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Professional Features

Inventory Management extension is the powerful Magento store manager system, helping you easily keep track of any products in back-end. This module eliminates common mistakes arising when you handle stock availability, transfer and purchase more items for your warehouses.

The extension is compatible with

  • Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x & EE 1.9.x - 1.14.x
  • SUPEE-6788 & 7405 security patch
  • Free Upgrade to Magento 2 (coming soon next quarter)
  • 9 other extensions in Retailer Kit

You'd definitely be thrilled by these amazing functions in the Pro Edition.

Magento Store Manager extension - Platinum edition

Stock Management

It’s a hassle for everyone when having to deal with thousands of SKUs, especially for newbie. Inventory Management eases the task by showing product images & bringing all data needed to the forefront:

  • Physical Qty. remaining in your real storage location
  • Available Qty. left in your virtual Catalog to sell
  • On-hold Qty. allocated in non-shipped sales orders

And if you have many warehouses or storage locations? No worry, you're just 1-click away from filtering inventory data by warehouse.

Magento Store Management - Show image
Store Manager for Magento: Magento Inventory Management

For configurable, bundle and grouped products, the system only controls their variations' inventory by associated simple products.

If you sell products like clothes, shoes, etc. that come with different sizes & colors, it's very easy to mess up inventory due to their similar SKUs. But now your staff can manage stock in the most simple and visual way even with the minimum training!

When importing product stocks via the dataflow of Magento, you can instantly assign SKUs to corresponding suppliers and specify how many items stored in each warehouse.

Import products stock with Magento Store Manager

Stock Adjustment

Since data differences in practice and in the record are unavoidable sometimes, you surely need to frequently check & update stock to keep the statistics reliable.

But imagine how dreadful it is when you find out a mistake after updating stock in mass! Luckily, this extension lets you save the adjustment record in Pending status & doesn't update Qty. yet. It's like a simple physical stocktake procedure so you can double check everything then confirm later.

Magento Stock Control Feature: Stock Adjustment

As a store manager, you can adjust products' Total Qty. in mass or one by one for best accuracy. Available Qty. then will be re-calculated and updated accordingly. Of course every adjustment is recorded to review later if needed.

Adjust product Quantity with Magento Store Manager

Inventory Dashboard

Are you tired of looking at boring grids or going through too many steps to run reports? Our Inventory Management brings what truly matters to the forefront and visualizes them on an user-friendly dashboard. All data is collected from 17+ types of Inventory Reports within the last 30 days, such as:

  • What time in a day generated the most sales
  • What best-seller products are
  • What payment method is chosen the most
  • Which warehouse has the highest Qty. in hand
  • Which warehouse has shipped the most items
  • Which warehouse purchased the most items

You can easily create, edit, drop & drag charts that manipulate your inventory status.

Magento Store Manager dashboard

Supplier Portfolio Storage

To record which suppliers provide which products, you can assign current products in your Catalog to them. To create purchase orders easier, products' cost, tax, discount & supplier SKU are saved in suppliers' portfolio.

supplier features of store manager magento

As a Magento Store Manager extension, it helps you gain an in-depth view into key suppliers and purchasing activities. When you look into a supplier in details, you will know how many orders you have bought from them, how much money has been spent and refunded.

magento inventory extension supplier

This information can be a useful basis to draw up prompt supplier strategies such as preferential treatments to the largest supplier or withdrawal from buying stocks of high returning rate ones and so on.

magento inventory extension - supplier dashboard

Purchase Order Management

Manage Purchase Order

The system surely optimizes your purchasing process with up-to-date info of purchase orders, such as products ordered, warehouse received, Qty. requested, Qty received, spending amount, delivery status and so on. Partial shipment and returned purchase order are also supported effectively.

manage purchase order with Magento Store Manager
Create Purchase Order Manually
manage purchase order with Magento Store Manager

Creating and managing purchase orders just like a breeze in our Inventory system. Within a few clicks, you can email your requirements or any purchase order's updates to suppliers.

  • Contact Information
  • Shipping Details
  • Payment Details
  • Other Information
  • Purchase Order Review

It's more convenient for you to track as the system will mark your purchase order as Paid/Not Paid, Sent/Not Sent.

Moreover, while creating or editing Purchase Order, you can see at which step Purchase Order is: Pending, Waiting Confirmation/Confirmed, Waiting Delivery, Processing Delivery and Complete

manage purchase order with Magento Store Manager

You can also print receipt for returned orders & missing items. Missing items or Shortfall items in complete Purchase Order are number of products that aren't delivered as requested number.

Generate Purchase Order from Low Stocks/Supply Needs

Instead of creating Purchase Order manually, you can quickly generate it based on Low Stocks or Supply Needs with ease.

manage purchase order with Magento Store Manager

Low Stock Notifications

Want to maintain sufficient inventory levels without much effort? The low stock notification feature will help you achieve that!
You no longer have to manually calculate your safety stock to set the threshold Qty. again. Based on sales history, the system automatically suggests which products are running out of stock in upcoming days.

Configure Low Stock Notification in store management

Using cron job update, you will be frequently alerted on schedule via email & notifications on admin dashboard.

low stock alerts

The system filters & logs all low stock products so you can easily review later. By placing purchase orders in time, you'll never worry about out-of-stock situation again!

filter low stock products

Supply Need Forecast

Let's imagine that you can know how many items should be stored to fulfil the demand for the next 4 months. How awesome is that, especially for the nearby sale season!

And that is exactly what the intelligent supply need forecast will help you achieve! It predicts the out-of-stock date of each product and calculates the re-ordering Qty. for the upcoming periods.

supply needs forecast - Hot features of :Magento Store Manager

To help you to make more accurate purchasing decisions, the Qty. in processing purchase orders is also taken into account. After knowing how much you should buy more for each warehouse, you can promptly transform the supply needs into purchase orders in 1 click!

convert supply needs to purchase orders - Hot features of :Magento Store Manager

Shipment Status Management

Do you have a headache every time you track shipments of sales orders? It's such a nightmare when you don't know which one is complete, not shipped or partially shipped.

This Magento store manager extension enables you to manage all shipment processes on 1 single grid. For each customer order/ sales order, you can easily see its shipment status and from which warehouses the shipment is sent.

Display Shipment Status in Store Manager extension Magento

Multiple Warehouses/ Storage Locations

Track Warehouse Performance

Operating multiple warehouses in different locations can be a pain when it comes to traceability. Inventory Management's multi-warehouse feature helps centralize your tracking system.

Besides contact & location information, you easily know sales/purchase balance & available stock in each warehouse.

manage warehouses with Magento Store Manager
Transfer Stock

OK, let's forget complicated types of stock movement! The extension simplifies your management with only 2 actions: Request Stock and Send Stock.

It auto increases or decreases the Qty. on hand in each warehouse instantly corresponding to any requesting or sending of stock created. You can easily & conveniently make stock transfer whenever some of your warehouses are out of stock while others are not.

Transfer stock in store manager extension
Link Multiple Stores to a Warehouse
multi store stock level

Have multiple Magento stores? Inventory Management have your back with the ability to manage individual stock level for each store. Simply select which web-stores connected with a specific warehouse.

Choose Warehouse to Fulfill Orders

With many warehouses/ storage locations in the system, you can select a criterion to automatically assign allocated Qty. to specific warehouses.

default shipping warehouse in store manager extension

While creating shipments, you can choose another dispatch warehouse from the default one if needed.

select warehouse when creating shipment in store manager extension
Check Access Permissions
Admin Permissions in Magento Store Manager

For better administration, you can assign sending/ requesting stock permission of each warehouse to specific admin users only. A reason to move stock in/ out is always required and all stock movements are recorded.

You can decentralize access permissions to each category in Inventory Manage menu. E.g.

  • Sales staff only can view Sales Shipments status & ship products
  • Warehouse staff can manage stock on-hand, receive & send stock
  • Warehouse manager can create purchase order to restock products, create new warehouse
  • Marketer/ Analysis can view reports to analyse data & inventory performance
Decentralized access permission in Magento Store Manager

Barcode Management

Choose Information Encoded

Barcodes are the most ideal technology for automatically tracking product information. In our system, each product can have many bar-codes, which encode different information such as its SKU, warehouse, supplier, purchase order.

Create Barcode by Store Manager
Flexibly create Barcode Templates & Print Barcodes

You can now easily create your wanted Barcode Templates with flexibly customization of: Barcode type, Paper size, Attributes shown, etc. Then, choose your preferred templates for printing barcodes.

Create barcode template with Magento Store Manager extension

The extension enables you to print barcode labels in mass and stick them to real products in warehouses. You also can choose printing templates for barcodes after creating your wanted ones. For example, you can choose to show the information of:

  • Product Name & Barcode
  • Product Name, Size, Price & Barcode
  • Barcode Symbol Only
  • Product Name, Price & Barcode
Print bar code - Magento Store manager, magento inventory management
Scan Barcodes

Any staff can use barcode readers to instantly track down product information in picking and delivery inventory operations, such as which supplier the defective items come from.

Scan bar code image with Magento Store Manager extension

From now on it is easier and faster for you to scan barcode to create Physical Stocktaking and Purchase Order instead of checking them manually. 5 most recently scanned items are also shown up when you scan barcode.

Scan barcode to create stocktaking

Physical Stocktaking

Physical stocktaking is a must-have for an efficient scientific inventory control system and also a statutory requirement when adjusting stock. Continuous stocktaking can reduce your accounting cost by bringing your stock discrepancies to the notice early.

You can use physical stocktaking acts anytime to double-check and correct inventory amounts in Inventory Management according to real Qty. in your warehouses. Warehouse managers can upload their stock counts for admin's approval. After confirmation, the system will update quantities instantly.

physical-stocktaking - Magento Store Manager

Inventory Reports

Our extension lets you go beyond management and into analysis. Not only records full history of any changes in the system, the Inventory extension also provides many useful reports on up-to-date sales, purchases, customer values and other detailed data.

Store Manager report groups

Visual charts will give you better control and foresight into your business and take prompt actions.

Store Manager report charts

Drop Shipping

Do you want to leverage your inventory system with Drop-ship integrated? Using this feature, you can have your suppliers or any other third parties ship goods directly to customers in just 4 simple steps, which can be enabled/disabled flexibly to fit your business model best.

Both you and suppliers can conveniently keep track of the drop shipment status via auto notification emails. Then, suppliers can conveniently log in to the front-end with provided accounts to update status of drop shipments.

Enable drop shipping methods - Magento Store Manager shipping way

POS & Inventory - The Perfect Line-Up For Multi-Store Retailers
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Having a combined POS and inventory management solution is a must-have for retail businesses that want to be more efficient and keep data accurate. Web POS, a web-based Point of Sale extension for Magento, is specially designed to integrate with this Inventory Management module.

Carrying out checkout procedure for customers has never been easier. Web POS helps your sales staff quickly create orders , conveniently collect in-store cash and credit sales transactions in a flash. And all steps are just on 1 single page!

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | How it works

Be In Control Of Your Inventory Across All Sales Locations

The integration offers powerful inventory management that enables you to track, maintain, view and update stock levels across multiple sales locations. Web POS’s sales locations are merged with Inventory’s Warehouses, keeping inventory data synced seamlessly in real time between your storage & sales locations.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | sync sales locations with warehouses

Line Up Your Staff Between Sales Locations And Warehouses

It's easier to manage stock in-transit when you aligns inventory sources with sales deliveries. You can add Web POS users to a specific warehouse and grant them the permission to create shipments from that storage location.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | allow sales staff to ship products from a warehouse

Then your sales staff can conveniently see the list of warehouse(s) that they can pick products and create shipments from on POS checkout.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | select warehouse to ship for POS orders

Visualize Only What In Stock

The system filters displayed products not only by category but also the selected warehouse to ship. Products not available or out of stock in that warehouse will not be shown in the list to avoid ordering by mistake.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | filter products by warehouse to ship

Get Alerted Before Placing Backorders

Don’t let your staff sell what’s no longer in stock! And no more empty shelves because you’re out of a certain t-shirts or jeans. Inventory Management keeps track of what’s sold, how much is in stock, and warns servers when a product reaches the threshold amount in stock or has run out.
With Web POS integrated, it instantly notifies your sales staff if the number of items added to cart is higher than Available Qty. in the selected warehouse to ship.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | check stock on-hand in warehouse before placing orders

Plus, You Get All Built-in POS Features that Retailers Need the Most

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | Full features

Magento POS extension integrated with Magento Inventory Extension

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Ultimate Features

Have high volume of sales orders & worry about messy shipments? Then Order Fulfillment of Ultimate Edition is the perfect solution for your problem! From now on, you can easily prepare shipments in 4 simple steps:

Manage Order Fulfillment

View Fulfillment Dashboard

The Fulfillment Dashboard shows you 4 steps of Order Preparation process at once with easy navigation. Just click on each tab to view details & take action.

Fulfillment Dashboard
Verify Orders & Stock Availability

This verification step allows you to separate orders into 2 groups based on inventory availability: the ones that have all items in stock & the ones that lack some of items. Thus, you can know the priority of which orders can be fulfilled first.
To confirm available stock, simply choose an order, add available Qty and submit! All actions can be done on 1 single Dashboard without going back & forth.

Verify orders
Pick and Pack Items of Multiple Orders

On the Pick & Pack Dashboard, you can select multiple orders to print a picking list containing all items of these orders at once. Then, you or your staff can use this list to check and pick up corresponding items from the warehouses.

Pick items

To pick items in the orders, you can use barcode or just check it manually.

Pick items by using barcode

Once finishing the picking step, you can come back to this dashboard to confirm Qty. packed, print invoice, package barcode, take photos to attach to each shipment packaging before sending to customers.

Pick items
Ready To Ship Packages

In the dashboard of ready-to-ship packages, all orders will be grouped according to shipping methods so that you can easily check it before starting shipment. You can also scan barcode to quickly search.

Ready to ship packages

To cooperate with your shipping carriers better, this 3rd step enables you to review all orders with fully packed items before shipping to customers. The order list is filtered by warehouse and grouped by shipping method for easy handling. You also can select multiple orders to print packing slips and submit their shipments.

Ready to ship packages
View Shipped Orders

All orders that have been shipped will be shown here with detailed information. This dashboard is like an archive of shipped sale orders for you to check back anytime easily.

View Shipped Orders

Integrate with M2E Pro

Wanna sell products on other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay? M2E Pro helps you integrate your Magento store into Amazon and eBay platforms to take full control of your inventory. However, it will be much better for you to synchronize your Amazon/eBay stores to your Magento warehouse. Inventory Management now supports you well for this feature so that your data will be managed not only in the whole Magento store but also in a specific warehouse in your inventory system.

In backend, you can see a configuration tab of M2E Pro, choose the warehouse that is associated with Amazon/eBay.

Magento Inventory Management - M2e Pro Integration

Then, follow step by step in this video to understand more about how it works.

Integrate with Magmi

Magmi is a Magento Mass Importer that can handle several thousands of products at a reasonable pace compared to Magento dataflow. By integrating your inventory system with Magmi, you can import a huge number of products much faster, without worrying about the speed.

Please check this video to know how this feature works for you.

Get a Heads Up on the Upcoming Features

To provide you with the best solution, we carry out new updates frequently every 2-3 weeks. Below are some great improvements that will be available soon.

  • May update: Support shipping services like ShipStation.