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Social Login - one of 5 best Magento extensions in 2014

Social Login is attempting to remove some friction from the buying process by letting customers sign-in using their social accounts. It simplifies customer information gathering, and allows the customer to log in more easily in the future. Social Login also comes with free support, which comes highly recommended. 
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Ajax Cart - on the list of 6 Awesome Plug-ins/Extensions for Magento

There are many Ajax cart extensions available for Magento, including many that are free. However, one of our favourites is the not-free-but-very-reasonably-priced ‘Ajax Cart Extension’ by Magestore. 
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Web POS for Admin Checkout - The best Magento Point of Sale extension

With this Magestore’s Magento extension, you will be able to create all your orders conveniently and quickly from backend! In addition, you get a barcode reader and Reward Points system. There is also a search box and you can detect products’ SKUs through their barcodes. Additionally, this POS extension for Magento allows you placing orders both as a guest or an existing customer. 
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XML Site map - One of The 13 Best Magento Connect Extensions For Your Store

This extension allows for easy setup and creation of multiple XML sitemaps for your site. For free! If you’re not familiar with the benefits of an XML sitemap, it’s simple. Within Google and Bing webmasters are sitemap submission areas, you take the created page and submit it to them. This will enable them to easily see your entire site in depth and crawl it better, potentially increasing the amount of page’s that are indexed in the search engines and driving traffic to your site. Learn more...


Banner Slider - The Best Free Slider Extensions for Magento

Banner Slider by Magestore will enable you to display a slider at the top of your store’s category or home pages, and it supports an unlimited number of banner images. Plus, this free slider extension for Magento allows you to control the size of your images, as well as your slider’s speed and style. 
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Magestore – A Place For Quality Magento Extensions (3 "Affiliate Plus" Licenses Giveaway)

For anyone willing to create a modern e-commerce website, Magento is probably one of the best apps around to handle that. Not only because it is free + open source but also it is so powerful yet not-complicated. Although the Magento core has many features, there will possibly be things that you need but Magento doesn't provide by default. That's the point which you'll be hunting for extensions. Magestore is a web-shop that is specialized in providing high-quality Magento extensions and themes.
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How to run an effective affiliate program for Magento sites.

Magento is today’s one of the top open source e-commerce software which is used by thousands of online stores across the world with 6,795 sites, a 20% share of eCommerce stores found. Along with the growth of Magento, there is a trend that is gradually taking the lead in marketing industry – Affiliate marketing. In US, Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion marketing channel, which comprises more than 200,000 businesses and individuals while in UK, over 60% of the online blogs are using affiliate offers in order to get in some revenue.
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6 Tips for Magento Store-Owners to Run Affiliate Programs.

When asked about the secret of their success, many Magento store owners said that affiliate marketing is a crucial activity that contributes a great deal to their revenue. A UK Company which provides websites and web services revealed that "Though being a small business, we have enjoyed the successful Affiliate program with over 90% of revenue from this channel every month."
However, not every store succeeds with affiliate marketing and failed to see changes in their traffic and sales. Either you are just starting out in this field, or already running affiliate programs, read these below six must-know tips to avoid potential pitfalls and make improvements to your affiliate programs.
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