Manage Magento Store - How to add new search term in magento

How to add new search term in magento

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If your magento store has strong search ability, your customers can easily find what they want. The sooner they find what they want, the more likely they will purchase your goods. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add new search term. Step 1: Login to Magento Admin Panel, go to Catalog -> Search Terms

Add new search terms - step 1  

Step 2: In Search page, choose Add New Search Term 

Add new search terms - step 2

Step 3: In New Search page, you should fill all necessary information and then click Save Search button Add new search terms - step 3

Search Query: You should enter the search query to here Store: Choose the store for this query Synonym For: If the query has a synonym, you can enter it here  

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