Gift Card - Clean & Simple design like Amazon's Gift Card (v.4.6) gifcard sale

Gift Card
  • Gift Card

Helping customers send and use gift cards/certificates either online or offline is never easy than ever before with Magento Gift Card extension.

  • New Amazon Gift Card template, along with 4 other default templates!
  • The only Gift Card allows you to redeem gift codes to credit balance
  • Provide pre-built HTML responsive templates & unlimited gift card images
  • Full-feature pack to sell emailed, printed out or emailed cards
  • Create unlimited Gift Cards that differ values from prices: fixed price, price range, or price dropdown

Gift Card in Magento 2 is also available

Retailer Kit includes Gift Card and 10 more extensions

Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788
Compatible with:   Community: 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
 Enterprise: 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x

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Customers love to buy e-Gift Cards. Give them what they want!

magento gift card extension update Hot Release: Gift Card version 4.6.0
New functions, new gift card style & more free templates
Do you want to provide your customers one- size-fits-all online Gift Voucher or letting them wander from shop to shop to get a gift? Obviously it would be more convenient and cost saving for them and also an efficient way to make them happier. That's a reason why you need a powerful Gift Card System that we could definitely help you to have.

Magento Gift Card extension - Benefits

How Gift Card Plus helps you satisfy customers

Magento Gift Card extension - How it works


Superior Features of Gift Card Plus

1. Create unlimited gift codes with different values

The extension allows you to create unlimited Gift Cards and gift codes with different values. Value can be set in the form of a range or a fixed number.

Magento Gift Card extension - Unlimited Gift codes with different values

Customers can choose Gift Card values to purchase in a dropdown or fill in a certain amount from a given price range.

Magento Gift Card extension - Choose Gift Card values

Gift Cards’ price can be set equal, lower or higher than their actual value based on your business strategy. Buying a $100 Gift Card only for $90 definitely stimulates Customers to purchase more and more!

different types of gift card price

Store owners can set Gift Cards’ usage conditions to optimize sales and revenue, such as “This Gift Card can only be used when the grand total is equal or greater than $100”. Customers can view these conditions before purchasing Gift Cards.

gift card conditions

2. Personalize Gift Cards in your own way with 4 nice-designed templates (HOT)

Customers can self-customize the appearance of Gift Cards by selecting one of pre-set templates and then uploading their own image to replace the existing one. Changes will be previewed right on the product thumbnail image.

gift card templates

upload gift card image in frontend

Your customers will be happier with this feature since they can preview exactly how their Gift Card looks like with full information before adding to cart. Even better, you can now create a simple but eye-catching Gift Card with a brand new template, which is called "Simple". 

Simple template - A brand new type added

3. Utilize Gift Card in payment with Gift Code flexible configuration

Besides online Gift Card products, you can add/import/generate gift codes to serve offline Customers and reward them.

Magento Gift Card extension - Add or import Gift codes

A mass of gift codes can be generated using a template.

Magento Gift Card extension - Generate Gift codes using a template

The extension enables customers to use Gift Card Credit for payment purposes. Moreover, they are allowed to redeem gift codes to their Gift Card credit balance.

Magento Gift Card extension - Redeem Gift codes to Gift card credit

In specific way, anyone having gift codes can use them to buy products they want on your stores.

Magento Gift Card extension - Use Gift Card to buy products

Besides, gift code status can be managed and checked easily in My account of each customer.

Magento Gift Card extension - Manage Gift codes

4. Create gift card products with gift code set! (NEW)

This new features allows store owners to import gift codes in mass via CSV file to form a gift code set then select that set for a gift card product. This means that all gift codes of this gift card products are picked from a specific set that you choose.

Magento Gift Card extension - Send Gift cards through emails or post office

5. Customers want to buy online and send Gift Card to friends offline? It's easy!

The system allows Customers to buy Gift Cards as presents for their friends with custom messages written. Gift Cards can be scheduled to send through emails or post office on a specific date. Customers may also buy Gift Cards for themselves if they want.

Magento Gift Card extension - Send Gift cards through emails or post office

150+ Gift Card stock photos for year-end season

Believe us, you can save tons of time designing gift cards with these eye-catching images. Once purchasing, you can access to this huge collection which can be used for 12 sale occassions around the year ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas Sale. Now are you ready to wow your customers?

Magento Gift Card extension - Templates


Features Full List


For Customers
  • Offer Gift Cards at different values for Customers to choose at their convenience. (Featured)
  • Gift Card usage conditions (if have) will be shown before Customers purchase.
  • Send notification emails to buyers when recipients receive Gift Card.
  • Buyers can choose to provide their name or not when sending Gift Card to friend.
  • Customers have a chance to buy Gift Cards at a lower price than their actual value. (Hot)
  • Customers can select Gift Card template and upload their preferred image with 4 types of templates (Hot)
  • Buyers can preview Gift Card with information and design chosen before adding to cart. (Hot)
  • Buyers can drag & drop to upload image used for Gift Card. 
  • Buyers can write a custom message on Gift Card for friends.
  • Buyers can schedule to send Gift Cards on a certain date.
  • Gift cards are delivered through email or post office.
  • Customers can send Gift Card to themselves via post office. 
  • Customers can choose time zone to send Gift Card via email. 
  • Allow multiple people to use one gift code as configured in backend.
  • Customers are able to redeem their gift codes to Gift Card credit balance to use as a discount method in checkout.
  • Customers can track status of their gift codes and know when they will be expired.
  • Customers can quickly check and manage Gift Card codes. Right after they buy Gift Cards, the system automatically adds gift codes to their Gift Card list.
  • Gift code can be used as a discount coupon or a discount method when customers check out.
  • Auto-add Gift Card to customers' Gift Card list when using Gift Card at checkout.
  • Allow recipients to add Gift Card to their lists by clicking on the link in the email.
  • Customers can check Gift Card information without logging in to the website.
For Admin
  • Separate Gift Card price and Gift Card value, allowing Admin to configure prices of Gift Card products based on their actual value.
  • Provide Gift Card history for better tracking gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status, etc.
  • Allow Customers to use Gift codes, Gift Card credit with coupon codes or not. 
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient, email… when creating order in backend.
  • Allow using Gift Card discount after or before tax.
  • Easily manage templates and images for Gift Card product and preview them before they are applied. (Hot)
  • Hide template selector from Customers if there is only 1 option available. 
  • Create unlimited Gift Card products (Magento gift certificate) to sell online.
  • Set different values of Gift Card products to be shown as a drop down, fixed amount or a range.
  • Configure the quantity and codes of Gift Card products.
  • Limit Gift Card usage to some specific items or orders with Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions.
  • Admins can import gift codes from CSV files, add, print or generate gift codes using patterns to reward customers or use vouchers offline.
  • Auto send emails informing recipients and Customers of Gift Card code.
  • Easy tracking with auto updating voucher status.
  • Allow checking whether Gift Cards are sent or not in backend. 
  • Configure Gift Card usages such as conditions, numbers of users, expiration, paying for shipping fee, etc.
  • Configure what will be displayed on Gift Card product page and the shopping cart page.
  • Allow changing logo and notes in Gift Card printout.
  • Allow showing expiration date on Gift Cards. 
  • Be compatible with other One Step Checkout module. 
  • Open source 100%
  • Support Magento Community Gift Card and Magento Enterprise Gift Card
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Interview of whom purchased Magento Gift card extension: Magento Gift Card extension used by isarfoto, Magento Gift Card extension helps push up conversion rate, Sales rocket with Gift Card module

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Release Notes

Version 4.6 (Released on Nov 2, 2016)

  • Fix bugs in the previous version
  • Allow importing gift code set
  • A new gift card template (similar to Amazon Gift Card)
  • A new type of print: Fold Paper
  • Remove attached PDF
  • Update new free templates
  • View Details

Version 4.5 (Released on Jan 18, 2016)

  • Fix security bugs in the previous version

Version 4.4 (Released on Oct 26, 2015)

  • Perfectly compatible with latest security patch SUPEE-6788
  • A brand-new template is added with clean design (looks like Amazon Gift Card) (HOT)
  • Allow admin to set permission for Gift Card tab management in backend
  • Fix bugs in the previous version

Version 4.3 (Released on Mar 10, 2015)

  • Show expiration date on Gift Cards
  • Allow admin to check whether Gift Cards are sent or not in back-end
  • Allow customers to send Gift Cards to themselves via post office
  • Allow customers to choose time zone to send Gift Cards via email
  • Enable customers to drag & drop to upload images used for Gift Cards
  • Hide template selector from customers if there is only 1 option available
  • Allow customers to use gift codes, Gift Card credit with coupon codes or not
  • Be compatible with other One Step Checkout modules
  • Remove HTML and JS tags in input boxes
  • Fix other errors in the previous version

Version 4.2 EE (Released on Oct 28, 2014)

  • Support Magento Enterprise v1.9 - 1.14

Version 4.2 CE (Released on Sep 26, 2014)

  • Optimize design of Gift Card templates
  • Support Magento Community v1.4 - 1.9

Version 4.1 (Released on Aug 25, 2014)

  • Responsive and Compatible with Magento Community 1.9 (Hot)
  • Compatible with Magestore One Step Checkout 3.2
  • Admin can enable/disable Gift Card on Checkout page
  • Fix Discount Calculation (with Tax)
  • Fix other minor bugs

Version 4.0 (updated on Feb 18th, 2014)

  • Separate Gift Card price and Gift Card value, allowing Admin to configure prices of Gift Card products based on their actual value.
  • Add Gift Card Template function: Admin can add and manage templates and images of Gift Card products. Customers can upload their own image in frontend.
  • Allow Customers to preview Gift Card created before adding to cart.
  • Allow setting shopping cart conditions and cart item conditions when using Gift Cards.
  • Add notification emails when sending Gift Card to friends.
  • Allow managing Gift Card transaction history.
  • Allow generating Gift Card increment codes.
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient information when creating order in backend.
  • Allow using Gift Card discount after or before tax.
  • Be compatible with Reward Points and Web POS extensions.
  • Fix error occurring when using Gift Card balance which is greater than shopping cart’s total (auto-select/ show “No require payment method”).

Version 3.3 (updated on Sep 20th, 2013)

  • Support Soap API version 2
  • Fix error occurring when setting up on PHP 5.4
  • Fix error occurring when gift card credit is disabled
  • Fix error occurring when searching for gift card with price on layer navigation (shop by box)
  • Fix error occurring when switching pages on Gift Card extension
  • Fix conflict error on Magento Enterprise Edition

Version 3.2 (updated on June 27th 2013)

  • Auto-add gift card to customer list when using gift card at checkout
  • Allow recipients to add gift card to their list by clicking on the link in the email
  • Allow customers to check gift card information without logging in to the website

Version 3.1 (updated on June 19th 2013)

  • Support Magento Enterprise Edition

Version 3.0 (updated on Jan 17th 2013)

  • Allow Customers to schedule Gift card Delivery date
  • Enable Customers to have Gift card credit balance
  • Add Gift card box in shopping cart page.
  • Modify payment form when checkout using Gift code
  • Able to generate a list of Gift codes in admin
  • Able to use Gift code to create order in admin
  • Add API's functions for Gift card

Version 2.3 (updated on Sept 20rd 2012)

  • Fix HTML issue in IE 9 browser.
  • Fix error that occurs when searching or filtering in backend.
  • Fix error of sending expired date of gift card which is valid in unlimited time in email.

Version 2.2 (updated on Jul 3rd 2012)

  • Fix HTML issue in IE 7 browser.
  • Fix issue that occurs if order number contains alpha chars.
  • Allow automatically generating invoice after placed order by using gift card code.

Version 2.1 (updated on Dec 25th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs at 5th step of checkout progress.
  • Fix error in back-end controller of Magento Gift Card extension.
  • Fix expiration date issue.
  • Compatible with OnestepCheckout extension.

Version 2.0 (updated on Dec 8th 2011)

  • Add Weigh attribute to Gift Cart product.
  • Add Importing feature: Admin can import gift card codes from a CSV file.
  • Add Printing feature: Admin can print the gift card codes, then send them to customers.

Version 1.2 (updated on Nov 9th 2011)

  • Fix showing price error that occurs while using tax.
  • Fix error that occurs while using urls for checkout page.

Version 1.1 (updated on Sep 21th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs when checking out virtual product.
  • Add more configuration fields to change position of Gift Card Box on the checkout page.

Version 1.0 (released on Aug 30th 2011)

  • Release extension.
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  1. The rich set of features, price, demo version and support prompted us to choose your Magento Gift Card extension. We’re sure to increase the sales in a short time.
    Jeroen DEVELOPER Innsbruck-shop.com
  2. Gift Cards is a great solution. It’s one of the few that offers a postal option and that is free lifetime support.
    Joel GrossCEO Killspencer.com
  3. Gift Cards extension supplied diversified options for Customers when they want to buy gifts to present friends, families, etc.
    Mohan VarkeyCEO ZebraBlinds.com


Gift Card extension is “simply awesome”

“We have implemented this extension on the new website. This extension has given a good response from our target market. We have received a good boost in our sales in the form of returning and new customers.”

Magento Extensions - Sales rocket with Gift Card module

Sales rocket with Gift Card module


Sales rocket with Gift Card module

Q: Why did you select Magestore’s Gift Card extension among many other Gift Card extensions from other providers?
A: The rich set of features, the price, the demo version and the support helped us to choose Magestore’s Gift Card extension.

Gift Card extension helps push up conversion rate

Q: What features of our Gift Card extension are most impressive to you?
A: There are many helpful features namely largely bug free, quick installation, option to use postal to mail, and the ability to configure/customize messages.

Magento Extensions - Success story of ZebraBlinds.com

Success story of ZebraBlinds.com

United States

Success story of ZebraBlinds.com

Mohan Varkey is the web-store owner of ZebraBlinds.com that is one of successful customers that we want to introduce today. He has the developer team install exclusive extensions to run his store successfuly. Please take a look at ZebraBlinds before starting our Interview.

21 extensions installed for Isarfoto Bothe Online

Q: Why did you select Magestore over other Magento solution providers? A: The wide range of very wonderful and intelligent extensions especially designed for Magento platform is the reason we selected Magestore. We want to have the best possible solution from your company as a Partner.

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