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Omnichannel Solution for Magento Purchasing Manager

Ensure cost-saving purchases in a timely manner

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Save cost and time with conscious purchases

Get rid of duplicate purchase orders with seamless inventory synchronization

Simplify and speed up purchase process by keeping data under the same control

Minimize mistakes by an automated and organized purchase order process

Spot opportunities with potential suppliers by getting real-time inventory insights

There are many metrics we can now track and reports which allow us to have an actual picture of the business rather than a gut feeling.

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Get must-have features for Magento Purchase Managers

Don’t let the lack of information leads you to wrong purchase decisions. With Magestore’s Magento Purchasing Management solution, you will get a better control, tracking and reporting of company expenses..

Manage Supplier, Supplier’s Product & Quotation

Get all information you need for a good purchase in one place. You can import in bulk via an CSV file and edit info right on page instead of going anywhere else.

Request Quotation Fast & Conveniently

Save time in getting quotations. You can create a quotation in 5 different ways including converting from low stock list. After preparation, you can export the quotation into Excel or CSV, print and send it to the supplier via post. Or, you can send email to supplier in one click.

Convert quotation into purchase order

With our solution, you can either create a PO manually or by converting from a quotation. This reduces human errors and saves operational time.

Control PO process step-by-step

It’s easy to keep track of your PO by following our 4 step process. Details of each process is recorded in your Magento backend, so you can Complete/Cancel/Refund the PO anytime.

Alert Low Stock Level

No longer do you buy what you already have, but only what you need. You can create low-stock threshold on all or some specific products and receive auto alerts when their quantities reach your preset amount.

Forecast Future Supply Need

Out-of-stock situation is a nightmare no more. Based on the sales history, our system will predict if the quantity of a product is enough to sell in a period. You also get the re-ordering Qty to make a replenishment in time.

Real-time stock updates and records

Overstocking and understocking no more! With updated data in hand, you won’t duplicate orders again. The seamless integration between our Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management modules gives you the correct stock status in real time.

Tweak your Reports with various Metrics

Besides 5 built-in reports, you can get more insights into your inventory status by selecting among different metrics/dimensions. You won’t miss the smallest sign of trend. Planning purchases is now easier with clear direction.

Track your Cost of Good Sold (COGS)

See the actual profit margin by analyzing all the costs involved in selling a product at different time. You will always know the correct profit health of your business.

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If you are looking for a purchasing management system that can take you all the way from generating PO’s for your suppliers to receiving the products, definitely go for the Magestore suite and you can’t go wrong as nothing else even competes…It all just works well together and ends up saving you time and energy to focus on your business rather than dealing with paperwork.

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