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Omnichannel Solution Updates for Magento 2

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[Product Update] Magento 2 POS updated & opened for self-purchase
Magestore opens Magento 2 PWA POS for self-purchase

One POS, various functions, unlimited devices.

View Live demo to experience new features:

  • Prevent frauds: manage cash in/out by working shift, X-Report, Z-Report
  • Delight customers: set custom discount per item or per order
  • Miss no sales even out of stock: allow back-order on POS
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[Product Update] Magento 2 POS upgraded with PWA technology
Magestore beta release PWA POS for magento 2

High speed, reliable functions & app-like experience.

  • Super-fast Checkout (up to 12,000 orders per hour)
  • App-like experience without installation
  • View all available stocks from current POS
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[Product Release] Report Success
Inventory Reports module for magento 2

Keep track of stock and make the right business decision.

  • 5 Must-track Inventory Reports
  • Check Stock Values and Costs in Real-time
  • Get Custom Reports with filters, dimension, & metrics
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[Product Update] Omnichannel Solution v.1.2.0
release omnichannel solution v.1.2.0 for magento 2

Faster Checkout. Diverse Payment. Efficient Management.

  • Web-based POS speed boost to 30x times faster
  • Integration with Bambora
  • Security enhanced by restricting IP access
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Omnichannel Solution Updates for Magento 1

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[Product Update] Omnichannel Solution v.1.1.0
omnichannel solution update for magento 1

Less Bugs, More Functions.

  • Connect POS to an online Magento store view
  • Select a default warehouse for shipment and refund
  • Improve POS & Inventory Management features
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