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Omnichannel Solution Version 1.2.0

Faster Checkout. Diverse Payment. Efficient Management.

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The most-wanted updates for your Point-of-Sale are here!

You'll get nothing but the best, as Magestore keeps our continuous improvement promise. Our new Omnichannel Solution v.1.2.0 runs stronger, faster and saves you more time and effort. Even better, the updates are 100% FREE for customers who already had Omnichannel Solution Magento 2.

So log in your account, download the new version under My Downloadable Products and enjoy what you'll love:


Faster Checkout by 30x times

Improve store speed during peak time with faster loading and order-placing time


New Integrated Payment

Encourage customers to pay more with integrated Bambora & Split online payments


Strong Security Upgrade

Ensure staff fulfill their roles only by granting access to specific IP Addresses

and even more...

Enjoy the updates that makes your retail
more efficiently than ever

Web-based Point-of-Sale (POS)

Faster Performance

Scale without any pain as our POS can handle up to 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers in a much better speed.
- Reduce wait time to use POS after login: under 01 minute
- Reduce average time to create an order: under 10s per order
- Allow POS users to use full functions while synchronizing data

Integrated Payment with Bambora

- Customers can make partial/ full payment with Bambora payment device at store
- Customers can cancel an order paid with Bambora
- Cashier gets full info of the order made with Bambora including:
 + Reference Number (generated by Bambora system)
 + Type of payment cards
 + The amount of money paid with Bambora

Easier & More Flexible Payment

- Customers can pay for an order in multiple online payment methods
- Customers can pay for an order in a mix of both online & offline payments
- Faster & easier integration with Stripe, & by using SDK
- For checkout using Credit Card: Allow POS user to define Reference Number as a required field when customers pay by credit card

Better POS Security by restricting IP Access

- Allow POS user to specify at which IP Address Web POS can be accessed.

More efficient Session Management

- Lock register: User can lock his workstation without logging off the POS. Locking POS not only protects data and server from internal threads but also delays external attacks.
- Limit access rights on Web POS with POS Account sharing configuration
- Allow users to show/hide session history on Web POS
- Allow users to limit the period of time to show session history on Web POS

Z Report & X Report Updates

- Show more detailed information in the opening and closing session field
- Show current date and time of reports when printed
- Update advanced formula to provide deeper insights


- Show customer phone number on receipts
- Allow users to customize title of a receipt


- Set the default values of returned quantity as 0. So in returning partial of the order, users don't have to edit the quantities of products which are not to be returned.
- Always mark the checkbox "Return to stock" when users process a refund order

Optimized Order Process

- Show child items of bundle products on both sales order details page and sales order print-out form
- POS User can choose to send automatic order confirmation to customer's email on checkout screen

Loyalty Program

These updates are applicable to all Magestore's loyalty program modules (Gift Card, Reward Points & Store Credit):
- Improve compatibility with Magento order discount to avoid error when checkout with online payment gateway
- Improve internal integration among 3 modules to avoid conflicts when applying discount

Gift Card Update

- Improve the display of barcode when printing giftcard after purchased
- Improve gift card template preview

Inventory Management

Low Stock Alerts & Supply Need Forecast

- Fix error blank content of low stock notification email
- Fix error when export excel xml of Low Stock Notification
- Fix error going to dashboard when sort/filter in Supply Needs grid

Stock Management

- Fix error don't show Update Stock button in Stock on hand section in Warehouse detail page
- Fix error when export stock data after filtered in Manage stock grid

Warehouse Management

- Duplicate warehouse with its stock data
- Fix error missing export XML in Warehouse / Order
- Fix error not showing Change Warehouse button in Order detail page

Barcode Management

- Fix error barcode not shown when printing
- Fix error: product SKU not integrated with generated barcode when barcode is changed and vice versa

Store Pickup

- Fix mass action error on magento 2.1.11
- Fix error when compile without installing Magestore inventory management modules (Instock Management & Multi-warehouse Management)
- Fix error don't show special days on store detail page & checkout page

Order Fulfillment

- Allow to verify order automatically if customer already paid and product is in-stock
- Fix error when export pick items
- Fix wrong ship date when export Delivery packages
- Fix wrong value of Product Name & Barcode when printing picked items


- Fix bug don't show list item in dropship detail frontend

Magento Compatibility

Magestore's Omnichannel Solution Magento 2 is now compatible with:
- Magento CE 2.2.x (up to 2.2.3)
- Magento CE 2.1.x (up to 2.1.2)
- Magento EE 2.2.x (up to 2.2.3)
- Magento EE 2.1.x (up to 2.1.2)

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