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How to manage Magento Sales Report

IMPORTANT: For both Inventory and Sales Report, you can use this Magento Sales Report Extension for easier and better report.

Sales report is useful tool to help store administrators analytic their business performance. Therefore, Magento provides many sales report types for them. In this tutorial, we will provide basic information about how you can run and manage sales reports in Magento CE (Community Edition) and EE (Enterprise Edition).

There are sales report types and their description that you should know:

Report Types



Information related to sales orders—including the sales, invoice, refund, shipping, and discount amounts for all orders created or updated.


Tax amounts grouped by tax rates which are applied to sales orders invoiced.


Number of orders created and invoiced and also invoice-related amounts grouped by tax rates.


Shipping amount information for each shipping method used in the orders invoiced.

Note: The report includes invoices of zero amount (that is, the purchase is fully covered by a gift card or other form of credit) and of zero shipping (that is, free shipping).


Refunded sales orders, including those refunded online and offline.


Aggregated coupon orders.

PayPal Settlement Reports

Transactions that affect settlement of funds as well as a summary of each currency held by the account, total debits and credits, and beginning and ending balances.


Step 1: Run Magento Sales Report

You should login to Magento Admin Panel, go to Reports -> Sales and choose the report type you want.

 magento sales report

You can see a message notice you should update your statistics if you change the time zone configuration. You only have to click the word here to refresh to see the most up-to-date information.

 How to manage Magento Sales Report

Step 2: Select Website and Period for the report

On the report page, you can choose show report for all website or one website.

magento sales report - select website

And then you should select the options for the report in the Filter area

 How to manage Magento Sales Report - Filter

Step 3: View or Export the report

To view the report click Show Report button

To export the report, first you should the file type (CSV file or Excel XML) and then click Export button.

 How to manage Magento Sales Report - View or Export

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