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A Comprehensive Solution For Online To Offline Retails

Magento Retailer Kit - Rocket Sales

Rocket Sales in Webstore

The trio extensions of Gift Card, Reward Points, & Store Credit enhance customer engagement and make it hard to abandon carts. Customers can receive favorable discounts, earn points for specific behaviors, or share store credits with friends.

Never Miss A Sales In Online to Offline system

Have your POS system well-equipped to manage sales across multiple channels. Your POS not only quickly & accurately creates orders but also completely synchronizes to Magento webstore. This provides customers with a consistent multichannel shopping experience regardless where they order.

Magento Retailer Kit - Online-to-offline sales
Magento Retailer Kit - Smart infventory management

Smart Inventory Management & Order Processing

Streamlined stock control among and in each location ensures continuous sales activities. Simple & Smart fulfillment system speeds up order processing by 4x times. Further enhancement is totally possible with 3rd-party integrations (shipping, accounting or marketplace).

Tailor-made Solution For Each Business

Containing 100% open-source and clear coding structure extensions along with useful guidelines, the solution sets no limits for customization. If you are unfamiliar with coding, Magestore Customization Service is here to help.

Magento Retailer Kit - Customization

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