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How to import products in Magento

Normally, you can add each product manually. However, if a large number of products are needed to import, doing manually is very inconvenient. Therefore, in this case, you should import automatically your products to your online store. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to imports products in Magento by CSV file.

Step 1: Create Categories

You must login to your Magento Admin Panel and go to Catalog -> Manage Categories

How to import products in magento - 1

After create new Magento category as “How to create new Magento category” post, you should remember your category IDs by saving them to a text file. The Category Id will be displayed next to the category name after saving the category. magento category id

Step 2: Create products

You should add manually your products as the “How to add new products in Magento” article. Now, you will have a product list. However, you must remember that all products should have all attributes that you will use to export to sample product. creat magento product

Step 3: Export products to CSV file

In the Magento Admin Panel, you should go to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles

export products to csv file

In this page, choose Export All Products

export products to csv file

Under Export All Products page, you should select the Store that you want to export products. This store must match the store where you have previously created a sample product. choose right store - how to import magento products  

And then in the Run Profile section, click to the Run Profile in Popup button.

run profile - how to import magento products

A file named “export_all_products.csv” will be saved under the var/export/ directory for your Magento installation. There will have a screen notices that the exporting is successful and specify the file name where the products were exported. import product in magento

You can use FTP client to download this file to your computer. This CSV file includes columns for each attribute of products. You should open it in MS Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet and add the products you want to import. Besides, you will have to add the category IDs but you should remember set the matching category ID for the products you are adding.

Step 4: Import products

Go to Magento Admin Panel, choose System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow Profiles and select Import All Products. How to import products in magento - 9

In Upload File section, click the Choose File and browse for the CSV file that you want to import. And then, choose Save and Continue Edit How to import products in magento 10 Finally, choose Run Profile section, select the CSV file and then click to Run Profile in Popup. A screen will be displayed to show you the importing process. When the importing process completes, you will see the success message.


Now, you can check the imported products. They will be assigned to the matching categories with the attributes that you added for them.

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