Manage Magento Store - How to add new tax rate in magento

How to add new tax rate in magento

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In magento, tax rates are generally applied to transactions in specific geographical areas. Step 1: Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to Sales -> Tax -> Manage Tax Zones & Rates how to add new tax rate - step 1

Step 2: On the Manage Tax Rates page, click Add New Tax Rate button

how to add new tax rate - step 2

Step 3: Set all necessary information for new Tax Rates and then click Save Rate

how to add new tax rate - step 3



Option Description
Tax Identifier This is the title of the new tax rate. This identifier is not visible to customers if the alternate Tax Titles section is used.
Country Select the country to which the tax is applied.
  • Select the name of a state to which to apply a tax rate.
  • Select * to apply tax rate to all state
Zip/Post is Range
  • No: specify the zip or postal code in the Zip/Post Code field. You can use the * wildcard character in this field; for example, 90* means all zip codes from 90000 through 90999.
  • Yes: apply this tax to a specific range of Zip codes.
Range From / Range To Specify the starting and ending Zip or postal code ranges.
Rate Percent Specify the tax rate percent
Tax Titles This option applies only if you have a store in different languages and you want to have the languages displayed differently. Tax Titles let you name your tax rate if you have a store that is translated into different languages and you use the same tax rates for all languages.

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