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Inventory Management (1.3)

Magento inventory management extension

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The First and Only Magento Inventory Management Extension that provides the easiest stock management and minimizes product loss:

  • + Managing stock receiving: purchasing products for many warehouses, managing suppliers, purchase orders and supply needs, etc.
  • + Managing warehouses: assigning permissions, adjust stocks, etc.
  • + Managing stock issuing: managing Customer Orders, transferring stocks, report, etc.
  • + Dropship feature integrated.(Hot)

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8
Enterprise Edition 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13

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Do you know that 45 - 90% of all business expenses are as a result of inventory costs? ( Therefore, it’s vital to have an effective inventory managing strategy in order to save costs and gain greater revenues. With our Inventory extension for Magento, admin will be able to upload products to backend and then keep track of them: which supplier a product comes from and which warehouse it belongs, etc. In that way, the Magento Inventory Management system helps eliminate common mistakes arising when you transfer stocks among warehouses and from warehouses to customers. Magento inventory management extension benefits

How it works

how it works


Features Detailed

After purchasing stocks from suppliers, you can easily upload them to backend and then keep track of them: from which supplier it comes and to which warehouse it belongs. Now, let’s go into detail what makes it a great inventory manager for you:

+ Manage inventory availability visually and accurately

Inventory Management enables you to control accurately unlimited SKUs in the most simple and visual way.

Manage inventory availability

Sometimes, data differences in practice and in the record are unavoidable. So the extension allows you to easily update and adjust stock in mass for best accuracy and keep the statistics reliable.

+ Control of stock movements for each warehouse in the most complete way

The extension facilitates the 2-way process of receiving and issuing stock. It automatically increases or decreases the Qty. on hand corresponding to any receipts or issues of stock that you created.

You also can access a lot of information such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on.

Control of stock movements

More conveniently, if the Qty. ordered exceeds the Qty. available in all of your warehouses, the shipper can make a request to receive more stocks, then you will know exact what needs to be purchased more.

shipper's request to receive more stocks

+ Manage unlimited warehouses and stock transfers with ease

Operating and transferring stock among multiple warehouses in many different locations can be a pain when it comes to traceability. Inventory Management’s multi-warehousing feature helps centralize your tracking system.

Besides each warehouse's general information, you can access other useful data including products, customers’ orders, stock issuing and receiving and so on. It's also very simple and convenient to make stock transfers whenever some of your warehouses are out of stock while others are not.

Magento inventory management extension Transfer Stock

+ Gain an in-depth view into key suppliers' information and procurement activities

For every supplier, you will know how many products you have bought from them, how much money has been spent and refunded. This information can be a useful basis to draw up prompt supplier strategies such as preferential treatments to the largest supplier or withdrawal from buying stocks of high returning rate ones and so on.

Magento inventory management extension Magento Supplier Management

+ Quickly create and manage purchase orders

Creating and managing purchase orders will be just like a breeze in our Inventory system. Within few clicks, you can email your requirements or any updates in purchase orders to suppliers such as products, warehouse, Qty. requested, Qty. received, delivery status and so on. Partial shipment and return purchase order are also supported.

Magento inventory management extension purchase stock for many warehouses

+ Intelligently forecast demand

A more interesting feature of Inventory extension is to calculate and predict the minimum/maximum supply needs of each product, allowing you to make proper purchasing decisions to fulfill the demand. You can filter the supply need list by warehouse or supplier, then read a summary to know how much you have to purchase for each warehouse and promptly transform the supply needs into purchase orders!

Magento inventory management extension Supply Needs Manager

+ Maintain sufficient inventory levels with low stock notification

Inventory Management will alert you instantly if your inventory levels have fallen below the minimum stock threshold set. Moreover, it helps you save time by filtering all low stock products and displaying their information on your dashboard for easy handling.

low stock notification

+ Make smarter business decisions with comprehensive reports

Besides recording full history of any changes in the system, the Inventory extension also provides useful reports on up-to-date sales, purchases, low stock levels and other detailed data. It will give you better control and foresight into your business and take prompt actions.

Magento inventory management extension Sales Report by Warehouse


If you want to implement drop shipping in your business, the Dropship plugin integrated in Inventory Management is the perfect choice for you. It definitely helps you minimize the number of backorders with minimal inventory cost and extend your store’s offerings without the hassle. You will have your suppliers or any other third parties ship goods directly to customers in just four simple steps, which can be enabled/ disabled flexibly to fit your business model best.


The system will automatically send notification emails whenever admin and suppliers change drop-shipments’ status. All drop-ship orders are gathered into one place for easier handling.


Features Full List


Manage Stock Availability and Stock Movements
  • Manage a full list of stocks with many data including suppliers, warehouses, etc.
  • Show product images on all product grid pages.(New)
  • Update cost prices from purchase orders when receiving stock.
  • Update inventory with ease: adjust stock by importing from CSV files or changing product’s Qty. manually to update the accurate data of warehouses and the whole system.
  • Auto-change "Stock Availability" when updating product quantity.
  • Create stock receiving and stock issuing separately.
  • Can transfer stock among warehouses.
  • Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when transferring stocks, issuing stock or receiving stock.
  • View many useful data of Customer orders such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on.
Manage Warehouses
  • Manage unlimited warehouses with a lot of info such as products, permission, customer orders, stock issuing, etc.
  • Can assign permissions (edit warehouse, transfer stock and adjust stock) to different admin users like admin, warehouses’ owners.
  • Can choose warehouse to ship products to Customers.
Manage Purchasing Process
  • Manage a full list of purchase orders with a lot of information such as time of purchase, warehouse, supplier, Qty requested, Qty received, amount spent, payment method, shipping method, expected arrival date, etc.
  • Purchase stocks and make delivery for many warehouses at the same time.
  • Able to edit cost, discount, tax of products when creating a new purchase order.
  • Able to send purchase order details to suppliers via email when creating/ editing purchase orders.(New)
  • Auto-update product cost, discount, tax edited to supplier data after creating a new purchase order.
  • Check admin permission when returning order to supplier.
  • Make a request for purchasing more orders when running out of stock.
  • Manage all of your suppliers with comprehensive information such as products, total spent, total refunded, purchase orders, returned orders, etc.
  • Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when purchasing orders and adding products for suppliers.
Manage Demand Planning
  • Forecast "Supply Needs” based on which you can promptly create purchase orders.
  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses or/ and the whole system.(New)
Comprehensive Reports
  • Filter reports by supplier and show the detailed report on each product via pop-up.
  • Record all admin’s activity change logs related to purchase orders, shipping method, payment terms, suppliers, etc.
  • Record all admin’s change logs related to warehouses and stock transfers.
  • Access reports on sales, purchase orders, Customer orders, etc.
Dropship Plugin Integrated (Hot!)
  • Provide a simple 4-step process to make drop shipments.
  • Enable/ disable any of 4 steps provided to simplify the drop shipping process.
  • Gather all drop-ship orders on one page to manage easily.
  • Auto-send notification emails when admin and suppliers change drop-shipments’ status.
  • Allow assigned suppliers to log in and update drop-shipments’ status in frontend.
  • List all drop shipments of a supplier on Supplier Manager page.
  • Magento Inventory Management system supports multiple stores.
  • Open source 100%.
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Reply to Michelle


    Hi Michelle, Thank you for your question, our extension can show the warehouse which products are locating and the qty of these products. You can check the demo-site of extension for more details. By Magestore

  • Product Bin Location


    If we are running our own warehouse. Is there a way to include product bin location information somewhere to ease the pick and pack process? Thanks

  • Reply to Frank


    Hi Frank, Thank you for your question, at the moment, our Inventory management extension doesn't support to change the scope of the Qty attribute from Global to Website. However, we'll appriciate if you can send more detail about this function to our developer via email address . We might consider to update this fuction in the next version of extension. Best regards, Magestore

  • eCommerce


    Does this extension change the scope of the Qty attribute from Global to Website?

  • Reply to Rae


    Hi Rae, Thank you for contacting us, regarding to your questions: 1. Yes, our extension does have this function therefore you can manage stock quantity of same stock but in different warehouses. 2. You can configure this rule in the backend of your website when the Inventory management has been installed. We hope this information will be helpful. Best regards, Magestore

  • Different warehouses


    Hi. As we have two warehouses, one is in Hong Kong and another one is in China, I would like to ask if your software has the below function:- 1. Manage stock quantity of same stock but in different warehouses; AND 2. Deduct stock quantity of China warehouse when people make purchases in China, and deduct stock quantity of Hong Kong warehouse for purchases from all other places. Thanks a lot!

  • Reply to Mike


    Hi Mike, Thank you for your question. Regarding to the drop-shipment, our Inventory Management doesn't support for this feature at the moment. However, Magestore's developer is building this function which allow to ship the good directly from the suppliers (not only the warehouses at the moment). In the purchase order information, it'll be shown "ship by supplier" or "ship by warehouse". The update version will be released at the end of this December. When it's updated, you can check the demo to see how it work. I hope this information will helpfull. Best regards, Magestore

  • Drop-shipment and supplier control


    Is there a drop-shipment (direct shipment, straight from supplier to customer) method in this extension? We ship from our own warehouses but also from the supplier straight to the customer. The "How it works" does not show an arrow from the supplier to the customer. The drop-shipment is different for each product but also for each region (for example: a product can be drop-shipped in EU countries but not in all EU countries). The scenario: A customer places an order with some products in various quantities. When shipping the order, each product can; only be send from one of our warehouses, only be send straight from the supplier, part of the quantity send from one or more of our warehouses and the other part of the quantity in back-order or straight from the supplier to customer. P = product, Q = quantity, W = warehouse, S = supplier, B = backorder The order: P1 Q6 > W1 Q1, W2 Q2, S1 Q3 P2 Q7 > W1 Q3, W2 Q1, S2 B2 etc. Supplier 1 (S1) does a drop-shipment straight to the customer with a quantity of 3 (Q3). Supplier 2 (S2) does not support direct shipment (no support at all or not for this product or not for the delivery country). A product can have multiple suppliers, has stock control in certain warehouses (not all), is in stock or not in certain warehouses, control destination-shipping for each warehouse (a warehouse in Greece does not ship to the Netherlands because there is a warehouse in the Netherlands etc.), some of the suppliers accept drop-shipment, some suppliers support drop-shipment only form a certain quantity This scenario we have multiple times on daily basis. We want to know if this extension supports this complexity. Another thing, supplier rules; Each supplier has it’s own rules. Some will only deliver an order bundled at a certain day to a warehouse, some deliver every day. This will have an effect on the delivery date. To make a delivery estimation to the customer we need Magento to give the customer an estimation calculated on the given supplier rules. If a customer wants to pay for example 10% more to receive it tomorrow (because supplier A ships everyday and is 10% more expensive and supplier B once a week at Monday and it is Tuesday). Our order department needs this control a well, sometimes it's less expensive to order (some more and get a better bulk price) or order somewhere else after the order is placed or the drop-shipment is canceled and the product needs to be ordered from an other supplier as a back-order. We read supplier product info (name, description, images, price, supplier stock, delivery time, batch order qty, bulk order qty (different cost price), ) from csv, xml, feeds, api's, etc. and link it to products as static info. All this information is very valuable if it could be imported and used in this Inventory extension. Does this extension has all of the above options thus every of our day-to-day scenario is possible?

  • reply to Anthony


    Dear Anthony, Thank you for your question. Do you mean the inventory valuation reports is the reports for the shipper which help the shipper can see if the Qty ordered exceeds the Qty available in all of your warehouses in order to the shipper make a request to receive more stocks? Yes, It has that performance in the Stock Issuing Management feature. Hope that information will help you. Best regards Magestore.

  • COGS reports


    Hi, does the extension have inventory valuation reports and what is the method used for stock valuation.

  • Reply to Nicolas


    Dear Nicolas, Thank you for your question, no sure what the others are offering, but our Inventory extension offer: 1/ Stock Receiving Management: You can easily purchase different quantities of stock for different warehouses at the same time, 2/ Warehouse management: manage a business with many warehouses located in many different places. Inventory Management eases your stock managing process when they have been put into warehouses. Besides for any specific warehouse its general information, you can access other useful data including products, Customers’ orders, stock issuing and receiving and so on. 3/ Stock Issuing Management: supporting you in the selling process such as: For every Customer order, besides normal data, you can also see many others such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on. The extension gives you useful reports on sales, purchases as well as other data. So it will be much easier for you to get an insight into your business and take prompt actions. And many features that you can see when visit Inventory demo site Hope this information will help you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Reply to lakewoodweb


    Hi there, Thank you for your question. Our Inventory module hasn't supported location tracking yet. We will note it to update in the next version. Thank you for your opinion. Best regards, Magestore

  • Inventory Location


    Hi does this extension support inventory location tracking ? Pick tickets would print with location code...

  • Developper


    Hello, what is the difference between your extension and Embedded ERP ?

  • Reply to Bobby


    HI Bobby, Thank you for your feedback. Our Inventory module doesn't support CRM. We noted your suggestion to improve our extension in the next versions. Best regards, Magestore

  • Reply to Emin Ak


    Hi Emin, Thank you for your interest in our Inventory Management module. Our technical team is planning to release the new update at the end of this week. It will work well on CE 1.8 by then. Hope you will give it a try.

  • Nice Extension


    The seem that this is nice extension and good idea, however, I think using a crm will be more professional and can be reduced initial fees. Have you any solution for crm?

  • AKROSS Canada

    Emin Ak

    Would be interested in this extension if CE 1.8 supported

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Release Notes

Dropship Plugin (Released on April 2nd 2014)

  • Dropship feature integrated.

Version 1.3 (updated on January 13th 2014)

  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses or/ and the whole system
  • Send email to suppliers when creating/ editing purchase orders
  • Add product images to all product grid pages
  • Add "Export to CSV/XML file" button to Manage Inventory pages, Purchase Order page and all Reports

Version 1.2 (updated on November 5th 2013)

  • Add more attributes to manage effectively information of Purchase Orders from supplier.
  • Add Shipping Method Management and Payment Terms Management functions.
  • Record all activity change logs of admin in the Inventory system.
  • Enable to adjust stock manually.
  • Check admin’s permission when returning orders to supplier and editing warehouses.
  • Enable to edit product’s cost, tax, discount when creating a new purchase order and update to Supplier’s data.
  • Filter reports by supplier and show the detailed report on each supplier’s product via pop-up.
  • Enable to auto-change "Stock Availability" in configuration.
  • Fix error occurring when creating child products of a configurable product by the Quick Create function.

Version 1.0 (released on October 2nd 2013)

  • Release stable version.
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