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Magento Certificate Study Guide

  • Magento Certificate Study Guide


Written by a 66/70 score certified developer, more than 5000 people have downloaded this ebook within 3 years to clear the Magento Certified Developer Exam at the first attempt, why don't you? "How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days" covers all advantages of a special ebook for Magento Certification applicants:

  • Very easy and clear for developers to understand & practice
  • Covering almost all the topics for the exam.
  • Presenting full knowledge of each topic with useful tips from the author's experiences in Magento.

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Magento Certification

Right when Magento announced about Magento Certification exam, all developers at Magestore were excited to prepare for the test. We made documents and organized mini class to study together. As we have a Blog favored by many developers for useful Magento tutorials, we thought why didn’t publish our Magento certification preparing documents to the Blog as well? After posting the final part to our Blog, we decided to make it to an eBook so that Developers can easily find and study.

Author: David Nguyen

5 certified developersBesides David, great contributions were also made from other members in the technical team, including: Travis Ngo, Alex Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Blanka Pham, Adam Pham, Kaka Nguyen and Stephen Nguyen. Content are translated and edited thanks to the Marketing team. As we are not English native speakers, we believe this book still has some errors of expression. Please kindly understand and contact us at if you have any questions.

5 developers of Magestore tried to study this book within 30 days before taking Magento Certification exam and all passed. Thus we hope you will also find this book valuable and soon achieve the desired Certificate.

Walk through 10 topics

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