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Social Recommend Checklist A checklist to find a good Social Recommend module for your Magento sites

Social Recommend Checklist
  • Social Recommend Checklist


Businesses in all industries now are focusing on the power of "words of mouth" - the fastest way to spread your images to your targeted audiences.

If you wanna take advantage of customers' network on social channels, a Social Recommend Extension for Magento seems to be the right choice with:

  • Allow customers to get discounts or free instant downloadable items for products recommendation
  • Support multiple discount types such as fixed amount and percentage. This will help you better create your own program for rewarding customers.
  • Allow showing recommend button only for selected customer groups - a must-have if you want to target some specific customers.

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Why should your products get viral?

Viral marketing is well-known for its virus-like spreading effect and helps to increase Customer awareness via social networks like Facebook. Installing Social recommend extensions will help you take advantage of this trend at low cost, spread your business virally by offering some rewards in return. Your store and products will be shared on Customers’ Facebook post and visible to their friends, which definitely drives more traffic to your site and boosts sales significantly.

magento social recommend extension | benefits


How a Social Recommendation Extension works

magento social recommend extension | how it works


The anatomy of a good Social Recommendation for Magento sites

A simple and focusedRecommend buttons with attractive offers should appear on the Shopping Cart page or on product pages of downloadable products, encouraging Customers to click on.

magento social recommend extension | recommend button position

For paid products, discount can be updated right on shopping cart after Customers share successfully on Facebook. For free downloadable products, Customers can get them directly without adding to cart and checkout after recommending.

magento social recommend extension | get discount

In case customers purchase many products at once, it's better if there's a configuration setting the appropriate number of posts to be shown on Customers’ Facebook wall to make them comfortable when recommending your products.

magento social recommend extension | configure fb post



Feature checklist to find a good Social Recommend Extension

For Admin
  • Allow showing recommend button only for selected customer groups
  • Allow configuring to let Customers get discount per order or item
  • Support multiple discount types such as fixed amount and percentage
  • Able to configure the last post when Customers recommend multiple products in their cart
  • Allow limiting the number of recommendation posts shown on Customers' Facebook wall when their cart have multiple products
For Customers
  • Get discounts by recommending products on Facebook during checkout
  • Instantly get free downloadable products by recommending
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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  • a useful extension


    Social Recommend is an absolute win-win for anyone involved. It drives more traffics to our store, encourage customers to recommend by offering discount or free products. Especially, friends of our customers will know and go to our store. This is a really useful extension I look for.

  • Reply to Spicy


    Hi Spicy, Regarding to your question, it's yes. Our extension s are compatible with each other. If you encounter any problem you can submit ticket to support.magestore.com, we will assist you with it. Best regards, Magestore.

  • One Step Checkout compatibility?


    I tried the demo and I like this extension. But is it compatible with One Step Checkout extension of Magestore?

  • Maximize social referrals


    Whoa, I'm really surprised when seeing more traffic referred from Facebook since I used this extension. It does help me to maximize social referrals. Your support is always so great to answer every questions I raised. Thank your for all.

  • An effective way for my marketing strategies


    I can now introduce my products on social network by customers' recommendation. Also, I can give discounts to my customers. Social Recommend extension is an effective way for my marketing strategies.

  • Good component, basic userguide, very fast suport


    We have got problems at start using this extension as it was calculating disctount based on price excluding tax and moreover we did not understand some functionalities provided in admin console (User guide is to basic!). Support stuff helped us with solution very fast and professional. Now is working ok. Extension is working as it is described. Nice work!

  • Support with a capitol S


    Enough said here already about this great extension. I want to give a BIG thank you to magestore support departement. Besides their extensions, Magestore support comes with a capitol S. I had a small favor which i addressed to them. Within a day it was solved by Jack. Special thanks to Jack.. You rock man!

  • Very usefull extension - Fast support


    I bougth this extension to give buyers a discount when they recommend my store on Facebook during checkout. It was easy to install and configure, and worked very well. I had a small issue in my store between the extension and configurable products, but the support team solved the issue very fast. Can only recommend this.

  • Very Great Extension!


    This one is a very great extension that will boost your viral marketing. Very recommended!

  • Innovative and well developed


    I originally had the idea of incorporating this type of extension into my site through a custom build However, luckily I found this extension which simplified and speeded up the whole process. I was able to add it and make customization with ease and the developer's support was great. Detailed and fast. If you are looking for a way to offer incentives to your clients and boost market reach then this is for you! Yes, I recommend this extension.

  • Extension that Create Buzz


    This extension create buzz and recommend us on facebook. wall. Works perfect in magento!

  • Smart extension


    A very smart extension ! I offer reduction in delivery if customer recommend us on facebook. It works very well!

  • Nearly 80% of our customers use this feature


    This is the BEST social extension. Nearly 80% of our customers use this feature and recommend us to their facebook friends. I have tested a few other extensions, and this is by far the best!

  • Perfect module to increase Social Media Traffic


    This extension will certainly increase the number of users of my facebook and perhaps increase the spectrum of marketing of our products on Social Media.

  • More traffic referred from Facebook


    After installing this extension I already start seeing more traffic referred from Facebook. I highly recommend it if you want to maximize social referrals.

  • Nice way to grab social media users


    I have come across this kind of situation where at the very last moment of checkout the store ask for providing the social media recomendation and get additional discount and people dont bother to do it as they are already proceeding to buy the product. And on the other hand you got more opportunities to increase your social media presence.

  • Store Owner


    Great plugin. Very useful to make your site more "social".

  • Very good extension and super great support.


    Very good extension and super great support. I made several request on customizations, they responded immediately and help to fix it. Highly recommend for this extension and MageStore support

  • Very simple and was quick to install


    This extension seems very simple and was quick to install. I had a couple of technical issues and have to say that the staff at MageStore were excellent. They responded to me immediately and had my issues fixed in minutes. Can't ask for better service than that. I highly recommend Mage Store and the Social Recommend extension.

  • very good extension


    very good extension for advertising and marketing it post all information of product & direct link in Facebook

  • Must-have software


    I strongly recommend this extension for all online stores. This is very easy to install and configure as well. We could offer discount for customers in the most convenient way. So perfect!

  • social extensions review


    Good social extension!

  • I love this extension


    Perfect for give reason to customer Click recommend , I love it

  • Manager

    Aydin Buyuktafli

    Perfect and smart extensions for the perfect software. Thanks a lot :)

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