Ship From Store Retail Solution

Connect your brick and mortar stores & eCommerce channels by exposing store inventory online and turning your retail outlets into mini fulfillment centers to seamlessly fulfill the eCommerce orders to customers

Ship From Store Retail Solution
Ship From Store Retail Solution

Explore how Ship From Store solution fulfills the ecommerce orders

Use your physical stores as distribution center to pack and deliver products to the e-commerce customers as soon as possible
  • 1. Place an order on your web store

    Customers visit your eCommerce site, select their favorite products and place the order online

  • 2. Sales order management system checks stock level

    Your store gets the order from customers, then checks store inventory and confirms the order avalability to customers

  • 3. Store prepares the items for delivery

    Store staffs pick products from shelves, package the items and keep it ready for courier boy to pick up

  • 4. Ship from a store close to customers

    The courier boy delivers the items from the closest store location to your customer

Flow ship from store

Amaze your customers. Increase your revenue.

Done a right ship from store solution, you can increase in retail sales, avoid markdowns of excess stock and shrink delivery times to keep your customers coming back for more
decrease shipping time and transport costs

Decrease shipping time and costs

Delivering from the closest store location to your customer help lower shipping cost and speed up delivery.
minimize excess stock markdowns

Minimize excess stock markdowns

Excess inventory visibility across all stores can help retailers avoid costly markdowns and increases margins
improved asset utilization

Optimize your in-store inventory

Using a ship-from-store strategy increases inventory turnover and helps retailers avoid out-of-stock situations

See how we can help retailers shape up a ship from store strategy

Provide retailers with a robust order fulfillment system, real-time visibility of inventory across multi-sales channels and a unified view of the consumer with a path to purchase
inventory management

A single view of Inventory Management

Keep inventory levels constantly synced across multiple stores - In case the product is sold on one store, inventory levels are instantly updated on all your other stores. Easily manage thousands of products by barcode and efficiently track inventory performance with comprehensive reports
order fulfillment system

Streamlined Order Fulfillment Management system

Comprehensive order fulfillment system allows for smooth fulfillment processes across channels, from receiving and verifying the order, allocating inventory, packing and shipping the items to potential returns
inventory & sales report

Complete Inventory & Sales Report

We give you a powerful tool which can provide a clear picture of your business performance & answer specific business questions. By using this module, you will be able to keep tracking of your inventory performance and profits to make the right business decisions.

Discover how our customers are working with Omnichannel Solution to grow their business

“Clever module! Inventory Management has been really helpful in letting us match real stock levels to our system of M1, and now M2 as well. The support team provides quick responses to help me get out of most stressed moments of my life”

Ronald W

“The module works seamlessly with the inventory and barcode modules as well, and once you set it up, which is actually quite simple and not as time consuming as we expected, then it just runs effortlessly”


"I believe that we can run the business/site with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!"

Vedran Djurasovi

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