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Business Intelligence tool for Magento retailers

Magento data analytics tool empowers you to get a high-level idea of how your retail is performing

Real-time data

Directly integrated with your Magento database and compile it into sales analytics anytime, instantly.

Actionable reports

All the vital reports of a retail built-in and ready to use. Give you profitable insights to grow your business.

Visual overview

Turn massive amounts of data into digestible insights using interactive visualizations.

Retail expertise

Built with retail insights in mind. All is the result of real experience with Magento retailers worldwide.

Turn big data into real opportunities

Monitor business health and drive sales with visual sales analysis and up-to-date data.

Visualization to tell a story

Visualization to tell a story

Magento Retail Assistant helps blend your data and turn it into digestible insights. Allow you quickly to uncover the story into the underlying data.

  • Visualize your data using charts, tables, and more
  • Easily filter the data on the dashboard
  • Share any chart or dashboard with everyone
  • Provide pre-built reports & suggestions on day one

pos cash management via Z report

Sales performance in your hands

Continuously pulls your sales data from your Magento store and consolidates it all in one data warehouse. Give you real-time analytics into your business. Quickly identify trends and take corrective action.

  • Run sales report on daily, weekly, monthly basis or in custom period
  • Record sales by payment, items or categories
  • Track sales by POS or location
  • Manage sales by geography

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It is a Magento data analytics tool that helps retailers accumulate sales and reduce costs by instantly providing insightful reports.
You can run sales report on daily, weekly, monthly basis or in custom period. Keep track of your sales performance by item, category, POS, location, payment, or geography. Make it easy to see your business growth.
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