Separate Inventory Allocation

An inventory allocation software that segments in-line distribution centers for different channels or regions to cut down customer lead time & order duplicates
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Allocate inventory by demand to reach max capability

Retailers generally have good reasons to keep parallel inventory locations & separate fulfillment systems for the digital and store channel. A dedicated fulfillment center is most appropriate when your online sales channel drives different patterns of demand, or when order volumes for certain products through online are higher than through your other sales and distribution channels.
Magento retail software for Separate Inventory Allocation

Position the inventory dynamically

For separate allocation strategy, inventory visibility provided is not just the ability to see at every channel, but also to see the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. Separate visibility becomes more important if you decide to go global as you have to adapt to local cultures, which often result in setting up different product assortment, pricing & tax.
To ensure a matching solution for your business model, Magestore also provides an omnichannel system for Shared Inventory Allocation. Explore here.
Inventory Allocation Software for Multi-channel

Specific inventory pool and fulfillment process by channel

When you map fulfilment center with stores & webstores properly, it will help reduce much customer lead time as products get shipped/ picked from the nearest location.
Magestore's separate inventory allocation software allows you to set up different routes to fit with the market segments and even transaction rules in different regions for intercompany model.
Efficient Inventory Allocation Management

Ensure proper stock allocated in each channel

Based on sales history in individual locations, demand forecast & low stock reports are provided for each center. You can use these prediction data as the replenishment trigger to place purchase orders for multiple locations at once.
Separate Inventory Allocation Report

Real-time reports for each location

With dedicated statistics by warehouse & POS location, you will gain accurate understanding about the current stock level, cost and profit of online & offline platforms.
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Successful Inventory Allocation Software
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