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New version 2.5

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Plugins for Reward Points Plus

Choose which features you need by adding plugins to cart along with a core extension (Standard/Platinum). Let's make your own reward system that is stronger than any others!

  • Reward Points Behavior plugin
    Enable your Customers to earn points for their behaviors on site such as on their birthdays, social sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest), etc.

    Reward Points Behavior... (2.5)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points Rule plugin
    Help you to diversify your Reward programs with many more rules which are Catalog Rules and Shopping Cart Rules

    Reward Points Rule... (2.5)

    Price $50.00
  • Refer Friend plugin
    Allow your Customers to tell others about your e-store. Many customers want it to strengthen their loyalty program.

    Refer Friend plugin (2.5)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points Coupon
    Allow you to generate and print unlimited Reward coupon codes, which are redeemable for points or discount on future purchases.

    Reward Points Coupon (2.4)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points Event plugin
    This Plugin enables you to create special occasions to give points to Customers. These occasions can be product releases, Noel, New Year or any time you wish.

    Reward Points Event... (2.4)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Loyalty Level
    Customers earn 50 points and become VIP to enjoy 5% discount for 1 year"" - if you want to run that kind of promotion program, Loyalty Level Plugin will help you achieve it with ease.

    Reward Loyalty Level (2.5)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points Report plugin
    Provide you with many useful reports to assess the effectiveness of your reward program and draw up smart strategies for your business.

    Reward Points Report... (2.5)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points Transfer plugin
    This Plugin allows your Customers to transfer points with each other. Also, it enables you to create point transfers right on backend.

    Reward Points Transfer... (2.4)

    Price $50.00
  • Reward Points API plugin
    A plugin that allows you to manage your e-stores by providing calls for working with resources such as customers, transactions, refer friend, behaviors and transfer.

    Reward Points API... (2.4)

    Price $50.00