Shared Inventory Allocation

An inventory allocation software that breaks cross-channel boundary to provide seamless shopping experience
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Solve Omnichannel's principle "Buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere"

One of the en vogue ideas for omnichannel right now is to make all inventory available online and allow customers to buy online then pick up in stores. However, there're other similar inventory allocation strategies depending on the growth of your business. And you need a solution that is flexible enough to accomplish the desired models.
Magento retail software for Shared Inventory Allocation

A holistic view of inventory sharing

Our shared inventory allocation solution works like your central warehouse system, holding data from all inventory points. With inventory visibility sharing over all online & offline channels, you have the flexibility to offer customers more options to buy, thus fulfil higher expectations. It's all thanks to a seamless experience and the product needs to be available at the desired channel.
To ensure a matching solution for your business model, Magestore also provides an omnichannel system for Separate Inventory Allocation. Explore here.
Cross channel Inventory Allocation Software

Cross-channel fulfillment options

Flexible fulfillment means less loss sales & higher satisfaction! Your customers can conveniently choose whether to buy online & pick up in stores, or have items shipped to their home. Our solution even lets you decide to process order fulfilment steps in serial or parallel orders, depending on your number of staff & back stock room.
Efficient Inventory Allocation Management

Replenishment plan for entire business

Based on sales data from all channels, supply need forecast is given to help you prepare reorder without worry about out-of-stock or overstocked situation.
Shared Inventory Allocation Report

Centralized reports & statistics

Easily examine the overal health of your whole system, from shared inventory to purchase and fulfillment. You can define which channel brings in the most benefits, which ones have problems & need optimization.
“When we made the choice we wondered why you would pay a monthly fee when it is all here and in a way you can bespoke build piece by piece to fit your needs.”
Successful Inventory Allocation Software
Andy Noon -The owner of Poppets Store
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Feel like it's not really 100% matched with your model?

We don't guarantee an one-size-fit-all system but rather giving you the solution that is flexible enough to set up according to your omnichannel strategy.

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