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Wholesale doesn’t have to be hard

Manage your B2B business with ease. Expand your market & sell to high-volume customers through a self-service, B2B experience.

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Everything today's B2B customers want

Today’s B2B buyer has evolved. Instead of working to traditional sources like sales reps and vendors, they now go online. "Most B2B shoppers are 57% of the way through a new purchase before they reach out and 93% prefer to buy online".
Retalo makes delighting your B2B ecommerce customers easy with all the B2C features they’ve come to expect.


  • Create single store view for each of your customers in literally a minute.
  • All the inputs can be stored in one place & updated in sync.
  • Get access to accurate information, secure your customer info & reduce manual works.
  • Efficiently optimize inventory and pricing to deliver goods in time and satisfy customers with a reasonable price.
  • Sales people can quickly develop accurate quotes for customers. Leverage sales with re-order and quick order.
  • Offer a cutting-edge app tailored-made for business owners to see a big picture in a glance.

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Whether you are distributors or intend to run a wholesale business, Retalo B2B project from Magestore will help you achieve your goals. To discover the Retalo solution more, you can choose one of the two different options here. So don't miss the big perks!
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