will be automatically calculated based on the special price configured for each item in the Product Information menu, like 10% off for item A, 20% for item B, and so on.

Magento Product Labels extension - create label in Editing page

Moreover, setup can be separated between the Catalog and Product Detail page. Obviously, it is very helpful when labels are adjustable to fit with their positions on different pages.
For example, labels on the Category page can be smaller and more specially-designed to make the product outstanding among a load of others.

Magento Product Labels extension - separate between product detail page and Category page

How will labels be applied for a product when it has more than 1 label? A well-coded Product Labels extension will allow you to set the priority for different labels.

What if you don’t want to set up a label for a series of items simultaneously? In this case, you should be able to create a label for a specific product right on its Editing page.

Magento Product Labels extension - create label in Editing Page


Full Checklist to Get your perfect Product Label module


What Your Customers Need
  • Can see product labels both on Product Detail pages and Category pages.
  • Can approach outstanding information of products easily.

Other Notes
  • Support multiple stores
  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
What You Need
  • Quickly create unlimited number of labels with exciting label images and call-to-action texts, etc. for a series of products simultaneously.
  • Specify conditions to apply labels such as new, on-sale or custom.
  • Can also add label for a particular product right on its Editing Page.
  • Utilize special variables to include in label texts such as discount amount, regular price, special price and so on.
  • Can separate Catalog and Product Detail labels setup.
  • Can prioritize labels in case one item has more than 1 label.
  • Configure the duration for labels.
  • Can select one among nine available positions to show label: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right.
  • Can disable labels when needed.

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