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Gift Card (4.0)

Magento Gift Card Extension

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The most well-thought-out Magento Gift Card Extension

Gift Card+ is reviewed by Store owners as “easy to use for both Customers and Admin”. Because we make it the most convenient for your Customers to send Gift Cards via email and via post office and just with our extension, Admin can print Gift Card for offline use. Use Gift Card+, you will be happy with our customer service: receive updated version for free and lifetime; use the extension on unlimited dev sites; 30 days money back guaranteed.

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13

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  1. The rich set of features, price, demo version and support prompted us to choose your Magento Gift Card extension. We’re sure to increase the sales in a short time.
    Jeroen DEVELOPER
  2. Gift Cards is a great solution. It’s one of the few that offers a postal option and that is free lifetime support.
    Joel GrossCEO
  3. Gift Cards extension supplied diversified options for Customers when they want to buy gifts to present friends, families, etc.
    Mohan VarkeyCEO

Happy Customers



More and more Customers go online to find gifts for their friends and families, instead of wandering from shop to shop to buy the best gift. Why not join this trend by creating Gift Card/ Gift Voucher as a 1-size-fits-all gift? With this extension, Customers can purchase Gift Cards to present others and then recipients can use them to buy products at your store. It’s a great idea for helping you increase customer satisfaction. Magento Gift Card extension - Benefits

How it works

Magento Gift Card extension - How it works

Features Detailed

Create unlimited gift codes with different values
The extension allows you to create unlimited Gift Cards and gift codes with different values. Value can be set in the form of a range or a fixed number. Magento Gift Card extension - Unlimited Gift codes with different values
Customers can choose Gift Card values to purchase in a dropdown or fill in a certain amount from a given price range. Magento Gift Card extension - Choose Gift Card values
Gift Cards’ price can be set equal, lower or higher than their actual value based on your business strategy. Buying a $100 Gift Card only for $90 definitely stimulates Customers to purchase more and more!

different types of gift card price

Store owners can set Gift Cards’ usage conditions to optimize sales and revenue, such as “This Gift Card can only be used when the grand total is equal or greater than $100”. Customers can view these conditions before purchasing Gift Cards.

gift card conditions

Besides online Gift Card products, you can add/import/generate gift codes to serve offline Customers and reward them. Magento Gift Card extension - Add or import Gift codes
A mass of gift codes can be generated using a template. Magento Gift Card extension - Generate Gift codes using a template
Customers purchase Gift Cards and send them to friends via email or post office
The system allows Customers to buy Gift Cards as presents for their friends with custom messages written. Gift Cards can be schedule to send through emails or post office on a specific date. Customers may also buy Gift Cards for themselves if they want. Magento Gift Card extension - Send Gift cards through emails or post office
Customers can personalize their Gift Cards by selecting one of pre-set templates and then uploading their own image to replace the existing one. Changes will be seen right on the product thumbnail image.

gift card templates

upload gift card image in frontend

Before adding to cart, Customers can preview to know exactly how their Gift Card will look like with all information and design included.

preview gift card printout

Manage Gift Card balance and gift codes
To provide more payment methods, the extension allows Customers to use Gift Card credit. Gift code holders can redeem gift codes to their Gift Card credit balance and use these credits to pay for their orders. Magento Gift Card extension - Redeem Gift codes to Gift card credit
Customers having gift codes can use them to buy products they want on your stores. Magento Gift Card extension - Use Gift Card to buy products
Customers can manage their gift codes and check the status of each one in My account. Magento Gift Card extension - Manage Gift codes

Features Full List


For Customers
  • Gift Cards have different values for Customers to choose at their convenience.(Featured)
  • Customers have a chance to buy Gift Cards at a lower price than their actual value.(Hot)
  • Gift Card usage conditions (if have) will be shown before Customers purchase.(New)
  • Customers can select Gift Card template and upload their preferred image.(Hot)
  • Buyers can choose to provide their name or not when sending Gift Card to friend.(New)
  • Buyers can write a custom message on Gift Card for friends.
  • Buyers can schedule to send Gift Cards on a certain date.
  • Buyers can preview Gift Card with information and design chosen before adding to cart.(Hot)
  • Gift cards are delivered through email or post office.
  • Send notification emails to buyers when recipients receive Gift Card.(New)
  • Multi-shipping addresses are provided, allowing clients to send Gift Cards to many people at the same time.
  • Allow multiple people to use one gift code as configured in backend.
  • Customers are able to redeem their gift codes to Gift Card credit balance to use as a payment method in checkout.
  • Customers can track status of their gift codes and know when they will be expired.
  • Customers can quickly check and manage Gift Card codes. Right after they buy Gift Cards, the system automatically adds gift codes to their Gift Card list.
  • Gift code can be used as a discount coupon or a payment method when customers check out.
  • Auto-add gift card to customer list when using Gift card at checkout.
  • Allow recipients to add Gift card to their lists by clicking on the link in the email.
  • Customers can check Gift card information without logging in to the website.
For Admin
  • Create unlimited Gift Card product (Magento gift certificate) to sell online.
  • Set different values of Gift Card products to be shown as a drop down, fixed amount or a range.
  • Separate Gift Card price and Gift Card value, allowing Admin to configure prices of Gift Card products based on their actual value.(New)
  • Configure the quantity and codes of Gift Card products.
  • Limit Gift Card usage to some specific items and stores with Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions.
  • Admins can import gift codes from CSV files, add, print or generate gift codes using patterns to reward customers or use vouchers offline.
  • Easily manage templates and images for Gift Card product and preview them before they are applied.(Hot)
  • Provide Gift Card history for better tracking gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status, etc.(New)
  • Auto send emails informing recipients and Customers of Gift Card code.
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient, email… when creating order in backend.(New)
  • Able to generate gift codes in a certain sequential order (Gift Card increment codes).(New)
  • Easy tracking with auto updating voucher status.
  • Configure Gift Card usages such as conditions, numbers of users, expiration, paying for shipping fee, etc.
  • Allow using Gift Card discount after or before tax.(New)
  • Configure what will be displayed on Gift card product page and the shopping cart page.
  • Allow changing logo and notes in Gift Card printout.
  • Support One-step checkout or Step-by-step checkout method.
  • Open source 100%
  • Support Magento Community Gift Card and Magento Enterprise Gift Card
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Interview of whom purchased Magento Gift card extension: Magento Gift Card extension used by isarfoto, Magento Gift Card extension helps push up conversion rate, Sales rocket with Gift Card module

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  •     | Germany

    Q: Why did you select Magestore’s Gift Card extension among many other Gift Card extensions from other providers?
    A: The rich set of features, the price, the demo version and the support helped us to choose Magestore’s Gift Card extension.

  •     | United States

    Q: What features of our Gift Card extension are most impressive to you?
    A: There are many helpful features namely largely bug free, quick installation, option to use postal to mail, and the ability to configure/customize messages.

  •     | United States

    Mohan Varkey is the web-store owner of that is one of successful customers that we want to introduce today. He has the developer team install exclusive extensions to run his store successfuly. Please take a look at ZebraBlinds before starting our Interview.

  •     | Germany

    Q: Why did you select Magestore over other Magento solution providers? A: The wide range of very wonderful and intelligent extensions especially designed for Magento platform is the reason we selected Magestore. We want to have the best possible solution from your company as a Partner.

  • Excellent Support


    We had an issue after installing, but Vick and the support team took care of that quickly. Thanks to Vick and the rest of their team!

  • Great support!


    Out of the box the product had conflicts with my Magento installation. The support is excellent, they are quick to respond and fix my problem. They were also able to connect with me locally and fix the problem! Great support! Thanks very much guys..

  • Great Company and Service


    This extension is great. Our customers love this functionality. This extension is exactly what we were looking for and the customer service was some of the best I have experienced.

  • Fantastic extension and support


    Fantastic support. Set up a TeamViewer and went through all my issues, solving them one at a time. Very patient and thorough, this guy really knows his stuff! Highly recommend for the support alone.

  • Excellent support


    Brilliant extension and excellent support. Many thanks to the crews at Magestore, especially Vick and Grace.

  • Magestore going from strength to strength!


    Fantastic extension! Really please with it and looking forward to selling my first gift vouchers on my site!! The upgrade from 3 to 4 was MASSIVE and very much appreciated!

  • Great Extension with exceptional support


    This extension is very useful. And the best is, that it has exceptional support

  • Great support!


    I was hesitant to buy because I have had some bad experiences with other developers. But this is totally different. So easy to install. Had some issues with the gift card after installation but Vick and his team provided GREAT support. All issues were fixed! I highly recommend this extension over the rest of all the gift cards.

  • Great Product / Great Support


    This is probably one of the best gift card extensions we have used. The personalization is a great feature and has assisted with a higher % of gift card purchases thru our store. Originally we reached out to support and they not only assisted us with a small issue during installation but also provided a complete explanation of the issue, the fix applied and tips on set up. Very timely, which when under a deadline is refreshing!

  • Excellent Support

    Ed Sawkins

    We had been running the Gift Card extension for some time and was very presently surprised that were able to download the new version without having to pay again - this is awesome. Whilst I upgraded on the test ok the live site threw up a a couple of backend problems. Again getting live support on a product I purchased more than 2 years ago wasn't what I expected, but they (Especially Vick) were awesome and fixed it in no time. Will be looking to these guys first for any future extensions.

  • Great Extension and awesome support


    The new version 4 of this extension is just exactly what we were looking for. Customized gift cards for all occasions. A gray improvement over the last version. When updating we had a small problem with Paypal Express checkout, but Vick from the support team was amazing and quick in his resolved and the problem was resolved in minutes. Awesome support and clearly would recommend the extension to everyone who is looking for a gift card functionality in Magento. Full Five Stars from us for the support of our coffee roasting business.

  • Great Extension - Great Support

    matt looby

    We implemented this on to a re-platform project for a popular shirt retailer in London. Very easy to install but we had one issue where the giftcard module was conflicting with the Sagepay Form payment method. I logged a call with the support team and they provided a fix within 2 days. Very impressive, great communication at every step. Would thoroughly recommend.

  • Excellent extension and support!


    We were in the process of transferring our Magento site to a new host, upgrading from 1.4 to 1.8 and redesigning all at once. The last thing I wanted to worry about was any issue with extensions we had installed and wanted to reinstall. The Magestore team (especially Vick) was very helpful in the process of getting our extension onto the new site and functioning properly. I would recommend Magestore for any of your Magento extensions and will certainly always look to them first in the future for any extensions I might need.

  • Great Extension, Great Support Service


    Great extension you got. Thank you so much Vick for the unending assistance to get this extension fully working for us.

  • Fantasic extension


    This extension Works like a charm, and the few Places where there were some small issues, the extraordinary good technical support did a fantastic job. We use this extension to our custumer as a perfekt link in the integration between Magento webshop and our ERP system. The Giftcodes Works in both programs vice versa. Thanks for all the good and solid help from the peoble in the support,

  • Perfect module, great support!


    The module works absolutely perfect. Had some issues at the beginning because of my individuel theme but support helped me quick and perfect. Big thank you to Magestore support!

  • Very versatile extension with fantastic technical support!


    We choose this gift card extension because judging by the description it seemed to offer all the features we wanted (and more) and was a clean, solid extension. It turned out that way so we made the right choice. It is an extremely elaborate extension and offers many, many options (eg. gift card admin in the customer account). The only small criticism is that it would be nice to have more choice in gift voucher designs. The big positive with this extension is the customer support. They are tireless, friendly and very helpful. We had quite a few issues integrating the extension into our heavily modified store but they kept at it and helped us quickly and skilfully every step of the way. Their customer support by itself is reason enough to recommend this extension.

  • Useful Extension


    Very pleased with this extension. Easily allows customer to choose items for gift wrap. We had issues with installation but only because we forgot to install several folders (our mistake!). The Magestore support helped fix the issue quickly. Very happy I purchased this extension!

  • Just what we needed


    This allows customers to purchase and print gift cards. Exactly what we needed and expected. Thanks!

  • Support is excellent


    We had an issue transferring the extension over from a test site to a live one. The support team had noted and solved the issue within around 5 hours. Extremely impressed and very helpful.

  • great extension und greater support


    extension works as described - and thanks to great support!

  • Great extension


    Really good extension and great support when I ran into problems. Thanks

  • Great company, best support


    I never met so great support, I am really happy. I will recommend them. I've got some problem with grand total calculation specifically for our country and they fixed it.

  • Great extension, great support!


    We are using this extension in some projects. The support from Magestore is always perfect!

  • Does what it is supposed to do


    The extension does what it is supposed to do. The support they provide is one of the best I have had experience with so far. Thumbs up.

  • Excellent support


    The product is great but the best thing was the support - where they were extremely willing to help and quick to answer questions and even to teambox in and write some code.

  • Unreal support, even got to work with another one page checkout - no questions asked


    These guys are unreal, even fixed up the module to work with another companies one page checkout, Most companies say , sorry thats not our modules fault. Now im getting more module from them , ;-) Thanks heaps

  • Excellent!


    This extension works perfect, and the support is very friendly.

  • Excellent Support and Works Like a Charm!


    The support, as always, was fantastic - we're looking forward to seeing this extension in action.

  • Better than the rest

    This Gift Card extension works great! I second guessed myself and purchased a different gift card system and was disappointed after setting it up. It didn't have the great look and feel I wanted in our store. I learned from my mistake and purchased/installed this Gift Card extension. It looks and works great! I modified the Gift Card sent to buyers to match our theme and it is so classy. After installation there were a few changes I needed to get it to look right in our theme and the MageStore folks jumped right on it. I'm thrilled with this extension and I'm here today to get a couple more. These guys get it right!

  • Best Gift/Credit/Voucher Extension ever


    After testing all kind of premium Gift/Credit/Voucher extensions, we found "Gift Card" the one we need! Almost most powerful, with super cool support. Really recommended!

  • Works great


    Just got it setup and it works perfect. Customers are liking the fact that we now offer gift cards online.

  • Excellent Extension and very excellent Support

    Very good Extension and excellent Support. This Gift Card Extension has a lot of very good Functions. We are happy with this Extension. In the beginning we have little Problems in conjunction with another Extension from another company. But the superb Support fix this with a Teamviewer Session. Amazing !. If you search a Gift Card Extension with many Options - you found it here !

  • Great Extension, Great Support!


    This extension has worked out great for my client's store! Additionally, the support staff has been quick to respond and has helped troubleshoot and fix a few issues specific to my client's crazy customized store. I definitely recommend this extension.

  • Great Support!


    We faced an issue with the changed licensing model of magestore. They fixed it in no time – very quick response, very good service!

  • Perfect product


    We installed this product in a customized template and worked like a charm. We needed some support for css-customization, which was done within a day by the suportteam of Magestore. We recommend everybody, that wants to seel giftcards in their shop, to buy this product. This is a perfect extension.

  • Very good support


    Thank you very much. I am really happy using this extension, support is great and I will recommend magestore to all our clients. Thank you

  • product best & support best


    I use module Gift Card verry good and support good

  • Great Product, Great support!


    This is a solid extension. Had a few issues with install due to custom theme. They were very quick to support and resolve these issues. Definitely will look to this company for future extensions. Thanks!

  • Gift card


    I bought the gift card for my techies to install on my website and they had some initial problems. I went back to the magestore and told them what had happened and they immediately assisted to rectify the problem. Vick a techie from the magestore fixed the problem in good time and the gift card now works perfectly. It is a great product and i'm happy to recommend it and the magestore tech guys.

  • Great extension


    This extension was exactly what we needed for selling and processing online gift certificates. Works wonderfully and support has been very helpful with configuring.

  • Great Giftcard Extension

    Jeff Chen

    Originally, I had some issues because I was doing some special functions with the gift card, but there is some great support that works with you (although there is a 12 hour time difference between America and Indonesia, so it is kind of tricky)

  • Excellent Product & Great Support Team


    I purchased this and two other extensions. The products are superb and support is awesome. The extensions were professionally installed. The team solved some minor issues along the way, and answered all my questions. They worked hard until I was satisfied. Highly recommend this extensions / company,

  • Awesome Extension


    This gift card extension is fantastic. I love the import and send email feature. The front end display is also great. The support from Magestore is wonderful. They are quick to respond and very helpful.

  • Great Extension, superb support, but could be more polished


    We really love the functionality of this extension. But when we installed it, the tax calculations on our shop was going completely wrong and we couldn't figure out how or why. Then I got onto their support team and spent one hour via Teamviewer with a Magestore technician and he just fixed it - magic! I wonder why this did not work out of the box ... but still I'ld buy it again because the support you get is fantastic and will make up for the missing documentation of cryptic features. All in all, I'm very pleased!

  • Very solid extension with great support


    There were some kinks in the extension at first, but the Magestore support staff was very patient in helping us work through them

  • Great extension


    This gift card extension is worth the price. We paid for installation but need help with sending out gift cards. Here you can count on the most helpful support. We are very happy with this extension and even more happy with Megastores excellent support.

  • Great extension


    Great product and fantastic support! It is a very complete extension, well-thought and easy to implement.

  • Lots of Added Functionality

    Dan Carbone

    We paid to have this extension installed by the Magestore team. They had it up and running and generating sales in less than 24 hours, on a weekend! This extension does all that it says and more! There are other similarly priced gift card extensions, but they do not have the functionality of this one. We asked the support team a couple of minor questions and they responded immediately, which helped us to tailor the gift cards to our requirements. A great product is always good to have, but the great support brings it over the top. We are already selecting our next extensions from Magestore!

  • It does just that it says


    We have installed this extension but need some support from their developers. In one day they connect our server and modify the needed files to fits our configuration. Now, we need to change some fronted details as css and some translations, but it's a needed work for all extensions in our shop.

  • Great extension


    We installed this extension and have found it to be fantastic for our women's boutique. Easy to use both as a customer and as admin!

  • Great Extension, Warm Support


    Works out-of-the-box almost seamlessly, we have a super minor issue and Vick solved it quickly. Thank you very much for this extension!

  • Great Extention!!


    The extension works great! Very impressed with the high quality customer service. Very quick and efficient. Definitely recommend this extension and the team who install it.

  • thanks!


    there were some issues with other installed extensions but the support team was very responsive and helpful. hence no complaints.. thank you, great job!

  • Good Product, Great support!


    We had some problems installing it in combination with another checkout module, but Vick gave us great support and solved everything. The module seems to work great so far. Highly recommended!

  • Great product, Excellent support


    This is a terrific extension. Everything was thought of on this gift card extension. It is well worth the price and more. I'm very happy with the product and Vick's assistance. Thanks.

  • Love the gift card extension


    We recently installed the gift card extension for Magento and not only we love that we now can offer gift cards to our customers, but out customers love the ease of giving great coffee to their friends. Simple to install and use made the choice for us quite easy.

  • Good Gift


    This is a such a good plugin, And even its working fine and good concept and great plugin for any website and easily used for custmors also.

  • Mr

    Rajeev Mongia

    A product that is needed for any online company. This product does the job well and presents everything you need to product online vouchers. Would highly recommend the both product and company. Director

  • Reply to Al's review on Gift card trial


    Hello, Thanks for your interest in our products. Your problem you meet is not a serious one. You can go to to submit a ticket for this problem. Our technical supporter will help you solve the problem.

  • Gift card trial


    The gift card extension trial installed pretty easily. I still have to tweak the layout with my one-page checkout extension, but it does work well. I plan to purchase it.

  • Great extension


    This is really a great extension in term of functionality and usefulness. I also got very good support from the developer team when we had issues with the installation. Strongly recommended this extension for selling gift card on your Magento site

  • Nice One!


    It suites perfectly for my gift card requirements! Just bit of improvement in the mailer content & design & it gonna rock its way.

  • The Best Gift Card extension out there

    JUST 4 HER

    Best customer service you could ever find, Vick from support is the best at what he do, And about the extension its also awesome will defiantly come back for more extensions, This is one of the company's that you will not regret buying from, Check out there daily deals extension i love it even more. Thanks Vick for making our life easy :)

  • Exactly what we needed


    I love the functionality of this extension. Very useful, exactly what we needed. And even though we add some little trouble to make it work correctly at first, the technical support of Magestore was quick and helped me solving the problem. I am satisfied !

  • Best support ever!


    Great Extension for our Artstore to send giftcards. Easy to handle and install. There were a problem together with our invoice payment from Klarna (swedish) but Magestore helped us with this in no time. (Even during their holiday, they supported us fast.) We will really recommend Magestore. Thanks again, best support.

  • Excellent Magestore support


    We have a very customized store and had some issues installing the module. But with the help of the excellent Magestore support, we could make it work quick. Gift Card is working fine now and we are happy about the new features in our store.

  • It worked perfectly on all screens


    I went to the magestore website and tried out their 15 free trial. It worked okay but there was an issue on my site with the calendar not displaying correctly when choosing to send voucher on a specific date. I contacted support and they immediately help me with tailor-made css to solve problem. It worked perfectly on all screens so i purchased the extension. Huge thank you to Vick & Alex whom helped me and obviously have great patience with novice store builders! Thank you.

  • Must have extension


    It is quite common these days that lot many leading stores are offering gift cards to their valued customers and on the other end customers are also requesting gift cards from the stores so that they can gift to their loved ones on special occasions so that they can buy as per their requirement. I think this is a must have extension for almost every store.



    This is a great feature and the functionality are well thought-out. Very well done.

  • Overall extremely happy


    Purchased and installed module without any issues. Due to the way our custom theme was coded (not 100% native), we had an issue on product page. I contacted support and Vick immediately went out of his way to help me out and correct the issue for me. Module itself is a bargain considering you CAN use gift cards during checkout as a payment method. Overall extremely happy with the service offered by MageStore, hope to pickup a few more modules soon from them soon :)

  • Superb, fantastic, marvelous!


    Superb, fantastic, marvelous! that is what i can say about magestore support. Really i delighted about their support. I strongly recommend this product if you want to use e-gift voucher in your magento store. 100 % because of their gift voucher features and another 100 % because of their one hour support people replay and solution. Total 200 % satisfaction, thank you magestore ;-)

  • The extension installed great overall


    Thank you Vick! The extension installed great overall...i needed a little help (operator error) and you were so quick to respond. I really appreciate it. The extension is exactly what we need and easy to use. We will definitely look to you first for future extension needs.

  • Excellent support!


    We customized this extension, ran in some problems and got quick, excellent support from Magestore. Special thanks to Vick.

  • Support was amazing!


    Thank you Vick! I installed this product and needed some customization and the support was amazing! They responded quickly and got everything working exactly how I wanted it :) Highly recommend.

  • Cooperative and quick support


    This extension is easy to install and to use. The was a problem though: the gift card was sent to the customer before the order was processed. This led to the situation that the customer received a voucher code that cannot yet be used. I contacted the support and they were very cooperative and resolved this problem very quickly. This is the main reason why I recommend this extension. Bugs can be in any software, but the most important thing is whether the developer fixes them quickly.

  • Un très bon module


    Un très bon module, complet avec un SAV très réactif :)

  • Support was excellent


    We had some conflicts with a different extension, but the support was excellent. They solved the problem within a few hours. Thank you for this great module.

  • Excellent support


    Excellent support, we had some issues with install but Vick was very helpful and worked through the issues with it to get everything functioning correctly.



    First of all, thank you to MAGESTORE for a great extension!! I am opening an online shopping mall, and I was worried of what should I prepare in order to make customers gets eager to see my shopping mall. And bought this fabulous extension called "GIFT CARD" By using this extension, I made several gift vouchers for grand opening gift vouchers. I am planning to start passing out to people whenever I see them. I am very eager and excited to open my website with having this fabulous marketing tools! THANK YOU MAGESTORE!!

  • Good extensions

    Lubomir Todorov

    Very usefull extension for B2C customers

  • Awesome module. Thumb up!


    When using Gift voucher extension, there had some conflicts between it and some other extensions on my store. But, Vick has helped me resolve all troubles fast and thoroughly. I highly appreciate his assistance and this awesome module. Thumb up!

  • good product


    Good product, easy to configure and manage, surely one of the best extensions for gift cards on the market! technical assistance and fast compente.

  • Very nice extension and excellent support


    Very nice extension and excellent support. Justin responded to a query and kept working on it until everything was working smoothly. Thanks a lot!

  • A great product!

    Henrik /

    This product really helped making our magento store complete. It's very customizable, yet easy to set up. The support department answers emails quickly and are very helpful. It's a "must have" for your magento store. Five stars of five possible. Keep up the good work!

  • Very good support


    Thank you Magestore for the very good support! After having some issues to configure the Gift Voucher I contacted Magestore and they fixed the problem immediately. Good work Magestore!

  • Creative.


    This is the most creative magento extension. You can create your own iTunes gift cards and sell. Very well designed and very well implemented. Invest on this one.

  • Excellent!

    Aldred Wales

    We have been looking for quite a while for this. This powerful tool has helped our business a lot. Our web sales have been increased by over 20% thanks to the Gift Voucher. Customers love the principle of creating their own message and choose their model. Since the sale is direct, even if we had an online store, now over 75% of our sales are online gift cards. And the man behind it is very helpful and very good in carefully pointing out what to do. We can only say Good job and keep improving!

  • Nice One!


    It suites perfectly for my gift card requirements! Just bit of improvement in the mailer content & design & it gonna rock its way.

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Release Notes

Version 4.0 (updated on Feb 18th, 2014)

  • Separate Gift Card price and Gift Card value, allowing Admin to configure prices of Gift Card products based on their actual value.
  • Add Gift Card Template function: Admin can add and manage templates and images of Gift Card products. Customers can upload their own image in frontend.
  • Allow Customers to preview Gift Card created before adding to cart.
  • Allow setting shopping cart conditions and cart item conditions when using Gift Cards.
  • Add notification emails when sending Gift Card to friends.
  • Allow managing Gift Card transaction history.
  • Allow generating Gift Card increment codes.
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with recipient information when creating order in backend.
  • Allow using Gift Card discount after or before tax.
  • Be compatible with Reward Points and Web POS extensions.
  • Fix error occurring when using Gift Card balance which is greater than shopping cart’s total (auto-select/ show “No require payment method”).

Version 3.3 (updated on Sep 20th, 2013)

  • Support Soap API version 2
  • Fix error occurring when setting up on PHP 5.4
  • Fix error occurring when gift card credit is disabled
  • Fix error occurring when searching for gift card with price on layer navigation (shop by box)
  • Fix error occurring when switching pages on Gift Card extension
  • Fix conflict error on Magento Enterprise Edition

Version 3.2 (updated on June 27th 2013)

  • Auto-add gift card to customer list when using gift card at checkout
  • Allow recipients to add gift card to their list by clicking on the link in the email
  • Allow customers to check gift card information without logging in to the website

Version 3.1 (updated on June 19th 2013)

  • Support Magento Enterprise Edition

Version 3.0 (updated on Jan 17th 2013)

  • Allow Customers to schedule Gift card Delivery date
  • Enable Customers to have Gift card credit balance
  • Add Gift card box in shopping cart page.
  • Modify payment form when checkout using Gift code
  • Able to generate a list of Gift codes in admin
  • Able to use Gift code to create order in admin
  • Add API's functions for Gift card

Version 2.3 (updated on Sept 20rd 2012)

  • Fix HTML issue in IE 9 browser.
  • Fix error that occurs when searching or filtering in backend.
  • Fix error of sending expired date of gift card which is valid in unlimited time in email.

Version 2.2 (updated on Jul 3rd 2012)

  • Fix HTML issue in IE 7 browser.
  • Fix issue that occurs if order number contains alpha chars.
  • Allow automatically generating invoice after placed order by using gift card code.

Version 2.1 (updated on Dec 25th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs at 5th step of checkout progress.
  • Fix error in back-end controller of Magento Gift Card extension.
  • Fix expiration date issue.
  • Compatible with OnestepCheckout extension.

Version 2.0 (updated on Dec 8th 2011)

  • Add Weigh attribute to Gift Cart product.
  • Add Importing feature: Admin can import gift card codes from a CSV file.
  • Add Printing feature: Admin can print the gift card codes, then send them to customers.

Version 1.2 (updated on Nov 9th 2011)

  • Fix showing price error that occurs while using tax.
  • Fix error that occurs while using urls for checkout page.

Version 1.1 (updated on Sep 21th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs when checking out virtual product.
  • Add more configuration fields to change position of Gift Card Payment method in the checkout page.

Version 1.0 (released on Aug 30th 2011)

  • Release extension.
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