Take Orders on the Phone with Ease

Speed up phone orders with robust POS and complete online-to-offline system

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Phone Order Has Never Been Easier

Using Magento backend to create orders includes many steps and takes a long time. Instead, use POS to create phone orders in minutes and manage them from one system.

Phone Order Fast Checkout

Fast checkout

Create order when you're on the phone with your customer without any hassle. Even with a large database, you can search for product and customer within seconds. Your POS loads instantly and works on laptops, iPad, and Android tablets. Grab any device near you and start making sales!

Phone Order Less Screen

Less screen, more sales

On the POS, everything you need to create an order is a few clicks away. Search for products and customers, look up price and available quantity, add items to cart - all in one screen. You can apply Magento discount rules, accept many payment methods, and save shipping address and time for delivery.

Phone Order Real Time Synchronization

Real time synchronization

All orders and customers created on POS will be synced to your Magento backend, ready for later fulfillment.
From the POS screen, you can send email confirmation to your customers and check stock across all locations in your system.

The Ideal Choice for Over 70,000 Retailers Around the World

Magento Native

Magento Native

No third party integration needed

One time payment

One time payment

Pay one time and scale with no extra cost

One site to manage all

One site to manage all

Manage all data from one Magento backend

Real time update

Real time update

Instant update from all channels in your system

Customer eSmokes

"I believe that we can run the business with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!"
Vedran Djurasovic
eSmokes | Sweden

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