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Magestore's leading PWA POS system combines with innovative Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to offer a smooth and fast checkout experience. Speedy performance, reliable functions and easy-to-use UI like a native app. You don't have to be tech savvy to stay on top.
Leading POS system
Innovative PWA technology

Outstanding Magestore PWA Point-of-Sale

  • Super fast & secure transactions
  • Real-time & auto inventory sync
  • All data in Magento backend only
  • Omnichannel shopping experience
  • App-like UX/UI with one-click access
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Sell and manage easily, everyday

Store operation simplified, all day, every day. PWA POS simplify your daily work with fast checkout & easy administration. So you can enjoy a stress-free working day.
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Speed up your daily sales & earn more

PWA POS serves up to 100k Customers & 100k SKUs like a breeze:

  • Search customer/ product under 1s
  • Process 12,000 orders per hour
  • Able to run 200 POS's at once

Retain customers with easy payments

Let customers pay however they like: split an order into multiple online/offline payments, accept deposits or layaways (Partial Payment) & pay the rest later. Now nothing can stop them from spending on you.

Sell in store & online, seamlessly

Magestore PWA POS merge your website & physical store. So you can apply Magento promotion rules or custom discount in store, as you do on the website. Your customers will get the omnichannel experience wherever they shop.

Save hours on inventory management

Say goodbye to boring data entry & costly manual errors. PWA POS syncs your stock levels from all sales channels into Magento backend in real-time. So you make no mistakes, save more time & always have what customers want at exactly when they want it.

Simplify your daily store operation

Enjoy an instant access from homescreen & smooth experience like a native app. Either on PC, laptop or iPad. No app store nor device space required. All data goes to Magento backend under your full control anytime.

Farewell, money-leaking

Manage your cash & store health in one device. PWA POS generates X & Z reports for each working shift. You'll always know where your money goes throughout the day & who to ask in case of discrepancy.

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"After doing a lot of research, Magestore POS came up as one of the better products. It speeds up a lot of the processes that we'd manually have to do. It saves us a lot of time. I'd recommend Magestore POS through its ease of use. On the whole, the experience has been very good."
Simon, Store Owner
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G'Day, Aussies!

We've made a PWA POS exclusively for Australian. Same Great Performance, More Localized Features. Go ahead & check it out!
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