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New version 2.5

Show appreciation to your loyal customers.
Treat them well with a customized Reward Points Program.

There's still much room to elevate your loyalty program. Limiting the number of point-receiving users and adding custom point rules for multiple stores are some great customizations to try. Let Magestore deliver a tailor-made Reward Point system for you.

Wonder how to utilize Reward Points on your web-store?

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  • Automatically disable spending point function on checkout page when customer uses coupon code

    When the store owner runs two promotion programs concurrently, it may be better to disable the spending point function so that customer can only focus on the other program. As soon as the customer enters the coupon code, the spending point area will become unavailable.

  • Multi-store owner can set different rules of earning and spending points for each store

    Residents at different geographical area have varied interests. At the same time, you may have different sales target for each store. Hence, it's best to set specific configurations for each store to stay more appealing to the right customers.

  • (For Magento 2) Create additional customer attributes.

    This function is supported in the Ultimate version of M1 Reward Points. For M2, you will need to customize in order to target a more specific group of customers that the original settings do not support yet.

  • (For Magento 2) Let customers earn points when register or subscribe on the webstore.

    Without much saying, this is an efficient way to collect qualified leads. M1 Platinum/ Ultimate version of Reward Points can do this with its Reward on Customers Behavior function. However, you will need a little customization to have this for M2 version.

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