Does your current inventory system let you down?

Then you need a new stock tracking system that is crazy simple & affordable. Inventory Management helps you spend less time on counting stock & more time on selling them.

Bonus: It's 1 in 11 extensions supported by Retailer Kit to centralize everything on 1 single dashboard

Seriously, complicated ERP is not for everyone.

But our Inventory Management is!

  • Be any system that simply fits your business

    With 3 editions tailored for different businesses, Inventory Management brings you the functionality of a big system and also the flexibility, ease of use a small one. No conflict between incompatible modules. No complex feature is wasted or unused.

  • Save your budget with the most suitable package

    This module is not only flexible in structure but also in pricing. Simply choose a package that fits your business. No extra penny for unnecessary functions. No recurring fee or extra cost for update.

  • Just dedicate for Magento

    Never worry about your data security as this system is integrated right in your back-end. No hassle related to registering with 3rd parties. No inventory data discrepancy because everything is synchronized & updated instantly.


Curious to know

what this system is all about?

  • Manage stock & warehouses with less time

    Easily manage products by barcode, adjust stock in mass & transfer stock between warehouses in a few clicks.

  • Optimize purchase process effectively

    Create accurate purchase orders then email suppliers in a snap. Cost, delivery status and all supplier info are in your hands.

  • Cut down backorders easily

    Instantly know Qty. needed for each warehouse with supply need forecasts and low stock notifications.

  • Analyze with comprehensive reports

    Track which products, warehouses and suppliers are performing best with dozens of easy-to-read reports & charts.

  • Minimize inventory cost with Drop Shipping

    Send products directly from your suppliers to customers in 4 simple steps. No stock transit in and out of your warehouses!

No doubt, it's exactly what you need for better stocking.

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