One Step Checkout - Goodbye Checkout Complexity - (3.5.0)

One Step Checkout
  • One Step Checkout (3.5.0)

Fix where your website is "leaking" money the most with Magento One Step Checkout extension (Magento One Page Checkout). All checkout steps appear together on a single page for customers to modify any step at once.

  • Use Google Suggest to automatically fill in address info
  • Support 50+ Payment Methods
  • Responsive and flexible checkout page design

magento one step checkout updateHot Update: Auto-detect location by Geo IP & more in v3.5.0

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One Step Checkout is now available for Magento 2.x versions
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Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788

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Discover rich features packed in One Step Checkout extension

50+ Payment Methods Supported

    • Check/ Money
    • Credit Card
    • Paypal
    • Paypal Pro
    • SagePay
    • Moneybookers
    • 3D Secure Authorize.net
    • 2Checkout
    • Icepay (10 methods)
    • Wirecard (26 methods)

Rocket Sales with Faster Checkout

  • Display all checkout steps at once
  • Auto-update latter fields when editing previous ones
  • Select what fields triggering AJAX update
  • Auto-complete address with Google API (Hot)
  • Skip Shopping Cart page
  • Edit at checkout

*Tip: Using other payments? Contact us to integrate!

Custom Layout & Style

  • Choose any theme colors
  • Support 2 design styles:
    • - Flat design

      - Material design

  • Support 4 types of layout:
    • - 2-column
      - 3-column (optimized) (New)

      - 3-column

  • Show/hide/rearrange/set required fields
  • Support multiple store views & languages
  • Compatible with responsive themes

Various Login/ Checkout Modes

  • Support 3 login modes: sign-up, logged-in, guest
  • Sign up/ Log in via pop-up (Social Login Supported)

Extra Options at Checkout

    • Delivery date & time
    • Coupon code
    • Gift message & comment
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Gift wrap
    • Poll
    • Newsletter subscription

why one step checkout extension is your must-have

Do you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? Many customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. There is one way to partly control & decrease the abandonment rate by using Google Analytics. Or, for instant improvement, use our One Step Checkout extension! All checkout information such as billing address, shipping and payment method will be displayed together for customers to fill in/ correct information any step. You will be amazed at the significant increase in your store's conversion rate after installing our Magento One Step Checkout extension!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkoutextension | Benefits


How it stops you from losing sales

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension | How it works


Explore the features that make your sales rocketed

The most important part? You get paid Much Faster with Advanced Technologies!

+ All-in-one Checkout Page

As mentioned above, when using One Step Checkout, your customers will see all checkout information right away and can fill in or edit any step without waiting or going back and forth.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - One Step Checkout page

+ Auto AJAX Updates

When customers change their information such as an address, other sections - Shipping, Payment Method, Order Review will be auto-updated as configured in backend. Why is this useful? Let us give an example. When customers are considering two shipping addresses, they may see right on the checkout page that for one address, the shipping fee is cheaper and payment method can be Cash On Delivery, but with the other address, just money transfer and advanced payment are accepted.

Magento One Step Checkout - Magento One Page Checkout extension - Auto update latter steps when there's any change on former steps

+ Google Suggest Auto-fill

Your customers are tired of filling their address again and again? With Google API integrated, customers can see the matching addresses suggested as they type, then simply select the correct one. The system will auto-complete address fields in a blink of eyes. The best part of using this technology comparing with GEO IP is that your site loads much faster and you don't need to update GEO IP database frequently!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Google Suggest function

+ Checkout page as Shopping Cart

Have you ever thought of skipping the shopping cart and going straight to the checkout page? Surely it will help customers save time and increase your conversion rate. Our extension gives you the option to redirect customers to checkout automatically after adding products to cart, and then they can remove products, edit Qty. right on the Checkout page.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - edit product at checkout

The best part? You get paid Much Easier with Various International Payment Methods supported

The extension supports many popular payment methods, thus, you can be assured that Magestore's One Step Checkout can work perfectly in any stores of any countries. Just see the summary of 50+ payment methods supported below or the full list here.
  • Check/ Money
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • SagePay
  • Moneybookers
  • 3D Secure Authorize.net
  • 2Checkout
  • 10 payment methods of Icepay
  • 26 payment methods of Wirecard Checkout

*Quick Tip: Using other payments? Simply contact us to integrate!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension -Magento One Page Checkout - Payment Methods

Everybody loves a little extras! Why don't satisfy your customers with more add-on options?

+ Preferred Delivery Date & time

If a busy customer orders a product online, he certainly doesn’t want it to be delivered when he’s away from home. But how can you know the most suitable time for him? Here is the solution - simply let the customer selects a preferred date and time at checkout.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - delivery time

+ Coupon, gift message, comment, newsletter

Previously, customers only can apply a coupon code on the shopping cart page. Now with our extension, they can apply/cancel the coupon right on the checkout page. Also, it's very convenient to add comments to the order, such as what time they want to receive a package, or special instructions. You can ask customers to sign up for newsletters and even have the setting checked by default. 

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Add coupon code, comment, sign up for newsletter, attach gift message

+ Gift wrap option & fee

One Step Checkout supports gift purchasing effectively. Besides adding a gift message, customers can choose wrapping products right in the checkout page. Order review will be auto updated with the gift wrap fee added. 

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension–Giftwrap feature

+ Polls

Quickly survey customers? Absolutely doable with this module! Admin can add a question such as "How did you hear about us?" or "What do you like about us?" and provide answer options. It's a perfect way to collect customers' opinions, isn't it?  

Magento One Step Checkout extension –Survey feature

+ Terms & Conditions

Clearly published Terms and Conditions is crucial in any businesses. Before placing order, customers can easily view your Terms and Conditions in a pop-up window.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Terms and Conditions

Want a professional & beautiful Checkout page that is simply "You"? Sure, easy breezy!

+ Show/ hide/ rearrange address fields

What information do you wish customers to provide and in what order? You can easily configure it for each Store View in administration. Simply enable preferred fields and set the position for them. 

Magento One Step Checkout extension–Arrange field positions in checkout

+ Different layouts & design styles

With Magestore's One Step Checkout extension, you can select in 2 checkout page styles (material & flat designs) & 3 types of layout (2 columns, 3 columns, 3 columns - optimized) that best fits your store theme when showing in the page. Here're the hottest looks from this collections.

New material design with interactive animation

Equip your site with the latest design trend introduced by Google in Android 5.0 Lollipop:

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Material Designs

Plus, checking out just gets more fun with text animation & shadow animation to make customers “stick” to the checkout page.

New optimized 3-column layout for better conversion rate

According to Nielsen Norman Group, web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. Although users do scroll, they will click more if the place order button is closer to above the page fold. That’s why new 3-column layout is created to help you convert better. Elements were reorganized & “time of delivery” was merged into “Shipping method” to save space, thus put the “place order” button way above compared with the old version. This new optimized version is available in both material & flat design.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Time of Delivery & Shipping Method

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - 3 Columns Optimized & 3 Columns


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Release Notes

Version 3.5.0 (updated on October 27th 2016)

  • Fix bug
  • Auto-detect location of customers by Geo IP
  • Allow admin to enable/disable the header & footer on checkout page
  • Admin can restrict the delivery date & time in the backend
  • Allow to enable the house security code so that customers can fill in their information
  • Perfectly compatible with Braintree Payments v2.1.0 of Gene

Version 3.4.1 (updated on January 29th 2016)

  • Fix bug of Persistent Cart
  • Fix bug of gift wrap when using PayPal Express
  • Fix bug of DOB field
  • Fix some small bugs of template

Version 3.4 (updated on November 5th 2015)

  • Add material style with 3 new layouts
  • Add new 3-column layout for both material & flat style

Version 3.3 (updated on Sep 1st 2015)

Version 3.2 (updated on July 7th 2014)

  • Update with responsive flat design

Version 3.1 (updated on June 7th 2014)

  • Redirect customers to checkout automatically after adding products to cart
  • Suggest customers' address by Google instead of GeoIP
  • Allow customers to edit product quantity, remove product on checkout page
  • Edit Order Review template
  • Allow customers to choose delivery date and time
  • Be compatible with Magestore extensions: Gift Card 4.0, Store Credit, Reward Points

Version 3.0 (updated on April 14th 2014)

  • Support more payment methods including SagePay, 3D Secure Authorize.net, 2Checkout, 10 payment methods of Icepay and 26 payment methods of Wirecard Checkout Page.
  • Modify JavaScript to fasten checkout process: only auto-update selected sections when having any changes
  • Allow setting different Checkout page layouts for different store views
  • Fix problem with the Login, Terms and Conditions popups in IE version 10,11

Version 2.0.2 (updated on April 12th 2013)

  • Improve performance while running Geo IP features.

Version 2.0.1 (updated on Mar 27th 2013)

  • Add Geo IP function: auto-detect and auto-fill country, city, state/province and zip code of Customers by their IP address

Version 2.0.0 (updated on Jan 29th 2013)

  • Work with Paypal Pro and SagePay payment method
  • Add Gift Wrap feature
  • Add Survey feature
  • New style for one step checkout page.
  • Fix error while displaying one step checkout page.

Version 1.2.3 (updated on Jul 16th 2012)

  • Fix error: wrong default billing address in checkout page.
  • Fix error in getting & saving shipping address.
  • Add title & middle name in account information box in checkout page.

Version 1.2.1 (updated on Jan 3rd 2012)

Version 1.1.9 (updated on Oct 29th 2011)

  • Fix error when loading payments (can not load payments).
  • Fix error when using urls.

Version 1.1.8 (updated on Sep 20th 2011)

  • Fix error when reloading shipping methods & payment method after changing billing address or shipping address.

Version 1.1.7 (updated on August 25th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs when two credit card payment methods are enabled.
  • In some cases, the payment option may be hidden.
  • Fix error that occurs when not choosing payment method.

Version 1.1.6 (updated on June 29th 2011)

  • Add the configuration about reloading payment methods (reload payment methods after all fields are filled or after one field is changed).

Version 1.1.5 (updated on May 13th 2011)

  • Fix error in saving credit card number.
  • Fix error in showing order comment in notification email.
  • Fix error that occurs while using IE9.
  • Fix error in loading shipping methods.
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    Alejandro CEO LeRageShirts.com
  2. The support fixed a few things without ever asking questions - It was done BAM! like this!
    Lars Willsen CEO hobbyjunglen.dk
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Enhance customer shopping experience with One Step Checkout extension

One Step Checkout makes shopping experience easier for our customers. They are satisfied with one step checkout.

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Magento Extensions - Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout

Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout

United States

Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout

With the motivation of fostering his business, Alejandro tried hard to find something which was really useful for his website: “I found Magestore when I was searching for some extensions for my website". At Magestore he found valuable support for his online business. “In terms of the checkout process, One Step Checkout is a milestone. How... read more

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