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Magestore Scale Pack

Highly recommended for Corporate Business
with international ambitions

When you are a local business who has a wide aim for a new market, strategic planning and a strong core system are crucial before joining the fast-moving global economy. Magestore will streamline your retail in both B2B and B2C, helping you stay agile and flexible enough to seize any incoming opportunities.
advanced inventory management for mutiple warehouses

Advanced warehousing for geographical expansion

Basic inventory management will no longer be enough for your wide aim. Advanced features of our stock control will give you more flexibility in the receipt, delivery and tracking of goods. This ensures you can match your new purchase/ sales strategy with local preferences without any extra effort.
b2b sales module for wholesalers

Tailor-made B2B wholesale experience

B2B business emphasizes personalization. Not only allows customized pricing for specific partnership levels, our solution ensures high security by offering a private account to each customer in web portal. After logging into their account, your customer can check order history, view invoices, overdue balance and confirm quotation by eSignature.
intercompany rules for multinational enterprises

Flexible multi-company management

Your retail journey does not stop at multi-site or multi-warehouse management. Going global means you have to manage intercompany rules. Missteps can create costly chaotics that takes long to resolve. We help you buy and/or sell products and services between different branches, faster and easier.
Great tools and very helpful and professional team. Outstanding support with low response times.
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